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This mistake of not committing in the car can cost you a fine of 375 euros and 6 points less on the license



In-Street Ped Crossing

By adopting responsible driving you will avoid any risk of an accident as well as a possible fine accompanied by a deduction of points.

What does this infraction consist of that could be worth up to 375 euros of fine and a withdrawal of 6 points from the driving license?

Whether it’s going to work, going out on weekends, or running some errands, sometimes we can neglect traffic rules without even realizing it. An attitude that can endanger our life and that of other users, especially pedestrians. That is why pedestrian crossings have been enabled to allow them to cross the road safely. Materialized by large white rectangular bands, these passages also serve as a warning to drivers.. But what happens if motorists do not respect this right of way?

In-Street Ped Crossing

In-Street Ped Crossing. source: spm

Denial of priority to pedestrians, an infraction that can be expensive

Considered more fragile compared to vehicles that circulate on public roads, pedestrians enjoy certain rights related to the highway code, in particular when they wish to cross the road by taking the famous pedestrian crossing. Unfortunately, it happens that some enthusiastic drivers do not respect this right of way. An action that could have serious consequences for motorists.

In effect and in accordance with the provisions of article R415-11, of the Highway Code, published on the website, all motorists are required to yield, stopping if necessary, in front of one or more pedestrians who agree to cross the road or who have clearly expressed this intention when driving through a pedestrian or meeting area.

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In which case, offending motorists are exposed to 4th class fixed fine of 135 euros, extendable up to 375 euros. Also, this the offense also entails the loss of 6 points on the driving license.

Finally, any driver who is guilty of this crime is also liable to an additional penalty of driver’s license suspension, for a maximum of three years.

Motorist does not respect the pedestrian crossing

The motorist does not respect the pedestrian crossing. source: spm

Other examples of violations that result in fines of 4the class

Depending on the severity of the violation, each driver risks a fine, points removal, license suspension, or even vehicle immobilization. Thus, the fines of 4the class are the most common and give rise to a fixed fine of 135 euros, some examples of which are shown here.

Don’t stop at a red light: the highway code is clear on this issue, every motorist must absolutely stop at a red light. If this is not respected, the latter may be inflicted, in addition to the fixed fine of 135 euros, the withdrawal of 4 points from his driving license as well as the suspension of the latter for a period of 3 years.

Driving without registration: In accordance with article R322-5 of the Highway Code, every owner of a motor vehicle must have a registration certificate. A document to be presented to the police during a road check. In addition to a fixed fine of 135 euros, the lack of possession of the gray card can lead to the immobilization of the vehicle.

Driving without registration or, failing that, illegible: that allows the vehicle to be identified, license plate must be correctly attached to the vehicle and be perfectly legible and visible. An illegible, missing or inappropriate plate and the motorist is subject to a fixed fine of 135 euros, with the risk of having their vehicle immobilized.

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As you may have seen, respecting the highway code is fundamental or even essential to avoid any infraction that could lead to a heavy fine as well as the deduction of points on the driving license.

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How is a facelift procedure performed?



face lift

What is a facelift?

As we age, the collagen in the skin breaks down, leading to a weakening of the skin. facial tissues. This can be seen on the cheeks, eyes, and double chin, which are the areas of the face most prone to wrinkle development. They experience more movement and when skin and fat move, it promotes the development of fatty cheekbones and a sunken look to the cheeks. The facelift then consists of lifting and tightening the flaccid skin that regains tone and youth. Cutting excess skin and tightening the remaining tissue helps smooth and reduce wrinkles.

the face lift allows fat to be repositioned in the cheeks and along the jaw line for a improved facial contour. Also called rhytidectomy, it is therefore an operation to restructure the deep layers of the face that offers a very natural result. The incision is made at the root of the hair and around the ear, leaving no visible scar on the face. Thus, for those who wish to look fresher and less tired, the facelift operation is an interesting solution.

face lift

Facelift – Source: spm

How is the intervention carried out?

