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What are they for and why are they never mixed?



Rayures du dentifrice - à quoi servent-elles et pourquoi elles ne se mélangent jamais __

Even if you’re part of the white paste team, you know that most toothpaste tubes have colored stripes. What exactly are they for and strangely why are they never mixed with each other? Find out how these streaks are produced and why the tricolor paste is perfectly even on the toothbrush.

Why don’t the colored bands mix in the toothpaste tube?

Putting toothpaste on the toothbrush

Putting toothpaste on the toothbrush – Source: spm

We never ask ourselves the question, but it is true that it is quite curious to see that when leaving the tube, the colored stripes are carefully uniform on the toothbrush. How to explain that they never mix with each other? You should know that the tricolor toothpaste results from a particular structure of the container and is also the result of numerous experiments in laboratories.

The whole secret lies in the technology of production and filling of tubes of toothpaste. The first technique, slightly older, consists of dividing the inside of the tube into separate parts. Although it is still used in factories, the current technique for making tricolor pasta is much more modern: it is tied to the chemical reactions between the different parts of the pasta and the way it is pressed into the tube. .

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Thus, in general, your toothpaste has two components: the white paste that is the base and the colored paste that reveals the different stripes. As Anita Let, a specialist in the field, explains: The paste is simply dyed various colors These fractions contain colorants that do not mix in the tube“. Specifically, by pressing on the tube, the first classic paste will compress the second, whose flow will come out of the hole and produce the colored stripes. But why don’t the bands intertwine? Simply because they acquire viscoelastic properties that prevent mixing. Unless you torture the tube on all sides, if you squeeze it gently, the scratches will come out evenly.

In terms of functionality, there is no particular change, these strips act in the same way as white paste, they are also responsible for good dental hygiene. However, in addition to the classic tricolor toothpaste, some more recent pastes incorporate a breath freshening gel, whose composition is completely different.

5 homemade tricks with toothpaste

a toothpaste

Toothpaste – Source: spm

The mystery of the stripes is finally solved, now let’s move on to another revelation that will probably be very useful to you. Did you think that this paste was just a prerogative of good oral health? Think again. Many people don’t know it, but toothpaste is a versatile product whose properties can be widely used in various unexpected contexts.

Surprisingly, toothpaste is excellent for polishing silver. It even manages to transform your rusty cutlery into shiny pieces, almost like new. Just apply a hazelnut on the forks and knives, spread well and leave for one or two hours. Then scrub gently with a brush and rinse. Be sure to wash the cutlery well to remove all residue from the batter.

  • clean small appliances

Usually, you wipe your devices with a cloth to remove dust and dirt. But if you notice some stubborn stains, use some water mixed with toothpaste. By rubbing well, all ugly traces disappear in a short time. You will really notice the difference.

  • Neutralizes bad odors

It is a real scourge in the home: bad odors can accumulate in the house and even embed themselves in unexpected corners. Precisely, if you manage to determine the most affected areas, you will be able to deodorize them very quickly thanks to this trick. Simply apply some toothpaste to a sponge and clean those surfaces that easily pick up unpleasant odors, like plastic trash cans in the kitchen or bathroom.

  • remove stains from wooden furniture

Even for your stained furniture, toothpaste (white paste) will save you. Squirt the toothpaste with a cloth. Leave to act for a few minutes, then clean the furniture as usual with your specific product for wood. You will notice that the impact of the toothpaste will have been fruitful.

  • remove carpet stains

Lastly, if stains have developed heavily on your carpets and you don’t know how to remove them quickly, again, toothpaste will help. Apply to stains and rub in with a brush. Make circular movements to completely dissolve the remains of fat. Finish the operation by rinsing the area and drying well with a clean cloth.

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Home tricks to repair a broken or stuck zipper



L'astuce simple pour réparer une fermeture éclair coincée001

Thanks to the zippers, we can put on and take off our clothes easily and quickly. They are not only present in clothes, but also in bags, shoes, suitcases and other everyday objects. Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen that the zipper breaks or gets stuck. When this happens, there are simple tips you can put into practice to repair your broken zipper without having to replace it or hiring a tailor. Here are which ones.

stuck zipper

Stuck zipper – Source: spm

If the zipper is stuck in a cloth

It can easily happen that the zipper gets stuck with a flap of fabric caught in the slider. What to do in such situations? Take a pair of tweezers, grasp the fabric and gently pull it out of the slider. Be careful not to tear the glued end of the fabric.

