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Turn on your washing machine at this time of day: you will save a lot on the bill



Washing machine

You may not know it, but running your washing machine right now will save you a lot of money.

At what time is it advisable to use your washing machine?

Without a doubt, it is one of the most used equipment in a home, along with the refrigerator and the freezer. In fact, it is not uncommon to use the washing machine on a daily basis to do laundry. Although this device may seem rudimentary, its use is confusing. In fact, one can get confused when choosing the program, the temperature, the detergent or the softener, before each washing cycle. Secondly, the other question surrounding the use of this device is undoubtedly linked to its energy consumption. Know in this case that it is possible to save energy by using your washing machine. In this case, you just have to use it. during off-peak hours.

Washing machine

Washing machine. source: spm

Run your washing machine during “off-peak hours”

You don’t know it, but by having subscribed to a rate “peak hours/off-peak hours” (HPHC), you can achieve enormous savings on your electricity bill. Indeed, the price per kWh is around 25% cheaper during off-peak hours, usually between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. or between 11:30 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. It depends above all on your municipality of residence, according to happ-e by Engie.

So running your washing machine during off-peak hours will pay off in the long run. You can, for example, program it or make it work at 3 or 4 in the morning. If you plan to run multiple wash cycles including spin, remember to run it at the start of off-peak hours to make the most of this bargain price.

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However, keep in mind that peak and off-peak hours are set by Enedis, the network administrator common to all providers. And that these are in no way modifiable. In addition, it is possible to check your off-peak hours by checking your electricity bill.

Save money using the washing machine

Save money by using the washing machine. source: spm

Other tips to save more money with your washing machine

In addition to using the washing machine during off-peak hours, there are other tricks that can optimize the energy consumption of your washing machine.

Say stop for prewash: if you doubt it, you should know that this step is unnecessary. Indeed, just increase your consumption of water and electricity. By doing without this operation, you can save up to 15% on water and electricity.

Choose the low temperature program: considered energy efficient, the latter will be enough to properly wash and clean your clothes. Thus, washing at 30°C consumes up to 3 times less energy than washing at 90°C.

Prefer to air dry: If your washing machine has a dryer function, use it only as a last resort. In fact, the best way to reduce the electricity consumption of your washing machine isopt for a spin cycle inside the machine’s drum and then dry your clothes outdoors when weather permits.

From now on you know what actions to take to limit and reduce the electricity consumption of your washing machine.

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Bill Gates reveals his simple trick to develop an elephant memory and remember everything you read



A student memorizing her text.

You always learn new things, but you don’t remember them and it bothers you a lot. Find out how to deal with this situation below.

How to memorize information quickly? Bill Gates reveals his unstoppable technique

If the information quickly scatters in your head and you cannot memorize it for a long time, don’t worry, because there is a very simple solution that will help you solve this problem. But first you need to understand why most people quickly forget what they learn.

  • Having a bad memory: Bill Gates brings the solution

Indeed, science has shown that forgetting is part of our daily life as human beings. According to psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus, a pioneer in learning research, without reinforcement or linkage to prior knowledge, we tend to forget about 56% of information within an hour, 66% after a day, and 75% after of 6 days. The scientist called this phenomenon, the curve of oblivion. Furthermore, a phenomenon known as interference is sometimes at the origin of this forgetfulness, it occurs when old memories often clash with new ones and can interfere with each other. Thus, when a new information is very similar to another previously stored in our brain, it is very possible that these interferences occur. Fortunately, Bill Gates has shared a very useful solution.

A student memorizing her text.

A student memorizing her text. source: spm

  • Bill Gates’ trick to memorize quickly

Many people ask the following question: Why do I have a bad memory? “. Bill Gates’ trick may bring you the solution you’re looking for. The Microsoft founder and entrepreneur recently participated in AskMeAnything (AMA), a lively conversation about Reddit, during which he shared his advice on the learning process he has been adopting for years and which has allowed him to develop better concentration and a good memory. This came as no surprise, as the 67-year-old American billionaire is eager to read and learn. The former CEO of Microsoft once revealed that he reads a book a week.

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The key tip he shared with his community on news and social discussion website Reddit is take notes in the margins of books when the reader considers it necessary. According to him, this technique has several advantages, among them: concentrating and retaining more details, reading while being present and, above all, conscious. In addition, the renowned businessman said that taking advantage of this empty space to write his point of view in black and white and discuss or argue an idea from the author of the book, allows him to reflect better and better assimilate what he read. And science backed up his idea.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates. source: spm

What does science say about Bill Gates’ strategy?

according to one research dating from 2014, conducted by the Association for Psychological Sciences and entitled “Taking notes by hand for better long-term understanding”, it has been shown that the fact of taking notes by hand, rather than on a computer, helps you retain information longer than usual. This is because taking notes by hand forces you to think at a slower pace, and it is precisely this slowness that allows your memory to store information better.

Also, another to study in 2017, titled “Only three fingers write, but the whole brain works,” revealed that writing by hand requires significant neural activity that is associated with cognitive development and learning. In other words, this activity allows the brain to exercise and gives it the possibility to decipher and record new information more quickly and to associate it in the long term with previously acquired knowledge.

take notes by hand

Take notes by hand. source: spm

This Bill Gates strategy is the key to learning, if you adopt it for a long time, it will strengthen your ability to memorize everything you read.

