New haircut, color or hairstyle… With the new year just around the corner, surely you want to change your look and show off dreamy hair. You still have to choose the right time to do it. Do not fear, the Moon will guide you in your choice. If you wonder what the relationship between the star of the night and your visit to the hairdresser is, you will find all the answers below.

Whether you want to boost or slow down your hair growth, make it thicker or achieve a new color, you should definitely choose the most favorable times according to the lunar calendar.

Does the Moon really influence our hair?

The influence of the moon on humans

The influence of the moon on human beings. source: spm

The strength of the moon’s gravitational field is manifested through the rising and falling tides of the oceans. Proponents of the influence of the lunar cycle on our body (mood, sleep, including our hair) consider that this gravitational field has an equally powerful effect on humans and animals. According to this belief, hair grows faster, hair care is more effective, and hairstyles are more successful if the manipulation is carried out according to the lunar calendar.

  • Accelerate hair growth: when the Moon is in its first quarter, conditions are right for hair growth after a cut. Therefore, you should do it between New Moon and Full Moon if you want your hair to grow fast.
  • slow hair growth : If you have short hair and want it to grow as slowly as possible, you should cut it during the waning and waning phase of the moon (between the full moon and the new moon). Your short hairstyle will keep its shape for longer.
  • The influence of the zodiac signs: According to some beliefs, fine hair becomes fuller and thicker after a haircut when the Moon is in the constellation with the astrological sign of Leo or Virgo. Indeed, when it is placed under the sign of Leo, your hair becomes stronger and more voluminous, while when it is placed under the sign of Virgo, it allows you to have a perfect hairstyle.
the phases of the moon

The phases of the moon. source: spm

These are the main dates related to the different lunar phases during the month of January 2023:

  • full moon – January 7th.
  • New Moon – January 21st.
  • Crescent moon – of 1Ahem to January 6 and from January 21 to 31.
  • waning moon – from 7 to 20 January.
  • waning moon – from 6 to 19 January.
  • Crescent moon – of 1Ahem to January 5 and from January 20 to 31.
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Lunar calendar for January 2023: when is the right time for what manipulation?

The lunar calendar indicates favorable and unfavorable days for cutting your hair, styling it or doing any other hair manipulation. The favorable conditions for a haircut depend, in fact, on a combination of factors such as the lunar day, the phase of the moon and the lunar zodiac sign under which it is placed. Based on all these aspects, we obtain the most advantageous moment to go to the hairdresser. Discover the schedule for the month of January below:

Cut your hair

Cut your hair. source: spm

  • Good morning for haircuts: from 1 to 5, 7, 22-27, 29-31 January
  • The bad days for any hair manipulation : 18, 21, 24, 27 January.
  • For rapid hair growth, a haircut is recommended. : from January 1 to 5, 7, 22-27, 29-31.
  • The perfect days to slow growth hairs : 8, 9-14, 16-19 January.
  • Good morning to dye your hair : January 1-5, 8-14, 16-19.

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