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Why do we say “Bless you” when someone sneezes?



Pourquoi dit-on à tes souhaits quand quelqu'un éternue001

The drop in temperatures brings with it the inevitable appearance of flus, colds and other seasonal allergies. Suffice it to say that the sneeze is raging right now. Which brings us to a very common phrase that we hear all the time in this winter period. Yes, you guessed right, in fact it is the famous expression “Bless you” that is now part of our everyday language. But, by the way, where exactly did this custom come from? Why do we systematically have the reflex to pronounce this verbal formula as soon as someone sneezes? Here is the origin and explanation.

What is a sneeze?

It is a semi-automatic and convulsive expulsion of air from the lungs through the nose and mouth, generally caused by foreign particles that irritate the nasal mucosa. When sneezing, forced air is expelled through these areas of the body in an involuntary action of the muscles, accompanied by a more or less loud noise. It is also advisable not to suppress it: in fact, when sneezing a great pressure is created so that the air can be expelled correctly. Often it is even difficult to refrain from sneezing, because the message is already well anchored in the brain and expulsion is then inevitable. Also, it is strongly recommended to sneeze with your mouth open to avoid irritating your nasal membranes and risking a nosebleed.

Sneezing is usually the result of sudden exposure to bright light, a sudden drop in temperature, the onset of a cold wind, or a viral infection. But why do we usually say “Bless” to a person who sneezes? Where can this expression inherited from our childhood come from? Few people know its meaning. But, its origin is linked to different historical hypotheses. We will try to enlighten you about it.

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Origin of the expression “Blessed are you” after sneezing


Sneezing – Source: spm

Commonly, people tend to respect and perpetuate certain traditions and customs rooted for centuries, without even necessarily knowing their origin or meaning. It becomes mechanical and systematic because our parents or grandparents instilled it in us from a young age. The expression we are talking about today is proof of this. Saying “God bless you” to a person who is sneezing is a perfectly banal and innocuous form of courtesy.

But where exactly did this tradition originate? According to most of the theories on the subject, it would be articulated around superstition. Some say that this expression would have appeared in Rome in the Middle Ages, at the time of the appearance of the plague. At that time, infected people sneezed, coughed, and many of them ended up dying. The scenario was so tragic that Pope Gregory the Great himself asked the population to pray for the sick and for the infection to stop spreading, since then it was incurable. From then on, one of the most used expressions in prayers was “God bless you” so that the sick recover soon and danger moves away from the city. It was supplemented with “Blessings” after sneezing for the seriously ill to make their wishes come true before dying. Thereafter, as this spasm quickly became associated with the disease, this expression remained commonplace. In particular, in the sixth century, when another violent epidemic descended on Africa.

Various customs and beliefs.

But, the origin of this expression comes from other beliefs. Some say that it has its origin in the Arab communities where this custom would have had the objective of venerating the eternal. For others it would come from an ancient Greek tradition where sneezing was a sign of a good or bad omen, depending on the position of the moon. There was a belief that someone with a cold was touched by a divine spirit as soon as he sneezed: then it was fashionable to send him his wishes to be granted. Stranger still, some British legends suggested that the brain contained the soul: the inhabitants then believed that sneezing could cause the loss of the soul and the arrest of the heartbeat. By making wishes, they could ward off bad luck and prevent the soul from flying away.

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Today, these beliefs no longer captivate people’s minds. Some may still believe it, some may not. But whether it is to bring good luck, wish good health or ward off the evil eye, the formula is still relevant. If the expression has been maintained, beyond superstition, it has become above all a form of traditional courtesy.

Some unusual facts about sneezing

But by the way, apart from a bad cold, what causes sneezing? Allergy sufferers know a lot about repetitive sneezing, itchy eyes, and unwanted scratching of the nose in the morning upon waking up. Between mites and pollen, the most sensitive know what we are talking about. But in a completely different context, surely you have already heard someone close to you say: “Someone is thinking of you”. It happens when you are perfectly healthy and you sneeze out of the blue for no apparent reason. It makes you smile softly. But it turns out that there are various unsuspected situations that can lead to these spasms. This phenomenon can, in fact, be triggered by physical activity, a spicy dish, sunlight, a soft drink, or even after a naughty thought. Here are some surprising facts about sneezing.

  • the power of light

Did you know that staring at the sun or bright light for a while can make you want to sneeze? Why ? Simply because of this spasm arises from the nerve endings of the nose. So you just have to stimulate them to cause a possible sneeze in order to force the air out through the nose and reduce the small irritation.

