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Why shouldn’t you use your cell phone in the bathroom?



Pourquoi vous ne devriez pas utiliser votre téléphone portable dans la salle de bain _

Cell phone addicts will tell you: there is no longer an unusual place where this device would not have its place. This electronic companion is now an integral part of our daily lives. More faithful than a puppy, he follows us wherever we go, even to the bathroom. For many users it has become almost unthinkable to go to the bathroom without having it in their hands. Apart from its usefulness to respond to urgent messages or to communicate with loved ones, it is so entertaining that boredom does not exist. Like a magazine or your bedside book, why not take your Smartphone to the bathroom?

Beyond this unhealthy addiction, which prevents you from disconnecting even in the most intimate moments, experts strongly advise against establishing this bad habit of systematically taking your mobile to the toilet. His own health is at stake. And the reasons are enough to convince you.

Using the phone in the bathroom

Using a phone in the bathroom – Source: spm

Why avoid using the mobile phone in the bathroom?

At first glance, it may seem harmless to take your smartphone into the bathroom. Except that what many people don’t know is that this practice can be harmful and affect your health, due to the germs and bacteria that accumulate in this area, especially around the toilet, and that can very easily get soaked on the screen of your device. . Two professors from the University of Arizona, Gerba (microbiology) and Kelly Reynolds (environmental health), have warned about the presence of pathogens and enteric bacteria in the intestinal tract, which come mainly from feces. After various studies, within this University, it has been shown that 9 out of 10 mobile phones are contaminated by pathogenic microbes: 16% of them contain feces.

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For this reason, and to the extent that toilets are never perfectly hygienic since they get dirty very quickly, it is important to be very careful with the surfaces on which you leave your mobile phone. You pay no attention to it, but by simply rinsing your device, you risk contaminating yourself. This is because small water particles containing urine and feces can splash onto toilet bowls and furniture near the toilet bowl. It is almost impossible that your mobile is not affected.

How to avoid this problem? You should take appropriate steps to take better care of your health. To avoid the proliferation of bacteria, rely on a systematic and adequate hand washing: take your time to disinfect them properly. Then it is necessary to clean the mobile phone with a solution of water and alcohol. Also be sure to lower the toilet seat when flushing.

to prevent the spread of germs. Finally, of course, it is important to clean the bathroom very carefully and frequently, and in particular the toilet area, in order to minimize the pathogens that thrive there on a daily basis.


Hemorrhoids – Source: spm

Telephone in the bathroom: a real health hazard?

But that is not all. Staying surfing the Web, mobile in hand, certainly passes time, but paradoxically you also lengthen it. However, according to the Mayo Clinic (American University Hospital and Research Federation), one of the main causes of hemorrhoids is spending a lot of time sitting on the toilet. Therefore, it is not advisable to dwell on it so as not to provoke this condition and develop painful symptoms such as inflammation, bleeding or unpleasant itching.

In addition, doctors emphasize the importance of the correct position of the body when using the toilet. They recommend raising your knees, as if you were sitting in a squat.

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Therefore, in order to preserve your own health, it is time to make the decision not to take your smartphone into the bathroom anymore. It is also essential to learn to disconnect to give yourself a moment of brain break and take time for yourself!

What to do when the phone falls in the toilet?

It is important to be careful when using your mobile phone near water, whether it is in a swimming pool, on the beach, in the bathroom or in the bathroom. If your phone accidentally falls into water, it’s essential to know what to do to minimize the damage. If your phone is waterproof, you can use it immediately after taking it out of the water. If not, turn it off immediately. It is also important not to move or shake the phone if it is floating, as this could spread water to the non-waterproof parts of the device. If your phone has fallen down the toilet, you need to act quickly to get it back, even if it may be messy. By following these steps, you can minimize water damage and save your phone.

disassemble the phone

It is important to take the appropriate measures when your cell phone has been dropped in water to prevent permanent damage. It is not recommended to try to turn it back on immediately after removing it from the water. It is best to turn it off immediately and remove removable items like the battery, SD card, and SIM card. Carefully clean the location of these elements with an absorbent paper and check if any water has remained in any corner of the appliance. It is also important not to use a screwdriver to disassemble the phone, as this can cause additional damage and void the warranty.

