On January 7 there will be a Full Moon in the sign of Cancer. While some zodiac signs finally breathe a sigh of relief after a difficult year, others will face problems and obstacles of all kinds. Find out if you are one of the unlucky ones this beginning of the year!

The beginning of the year coincides with the Full Moon in Cancer. Also called “Wolf Moon”, it will spread the energy of Cancer, an extremely sensitive zodiac sign, in the astral sky on January 7 at 00:08 (French time). Some may soon change their mood and become more emotional than usual.

What 3 zodiac signs will be negatively affected by the Full Moon?

Three zodiac signs will be particularly affected by the negative effects of the Full Moon. They will have to learn to control their emotions to overcome the obstacles that are expected on this day. Changes are to be expected to recover a harmonious life.


full moon ram001

Aries. source: spm

The Wolf Moon will have a negative impact on the sign of Aries. This mainly concerns your love life and relationships. January 7th, this sign of Fire will have to face repeated criticism from those close to them. You might be disappointed in your friends or your partner. In addition, his great impulsiveness could have serious consequences in your professional relationships. Result: Aries could withdraw and isolate himself from others this day. The Full Moon in Cancer will also be a good time to slow down, take stock, and prioritize your needs. In this way, you could take a closer look at certain areas of your life that bring you security and comfort. To avoid further frustration, Aries will soon reconsider some past choices and restructure some ideas related to his career, relationships, and reputation. He must also work to maintain a balance between his professional and personal life.

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cancer full moon001

Cancer. source: spm

Although it is one of the lucky signs of this new year, the Cancer sign could be more emotional than usual. Indeed, this astral configuration, which unfolds in your sign, invites you to let yourself go and focus on what is essential. While he waits for the energies of the Full Moon to dissipate, this Water sign must remain attentive to the advice of those around him. They will often find it difficult to convince him to make the right decisions for his future. He will have to avoid that day that is not conducive to job search. Also, his stubbornness could have serious consequences and lead to misjudgment or professional mistakes. In order to avoid failure, this zodiac sign should not react impulsively and weigh the pros and cons of every action that he will undertake in the near future. This Full Moon also suggests that he consider a new professional or romantic partner. January 7th will also be the perfect time to present your ideas and make your needs a top priority. However, be careful not to overdo it!


Sagittarius full moon001

Sagittarius. source: spm

The Sagittarius sign may also encounter some difficulties with the Full Moon on January 7. Certain decisions made in haste at the beginning of the year can have a negative effect on your daily life. Then you will have to think through each step of your project and each isolated action before making an important decision. Therefore, some details could escape you and compromise the proper functioning of your activities. Result: his emotional state could be strongly affected. You could also enter a phase of euphoria that will lead to serious mistakes at work and multiple problems in the private sphere. This Fire sign would be more sensitive than usual and could have significant mood swings. Then he will have to recover before it’s too late. This will be the only way not to see conflicts arise within the family.

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