  • drink a soda

Even more surprising: when you drink a soda whose acidic liquid stings your tongue, it immediately sends a negative message to the brain that makes you sneeze. In addition, the transmission of language receptors to brain cells also causes other reactions, such as coughing or tears in the eyes.

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Although there is no real explanation, some theories suggest that when strong emotions such as fear, adrenaline, excitement, sadness or anger are experienced, the nasal membrane can contract or swell and cause a sneezing attack. As for sexual orgasm or just thinking about sex, this can also be an unexpected trigger: scientists call this phenomenon “postcoital exacerbation” of rhinitis.

Have you ever sneezed after devouring a good 70% cocoa dark chocolate cake? Well, it’s no wonder some people are sensitive to it, the same way they sneeze from bright sunlight.

Finally, a similar reaction can occur when you eat foods that are too hot or spicy. That is why some people avoid Mexican or Asian cuisine. The culprit is none other than gustatory rhinitis. Since the nerves in the nasal passages are particularly sensitive to external stimuli, they can cause dripping, tingling, and chain sneezing.

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Write backwards on WhatsApp: How to do it?



L’astuce pour activer l’écriture inversée sur WhatsApp final

Have you ever wanted to surprise your friends on WhatsApp but don’t know how to do it? Do not look any further! WhatsApp offers a series of tricks without the need to use a third-party application, one of which is being able to type “in reverse”. A function that will not only surprise you, but will also attract the attention and curiosity of your contacts. Here’s how to write backwards on WhatsApp!

Do you want to surprise your friends by sending them messages backwards? Follow this guide and discover how to write backwards on WhatsApp, but not only! There are also other tricks with which you can personalize your messages and give them a little extra that will make a difference.

read whatsapp messages

Write on WhatsApp – Source: spm

Reverse typing on WhatsApp can be a fun and creative way to add a bit of originality to a conversation. Although WhatsApp does not offer a specific feature to write backwards, there is a method to achieve it.

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To be able to type “in reverse”, you don’t need to download programs, there is a website that will do it for you. There is also no need to download a special keyboard. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on your mobile phone
  2. Select any conversation or group
  3. Then go to the website from the device on which the application is open
  4. The website will display two text boxes above a button called “Reverse Text” – in the first box, insert the message you want to send
  5. Once the text has been entered, in the second box you will see the words inverted
  6. As the last step, you must copy the message and send it to the contact of your choice

Here are other tricks to change the writing in WhatsApp

write in cursive on whatsapp

If you want to italicize a word in a WhatsApp conversation, you need to put an underscore before and after the text. In other words, it would look like this before sending the phrase: _your phrase_

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write bold on whatsapp

To write bold text, just place an asterisk before and after the text you want to write to your contact. So your text should look like this before you send it: *your sentence*

Write crossed out words on WhatsApp

If you want to write a text as if it were struck through, you must use this symbol (~) before and after the text. So your text should appear like this: ~your sentence~.

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Why do we have to stop covering public toilet seats with paper?



Ne faites jamais cela lorsque vous voulez utiliser des toilettes publiques 32001

Using public toilets can cause many hygiene problems. But sometimes we have no choice but to use them. How to do it hygienically?

It turns out that covering the toilet seat with paper is a bad idea that may come to mind when using a public toilet. You know why ? The answer may surprise you.

Cover the toilet seat with paper.

Cover the toilet seat with paper – Source: spm

Covering the seat of public toilets with paper: is it a good solution?

Public toilets are necessary, for obvious reasons, but many people find it difficult to use. If you’re one of those people who prefers to put a layer of paper on your toilet seat thinking it will help ward off certain germs, unfortunately you don’t have the right solution. It is even dangerous to do so. Why ?

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We don’t know who used the toilets before our visit or how they flushed. If that person flushed it without taking down the lid, bacteria could settle not only on the toilet seat, but also on toilet paper, which is usually placed near the toilet. This is why the use of the latter as protection is not recommended. Therefore, covering the toilet seat with paper will not protect you from bacteria, on the contrary, you will even come into direct contact with these germs.

Public toilets

Public toilets – Source: spm

Although public toilets are usually dirty and retain bad odors accumulated throughout the day, the seats, on the other hand, are specially designed to prevent germs from staying. Those made of non-porous plastic are among the most germ-free surfaces in public restrooms. A study by a company that produces antimicrobial materials found that bacteria were found in unexpected places in public restrooms. In fact, a large number of microbes are found on door handles or flush buttons.