Clean phone components

Once the components of your mobile phone are disassembled, it is important to clean them thoroughly to remove as much water as possible. Use paper towels or a cloth to clean the components and the device itself. It is not recommended to use a hair dryer or place it in the sun to dry the phone. Instead, use a vacuum from a reasonable distance to suck up the water for about 30 minutes. It helps to drain the water and dry the phone easily. Once the device is dry, test each component to make sure they are working properly. Please insert the SD card and SIM card into another device to test them, and test the battery after the phone is completely dry.

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put the phone in rice

After cleaning your mobile phone’s removable components such as the battery, SIM card, and SD card, it is important to remove any remaining liquid inside the device. It is not recommended to use drying methods such as a hair dryer, oven or microwave, as the heat may damage the internal components. It is also not recommended to expose the phone to direct sunlight.

To dry the device effectively, it is best to use an industrial dehumidifier or silica gel sachets. Put the phone in a box with these bags to remove moisture. If you don’t have access to these items, you can use an airtight bag filled with uncooked rice to absorb moisture. Put the phone in the bag, cover it with rice, close the bag tightly, and let it sit in a dry place for at least 48 hours. The longer you leave your phone in the bag, the better the rice will absorb moisture. After this time, check if there is any water left in the device, reintroduce the components and restart the phone.

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How to remove condensation from windows with baking soda?



Dites adieu à la condensation des fenêtres final

In the cold season, windows are exposed to a rather annoying problem, which is not always easy to get rid of. Obviously we are talking about condensation. It’s unpleasant isn’t it? Fortunately, there is no shortage of solutions to solve this problem effectively. This is what we offer you in this article to quickly remove annoying drops of water from your windows. Come on, let’s get started!

Condensation on window glass is a common problem and can quickly cause damp, mold and tarnish the appearance of your interior. Do you want to avoid this? We advise you to rely on a very simple product that is probably somewhere in your kitchen. Follow the guide!

condensation on the window

Sign of condensation on a window pane – Source: spm

Why is there fog on the window panes?

Tired of fogging up the window panes? Understand that this is a result of the humidity in the outdoor air being lower than that of the indoor air. In other words, it is what happens when the hot surface inside comes into contact with cold outside air. Hence the appearance of fog.

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The problem can get worse… If your windows are not well insulated and the humidity is high… The level of condensation is even higher. Fortunately, there is no shortage of quick fixes for this problem, and one of the best can be found in your pantry: baking soda.

Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda – Source: spm

Sometimes the answer to your window condensation problem may simply be a common but versatile kitchen ingredient. And yes, the grandmother’s method will allow you to shorten this inconvenience. This is baking soda which is great against fogging. To use it, the operation is very simple. Are we starting?

  • Dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of hot water
  • Soak a soft, clean cloth in the solution.
  • rub the windows gently
  • Remove residue with a slightly damp cloth.
  • One last pass and your windows will look impeccable. It’s easy isn’t it?

Well that’s it !

It is not finished! If you want to use an alternative method of minimum effort, please pay 1 glass of baking soda in a container before placing it on the misted windowsill. Excess moisture will be absorbed by dust, keeping your window fog-free and in pristine condition.

Rock salt is the other thing we suggest you use if you don’t have baking soda because it achieves the same effects. Add salt to one or more containers then place them on window sills. The crystals will soon defog your window panes. Here he is willing to fight this inconvenience for three francs six sous. Efficiency and economy, what more could you ask for.

How to prevent windows from fogging up with means other than baking soda?