If the zipper no longer wants to open

If you end up with a completely stuck zipper that won’t give, then you can use a lubricant, such as a graphite pencil, which is an excellent release agent. All you need to do is slide the tip of the pencil a few times along the zipper where the slider gets stuck. Slide the zipper up and down until it slides comfortably.

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You can also try scrubbing the zipper with a bar of soap, preferably a creamy soap.

Another good idea to unzip a zipper is to coat it with Vaseline. Due to its consistency, it is much easier for it to penetrate the teeth of the zipper and thus help you slide it.

broken zipper

Broken zipper – Source: spm

If your zipper keeps opening

If we end up with a zipper that is constantly opening, there is an easy way to fix it.

To do ? unbuckle completely and look closely for broken teeth. If so, use a pair of pliers and straighten out the dent, being careful not to break it.

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If the hinges are separated

If when you close the hinge you find both sides under the slide open, then the slide has become loose and is therefore putting little pressure on the teeth. To tighten it, nothing could be simpler: just press it very gently on both sides with a nutcracker or pliers.

The zipper slider needs to be replaced.

Equip yourself with the same slider and retainer you need to replace. Use a pair of pliers to pry up the latch at the end of the hinge. Next, slide the slider between the two rows of teeth and continue until you reach the latch. Finally, crush the slider with the pliers and drag it up and down to check that it works correctly.

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Don’t throw away the canned milk token, it has a very useful unknown function



Ne jetez plus la languette du lait en boite, elle a une fonction méconnue très utile

Pouring brick milk into a glass seems like an easy maneuver, but sometimes it turns into a real mess, right? In fact, seeing your milk spilled on your table is enough to make us angry! If this happens to you often, dear readers, and you are desperately looking for a solution, you have come to the right place! We suggest this simple and practical trick, to try it urgently.

SPLASH! It’s the sound you hear when you pour brick milk into a glass… it goes all at once and splashes everywhere! A banal daily gesture that unfortunately can be more dangerous than one might imagine. With that being said, before I show you how to avoid all this mess, we must first understand why this phenomenon occurs.

Why does brick milk spill when poured into a glass?

When you want to pour into a glass, the brick milk falls out due to the packaging design which produces the “siphoning” phenomenon. In fact, the brick creates a suction effect that when we pour the liquid, the air enters the upper half released from the hole and causes a pressure that causes the milk to return downwards. Thus, the drops and jets splash the air. This is where the drama happens and you end up with your table all dirty! However, rest assured, we have a solution that will save you from morning tetany attacks.

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Glass of milk

Glass of milk. source: spm

This annoying problem is not only with brick milk, but also with brick fruit juice or bottled oil. In fact, every time you want to pour a specific amount, you accidentally end up putting it absolutely everywhere! Is it our fault or the fault of the manufacturer who designed the product incorrectly? If you are really looking for an answer: there is none! There is simply a “right” and a “wrong” way to do things. Then we show you how to pour the liquid avoiding spills and splashes. You only need to make a small maneuver. It’s child’s play, you’ll see!

  1. Unscrewing the cap from the brick, we found a small tab underneath to lift. In fact, if you thought that this ring served as double protection for the liquid, well, know that you are wrong, the latter is used for much more than that!
  2. What’s more, the first instinct we have is to immediately throw it away. Big mistake ! from now on, save it because you will need it.
  3. All you have to do is flip it over, snap it back into place, and press lightly until it clicks into place. And voila!

This will turn the tab into a kind of measuring cup and you can say goodbye to splashes and waste by pouring only the amount of milk, juice or oil you need.

Tab inside milk carton

Tab inside the milk carton. source: spm

Like the tab technique, we show you two other methods to avoid unsightly splashes. Don’t worry, these hacks are child’s play!

  • Put the milk carton in the right direction

The solution is very simple dear readers, all you have to do is rotate the brick 180° and place the spout up. And jump! That’s all ! The flow becomes even and more regular and you can enjoy your fresh glass of milk or juice, without spilling it everywhere!