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Starting today, 3 zodiac signs enter a dark period: unexpected tests



gemini fall

If you are one of the less fortunate natives during this period, don’t be surprised if you feel less energetic and depressed.

Which 3 zodiac signs will face a series of problems from December 3?

The last month of the year always brings its share of mixed emotions. December is synonymous with festivities, and for most of us, we can’t wait to enjoy these joyous family moments. However, our happiness does not only depend on us, other circumstances may come into play, such as what the stars predict for our zodiac sign. While some will swim in happiness, others will have to be prepared to face problems and difficulties in various aspects of their lives.


gemini fall

Gemini zodiac sign. source: spm

If you were born under the constellation of Gemini, you will have to prepare yourself for a series of complications that you should not delay in solving. Due to negative changes and adverse circumstances, it is possible that forced to break certain relationships and associations. This situation will be very difficult for you, a Gemini man, but you must gather your strength and try to let go of your dark thoughts and experiences. Mars in your air sign, you should avoid unnecessary discussions that lead nowhere. Instead, focus on your problems to quickly find a way to get rid of them. That being said, you can count on the support of your loved ones, thanks to them, you will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. So do not hesitate to have a clear conversation with your partner or one of your relatives, and do not hide how you feel. The stars advise you to be patient and calm as of December 3.

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happiness of cancer

Cancer zodiac sign. source: spm

The cold energy of Full Moon in Gemini It could bring you serious problems at work. Your envious colleagues will certainly put spokes in your wheels to create problems for you. People who want to hurt you have been attacking you for quite some time, so you will need to do everything you can to get out of this situation and start cutting off all contact with gossip and people who spread false information. The stars advise you to be careful, not to tell your secrets to anyone, and not to tell your plans to others, especially when Venus will pass in Capricorn. Those who wish you ill will not turn a blind eye until they achieve their goal.


positive aquarium

Aquarius zodiac sign. source: spm

Get ready for an unexpected twist starting December 3rd, natives of Aquarius. Problems will arise in your relationships. personal and professional, and can lead to fights it won’t end well. With Venus in Capricorn, you will also find it difficult to communicate clearly with those around you. To overcome this unpleasant situation, you must bring out your best qualities and avoid scandals as much as possible. It can be hard to ask, but if the going gets tough, you unfortunately have to forgo confrontation, even when it’s your right and you’re a victim, and especially if it’s with your superiors. And despite all the disagreements that are going to take place, try to stay positive anyway. Obviously, the stars advise you to avoid unnecessary discussions and conflicts, either with your companions or with your partner, so as not to complicate things further.

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What is (really) the blue part of the eraser for? No, it is not to erase the pen.



use eraser

What is the blue part of the eraser for?

use eraser

Using the eraser – Source: spm

Generally intrigued by this blue rubber material, most students have fun using it at school and at home. Obviously, some have found that it wasn’t really effective at removing pen marks. However, others are still very stubborn and struggle to prove that it works. So much so that most of them end up squeezing so much that they even break their notebooks. Stop misunderstanding! This blue part does not have the ability to attack the feather. But then, what exactly is it for? In truth, it has precisely the same vocation as the pink part: it is also used to erase the pencil, with the only difference that it is recommended to use it on harder paper, such as a sheet of cardboard or the canson paper that we use. draw. This is because the pink side of the eraser is made of a softer material and is therefore suitable for normal paper. Although the blue area is stiffer and rougher, it is much better suited for erasing writing on solid materials where there is little risk of breakage. Furthermore, it is even possible to use it on the walls to eliminate the scribbles of small children.

Blue part of the rubber: what do the specialists say?


An eraser – Source: spm

Pelikan, the well-known German company that produces fountain pens, school and office supplies, has just published a statement on its website in this regard. After noticing the doubts and questions from Internet users about this famous eraser, the brand decided to settle the doubt by giving a clearer explanation. So, on their platform, the managers tried to present the product in the best possible light, trying to explain it in detail in simple words. Thus, we learn that the color blue is actually used to erase pencil marks, but also the ink in ballpoint pens. However, reading this press release, despite various explanations from the German company, many people were left undecided and dissatisfied. They still have big doubts and are not really convinced about its usefulness about a possible ink.

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How to properly clean your eraser?

Whatever its true function, in order for it to work really well and not leave any stains on the page, it is important that the eraser is perfectly clean. A dirty eraser is very likely to damage your work and mar the white sheet. Therefore, it is essential to clean it well. How to proceed ? It’s very simple: take a sheet of thick paper and rub it hard with the eraser. The material will help remove dirty areas. Obviously, it is necessary to check that the sheet does not contain any trace of ink so as not to dirty it more. Feel free to repeat the process a few times until the eraser looks perfectly clean.

And, precisely, how to prevent it from getting dirty?

So that your eraser lasts longer and you don’t have a problem using it, you should take into account some recommendations to keep it always clean.

·Keep it away from pencils and colored pencils, as the dust from these materials could easily make it dirty. Also, do not leave it next to the markers without a lid, which risks damaging it at the slightest movement.

·Keep the eraser in an isolated corner of the case. This will prevent it from being exposed to ink from ballpoint pens, harmful materials, or dust.

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