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Why should we avoid taking fuel at motorway service stations?



Although it seems logical, refueling by going to a motorway service station can be a bad idea. Explanation.

Why avoid refueling at motorway service stations?

Sometimes refueling can be a real test of patience. In fact, it is not uncommon to go to different service stations and find yourself facing a never-ending queue, which may push some motorists to go elsewhere for supplies. A situation reminiscent of that experienced during vacation outings. In fact, drivers going to motorway service stations tend to have the same experience, namely waiting patiently for the moment when one of the bombs is released. But another observation can also be made at this time: the price of fuel is much more expensive at motorway service stations.

Gas station on a highway. source: spm

  • Fuel prices are more expensive on the highway

You may have noticed it when refueling, the price of the latter is more expensive on the highway. A situation that promises to be problematic since it has become crucial, even essential, to save money.

A price increase that is explained by the fact that the service stations present in the motorway service areas operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which generates significant costs in terms of personnel and maintenance of the facilitiesin particular the sanitary facilities and the shops located there, according to the newspaper le figaro. The other reason given concerns the lack of competition in motorway service areas and the absence of large retail chains that generally offer cheaper prices. In fact, when they need fuel, motorists have no choice but to stop at one of the many gas stations along the highway.

How to pay less for fuel on the roads?

Refuel noting the price of fuel. source: spm

If you plan to make a long trip and what worries you the most is the price charged by the service stations on the highways, you should know that you can still save some money by following one of these tips.

Refuel at a national highway service station: in this case, do not hesitate to make a small detour leaving a major axis to join a national road. However, and Before performing this maneuver, remember to assess the distance needed to reach. In fact, if the number of kilometers to be traveled is too high, it will consume more fuel and the advantage that it intends to achieve will be lost, as our colleagues from the newspaper tell us. the parisian.

Define your trip according to the rates applied: For this you can count on many applications such as “Essence/Gasoil Now” or “Gaspal” as well as collaborative sites such as Where zagaz.comwho allow you to compare the price of fuel at different service stations nearbyto show you the cheapest.

As you will have understood, before hitting the road, remember to find out about the prices charged at the different service stations on the highway or, if you plan to make a long trip, consider refueling at a service station off the highway.

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