So that you better understand how to proceed, we share with you this explanatory video to show you how to use brick milk without putting it everywhere:

  • Pierce the milk carton with a sharp object

You can also make use of this very practical technique that consists of slightly perforating your milk or juice carton, in order to make a small hole at the top, on the opposite side of the neck, using an awl or the tip of a knife. and ready! That’s all ! the liquid flows smoothly! The reason is simple: the hole allows air to enter the brick and thus facilitates the flow of the liquid without causing splashes.

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These two tips will come in very handy, especially if you lose the little tab inside the lid or your milk or orange juice carton doesn’t have it!

Now you know how to handle your carton of milk to avoid splashes and spills. Do not hesitate to teach these little tricks to your children so that they do not put it everywhere!

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3 Zodiac Signs in February May Receive an Unexpected Financial Reward



3 signes du zodiaque recevront une somme d’argent inattendue en février - une période positive démarre_

The month of February will be fabulous in many ways. Thanks to the energy of Jupiter in Aries, the Full Moon in Cancer, and Venus in Pisces, certain zodiac signs will be able to seize golden opportunities and reap handsome rewards. Your work will be recognized and appreciated. Discover the lucky signs of this second month of the year!

February could be the month of success and wealth for many zodiac signs. Throughout this period, two planets associated with good fortune will move across the sky. In fact, it is the planets Venus and Jupiter that bring a real stroke of luck to the natives of three astrological signs. Meanwhile, the Full Moon in Cancer will pamper you in its own way by offering you a silver platter full of transformative opportunities.

Which zodiac signs will get rewards in February?

Luck finally smiles in three astrological signs. They will be able to make good profits and obtain multiple advantages during this third month of winter. The guaranteed jackpot!

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Taurus – source: spm

Taurus is the first zodiac sign to experience wealth and abundance in February. Your hard work will be followed by significant rewards in the form of salary increases or bonuses. With his great determination, this earth sign will also be able to take advantage of many opportunities and turn them into important sources of income. However, you will need to surround yourself with influential people to take advantage of their valuable advice and do good business. These could also reveal a clue or relevant information that will boost your career and give you a new lease of life. In addition, Taurus will have to show active listening and open up more to others to enrich their personal and professional experiences. However, you will need to review your budget management so as not to give in to unnecessary spending and preserve your financial balance in the long term. February will also be the occasion to dedicate more time to the realization of your deep ambitions. Therefore, it will be prudent to maintain this same pace of work to make progress in several areas.


virgin soulmate

Virgin. source: spm

The month of February will be full of positive news for the sign of Virgo. After a tough time financially, the universe could send you many gifts in February. This earth sign will have every chance to make fruitful financial transactions. From the first week of February, Virgo will put their creative and innovative spirit into play to take advantage of new opportunities at a professional level. In fact, he will be able to buy and sell successfully, but he will also be able to propose new ideas to make your projects come to fruition. The planets invite you to plan his actions in advance and put them into action on time. Will be worth! The second month of the year will also be conducive to investments and expensive expenses. It is also the ideal period to obtain new sources of income. The astral climate, marked by the transit of Venus in Pisces, will be conducive to successful alliances and romantic encounters. Success at work combined with a serene relational climate will fill Virgo with happiness in February. You should be grateful and fully appreciate this opportunity!

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scorpio soulmate

Scorpion. source: spm

Scorpio is the third sign to benefit from the positive influences of the stars in February. These could bring you some pleasant surprises, especially financially. This water sign will have the opportunity to boost their career and obtain multiple benefits. A successful partnership or agreement will be concluded this month and will lead to unprecedented and significant cash inflows. Scorpio could also receive a high-paying job offer in February. Your income, which can double, could also guarantee you more comfort in life. However, the planets advise you to draw a line under the past and forget any difficulties you may have encountered recently. This month will be liberating for Scorpio in every way. You will always find the right way to get to the heart of the matter and attract the sympathy and attention of the people around you. This will be especially advantageous in love and friendship. Now you can let yourself go in the company of the people you love and enjoy this much-deserved financial stability.

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