Alternatively, there are other tricks to remove condensation from windows besides the baking soda and salt technique. One of the simplest is to adopt a simple reflex gesture that is none other than ventilate the rooms regularly. So open the windows about 20 minutes a day because the renewal of the air evacuates the humidity.

window opening

Opening the window – Source: spm

Do you want to reduce humidity? Invest in a dehumidifier for healthier indoor air. With these approaches, you can say goodbye to raindrops on the windows. It is practical, simple and effective, don’t you think?

Tips to remove moisture from the window of your house

To fight against the phenomenon of condensation, in addition to these tips, you can follow certain simple steps to optimize the comfort of your home. Whether it is to protect your bathroom from this problem or your bedroom, here are some tips to follow:

Adjust the heating to avoid the problem of condensation on your interior windows

Proper heater settings go a long way toward eliminating condensation on windows. So be sure to adjust the heating to create the right balance. between the heat inside your home and the humidity.

Take the opportunity to lower your heating bills by taking the right steps!

Consider investing in a VMC to remove fogging from your windows

VMC (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation) is one of the best ways to optimize the humidity in your interior. Its use allows you to help eliminate condensation from your windows and prevent the formation of mold inside the house. The VMC is therefore an excellent investment to improve humidity and therefore, the quality of indoor air.

Use houseplants to prevent condensation on windows and prevent mold in the house

What if we told you that you can reduce the humidity level in your interior by having a green thumb? There are precisely several indoor plants such as thea boston fern or spider plant that helps reduce humidity in the surrounding air while exuding oxygen. These plants help reduce condensation in the house and on the windows while preventing the formation of mold and therefore possible health problems. Here’s how to combine the useful with the nice and beautiful!

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Why opt for double glazing to prevent condensation inside?

An effective approach to mitigating condensation in your home is to rely on double-glazed windows. The latter allow themimic the temperature differences between the outside and the inside. Result : You reduce the phenomenon of fogging, thanks to its thermal barrier. And you get rid of this inconvenience that spoils your comfort! Smart, right?

Have you decided, dear readers, to apply these simple and effective tips? Happiness ! You will gain insurance by avoiding condensation on your windows and improving the indoor air in your home.

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How to defrost a freezer without unplugging it



L’astuce de génie pour dégivrer un congélateur final

Periodic defrosting of the freezer is an important operation to maintain the efficiency of the appliance and save on the electricity bill. The layer of ice that forms inside it can have various consequences on the efficiency, duration and above all on the consumption of the appliance. Find out why defrosting your freezer saves energy and how to do it quickly without having to unplug it.

Frost in the freezer

Frost in the freezer – Source: spm

Why is it necessary to defrost the freezer regularly?

Periodic defrosting of the freezer is an important operation to maintain the efficiency of the appliance and avoid consuming a lot of energy. This operation, if carried out correctly, would save 30% of your consumption for every half centimeter of frost removed. Here are the reasons.

  • Reduce energy consumption

The layer of ice that forms inside the freezer is several inches thick and can reduce the efficiency of the motor, making it work harder and therefore consume more energy. This happens because the layer of ice acts as a barrier to the flow of heat from the outside environment to the motor, causing it to increase its speed to maintain the desired temperature inside the freezer. In addition, the thermal resistance of the freezer walls increases, making it difficult for heat to transfer from the outside environment to the inside of the appliance. Therefore, removing excess ice allows the engine to run more efficiently and consume less electricity.

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By preventing proper heat exchange with the outside environment, the layer of ice inside the freezer can cause the motor to overheat. When the motor overheats, its efficiency decreases and power consumption increases. Also, overheating can damage the motor and shorten the life of the device. Therefore, by defrosting your freezer, you prevent the motor from overheating and protect the appliance from damage that excessive heat can cause.

  • Improve conservation efficiency

The layer of ice inside your freezer can prevent the circulation of cold air, reducing its ability to store food. When cold air is not circulated properly, some areas of the freezer can get hotter than others, creating the ideal conditions for bacteria to grow and food to spoil. By removing the accumulated ice, a better circulation of cold air is guaranteed and therefore a better conservation of food, thus avoiding its waste.