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However, some experts have revealed that public restrooms may be cleaner than the sponges we use to wash dishes every day. But if we do not know how they were used before us, it is worth protecting against bacteria. However, there is a more reliable method than covering the seat with paper.

To be more serene when using public toilets, take toilet paper slightly moistened with water and a little alcohol (such as a hydroalcoholic solution), then wipe the seat with a “rag”. Afterwards, you can safely sit on the seat. It is the most hygienic solution that will protect you from contact with germs. If you happen to have no alcoholic solution, you can crouch down without touching the seat. Then wash your hands well with soap and warm water.

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Why leaving the keys at the door of the house facilitates theft?



Laissez les clés sur la porte d'entrée pendant la nuit est une grosse erreur. Beaucoup de gens le font final

“And you will leave the key in the lock of the door, at the entrance, it is safer!” You keep repeating it to the whole family… However, according to security professionals, it seems that this is even the worst solution to ensure the safety of your property and the beings with you. Thieves will take advantage of this loophole to break into your home. Let’s take a look at how they take care of your door and how to protect your home from intrusions by imaginative thieves.

they penetrate like everyone

Most of the time, they enter like everyone else: through the door! source: spm

Why not leave the key in the front door lock?

Thieves are organized people, they don’t let themselves improvise. They mature their plans, explore, investigate and choose their victims carefully. they even leave signs behind them. If we can recognize them, we can distinguish their will from attempted robbery. The days of crowbars are over, thieves also know armored doors and other security systems. Here, then, in the form of some questions and answers, the opinion of public safety professionals and some valuable advice on derailing the plans of thieves and the recourse you have if, unfortunately, the worst happens.

Discover the “fishing” method: how thieves open the doors… the key they carry

The “fishing” method is one of the methods thieves use to open doors without having to force them. This involves sliding a tool into the gap between the door and the jamb to “fish” the key out of the lock.

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Another method thieves use to pick the lock is to align the pins and counter-pins. And with the key inside the lock, all the bolts are up; therefore, the job is easier for thieves.

Be careful this gesture can cost you dearly

Be careful, this gesture can cost you dearly! source: spm

They will also use hooks and hangers, and are very adept at getting through the mailbox slot… To grab your bunch of keys and get into your house without going into your house. This method is quick, discreet, and can be very effective if the door is not properly secured.

What to do in front of the open door when you come home?

When you get home to find the door unlocked, it’s important to stay calm and take the necessary steps to make sure you and your family are safe. First of all, don’t immediately go inside and check if anyone is inside. If so, call the police. Thus, they will take care of this unwanted presence. Then it will be time to inspect your pieces to see if anything has been moved or stolen. Go to your usual hiding places… Don’t have one? However, it is very useful to house all valuables, in unusual places safe from thieves. A track ? Thieves go straight to the point, as their time is limited… So you will find the places they will never visit, like children’s toys, toilet cistern…

What can be the warning signs of a robbery? At the door, in the building, on the street…

Exists various warning signs of a robbery that can be seen on the door, on the building and on the street. Signs that may be visible to the naked eye. Symbols are found on the door, such as discreet scratches or marks on the frame, marks on the lock or broken switches. In the building, open windows and doors may indicate a current or recent burglary. On the street, suspicious people or vehicles can also be signs of a planned robbery.

How do burglars attack and tag houses?

Burglars generally look for homes that offer a quick and easy way to break in. Doors on the ground floor and first floor are often the point of access they are aimed at. Burglars can discreetly mark potential doors and windows to let other burglars know a target is easy to hit and worth breaking in.

Victim of a thief, file a complaint: this is how the police and the gendarmerie look for them and find them

Unfortunately, robberies are a very common phenomenon, and it is important to know how the police track down the perpetrators of robberies. In most cases, the door damaged by the burglar is a valuable source of information for investigators. Fingerprints, hair, or clothing fibers can be recovered from the door and help identify the thief.

Surveillance cameras help police in their investigation

Surveillance cameras help the police in their investigation Source: spm

So the police are quite familiar with the hidden market networks, the receivers, the traffickers who agree to be paid with the loot. The investigation can take time or sometimes be completed in a few days…

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You have understood it: it is advisable to know the methods of thieves, before being able to fight effectively against thefts in your home. Break the habit of leaving the keys in the door, even if it is secure… and convince yourself that you are not alone, nor without help in these terrible circumstances. Talk about it around you – it’s also a very effective way to fight theft, we don’t give them the glory of their misdeeds.

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