How often should the freezer be defrosted?

The ideal time to defrost the freezer depends on the layer of ice that has formed inside the appliance. Generally, it is advisable to carry out this operation when the ice layer has reached a thickness of about 3-4 millimeters, since at this stage its energy consumption can increase by up to 30%. If the appliance is used frequently and the ice layer forms quickly, it will need to be defrosted more frequently. Conversely, if it is used less frequently, the ice layer will form more slowly and the frequency of thawing may be reduced.

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defrost a freezer

Defrosting a freezer – Source: spm

Obviously unplugging it is the easiest way to defrost a freezer, but how do you do it even when it’s plugged in? Unplugging the appliance runs the risk of compromising the preservation of both food in the freezer and food stored in the refrigerator. These are the steps to follow to defrost it even when plugged in:

  1. Remove all food from the freezer and place it in a cool place.
  2. Place a saucepan with boiling water inside to raise the temperature and collect the water that will form when defrosting
  3. Close the freezer and wait for the ice to melt. This way, the heat from the boiling water will help melt the ice faster.
  4. Open the freezer from time to time to let in warm air, which will also help melt the ice faster.
  5. Use a damp cloth, towel, or blunt object to remove any remaining ice. Avoid using pointed or sharp objects, as they could damage the finish of the freezer and also injure you.
  6. Completely dry the freezer.
  7. Close the freezer and wait for the temperature inside the appliance to return to its normal values ​​before putting the food back in its place.

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What zodiac signs will meet an interesting person at the end of January 2023?



3 signes du zodiaque vont bientôt rencontrer une personne incroyable qui va changer leur existence_

It’s always good to meet new people and expand your network. This is what will happen to these representatives of the zodiac signs at the end of January. The transit of Venus in Pisces, on January 27, will push you to reach out to others and have interesting meetings.

Venus in Pisces can also push the signs to seek a little more freedom in their relationships and to let go. Find out who will make a good meeting during this period.

What zodiac signs will meet an interesting person?

The planet of desire and relationships is exalted in the sign of Pisces. What does it mean ? Venus in Pisces will have a much more romantic and the natives of these zodiac signs they will be more willing to love and reach out to others.

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aries zodiac sign

The sign of Aries. source: spm

Venus feels at home in the sign of Pisces, because just like this Water sign, this planet seeks to bring people together and bond. Pisces has a force of attraction that suits this planet of love. Transiting in this sign, from January 27, Venus will strongly influence the natives of the sign of Aries. In fact, the representatives of this Fire sign will want to expand their social circle. After weeks of isolation, especially with Mercury and Mars retrograde, Aries will want to get out and meet new people. For the rest of January, they will reach out to each other and really get to know them. At first, they will have some difficulty opening up and finding an interesting person, but over time things should improve. The situation for Aries will change at the end of January and they will meet a person who will correspond to them on all points. This person will be kind to them and they might experience something very beautiful.


the sign of leo

Leo’s sign. source: spm

The representatives of the Leo sign will be ready to start a new stage in their lives with the transit of Venus in Pisces. This end of January will be important for the natives of this Fire sign, who will have the sole objective of meeting a new person. Things will happen naturally. Very independent, Leos will continue to mind their own business and lead their lives, but the person they meet will start to take up space in their thoughts. The Leo will start endless discussions with this person and will also seek to get to know him better. You will feel loved and listened to and you may think about opening your heart to this interesting person.

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Virgo sign

Virgo sign. source: spm

Virgos are known to be very cerebral and think too much. The natives of this earth sign are very rational and ask themselves a lot of questions during the beginning of the year 2023. Very lonely, Virgos also tend to solve their problems without asking others for help. But at the end of January, with the transit of Venus in Pisces, the natives of Virgo will be surprised by an unexpected encounter… A highly educated person with whom they will be able to interact; they will be intrigued by your knowledge. This end of January could change the way Virgo sees things and could adopt a more open behavior with others. This person can bring them positive things and help them understand certain issues in their lives.

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