There are many methods used by surgeons for the facelift procedure. During the preoperative interviews, the patient will choose the most appropriate technique with the specialist. L’surgical intervention It can last between 3 and 5 hours. If additional procedures are planned (neck lift, brow lift…), then the process will take longer.

To begin, the patient will be taken to the anesthesia room. Previously, you will have discussed with the surgeon the type of anesthesia to be performed: local or general anesthesia. General anesthesia allows you to sleep safely during the entire procedure. As for local anesthesia, it only numbs the area to be treated and at the same time the patient will be given a sedative to relax.

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The facelift will consist of making an incision along the root of the hair and in front of the ear. The size and location of the incisions generally depend on the method used. The surgeon cleans the treatment area and separates the skin from the underlying tissue before removing excess fat. Then squeeze the tissues and use the stitches to proceed to fix the raised tissue in its new position. It has the possibility of repositioning excess fat so that the contours of the face are enhanced. In case the fat is insufficient, then the expert can use the liposuction method to recover fat from other parts of the body.

The final stage of the intervention. face lift is the closure of the incisions. The surgeon will lift and remove the remaining skin before placing it in its new position. Absorbable and non-absorbable sutures will be used to close the incision. Afterwards, the doctor will apply a light bandage to the face to reduce swelling and bruising.

Are there any risks associated with a facelift?

Before undergoing a facelift, it is essential to educate yourself about the risks and possible complications associated with this operation. Of surgical complicationsthere are :

  • loss of blood,
  • the reaction to anesthesia,
  • to them nausea,
  • the formation of blood clots,
  • vomiting,
  • allergic reactions
  • A postoperative pain

The formation of bruises at the level of the treated part after the intervention is also frequent. These should, however, disappear during the first two weeks. In case of pain,bruises or significant swelling, it is advisable to notify the surgeon immediately.

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It also happens that the skin of the affected area changes color after the operation. It should be back to normal in a few months. Meanwhile, makeup can help hide this skin discoloration. Hair loss and deformation are also possible, depending on where the doctor made the incisions.

If during the operation nerves have been affected, this can affect the sensitivity or facial mobility. Most of the time, this is a temporary problem. There is rarely a long-term loss of movement or sensation.

The risks of infections after a facelift are not zero, even if everything possible is done to reduce them during the procedure. Therefore, it can happen that an infection occurs in the treated area. As for the points, they can be visible, irritable or go through the skin. In this case, the surgeon must remove them.

What is the average cost of a facelift?

The average cost of a facelift depends on the complexity of the technique used, the estimated operation time, the operative risks, and the length of hospitalization. Therefore, the estimate is provided on a case-by-case basis, specifying for each position the exact price, as well as the total amount of the intervention.

In general, the price of a facelift varies between 2,500 and 10,000 euros depending on the area to be treated. It is also important to know that whatever the cost is, it is entirely the responsibility of the patient. Since the facelift is effectively an operation with an aesthetic objective, it is not reimbursable by Social Security.


Facelift – Source: spm

How do you know if you are eligible for this procedure?

The best candidates for a facelift are people whose skin has begun to sag, but still retains a good level of elasticity. Therefore, some patients are more qualified than others for this intervention. In addition, the following conditions must also be met:

  • a good general health,
  • a strong bone structure,
  • sagging skin, deep folds and wrinkles,
  • No Smoking.
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It will be up to the surgeon after the examination to conclude as to thepatient eligibility or not for this surgery.

What to expect during the postoperative care period?

After the facelift, an appointment is scheduled to remove the non-absorbable stitches. The doctor may advise the patient to use a compression bandage around the face for the first few weeks after the operation.

It is recommended to avoid excessive exposure to the sun so as not to darken the area to be treated. Sleeping and relaxing with your head propped up on pillows for the first two weeks will help ease bruising and swelling.

The recovery period depends on the method used and the extent of the facelift operation. Whatever the activity of the patient, lifting a heavy load is prohibited for at least 4 weeks.

The duration of facelift results varies depending on genetic factors, environmental factors, the method used and the quality of the fabrics. The effects of a full facelift can last for more than 10 years, which means that most people only have one facelift in their lifetime.

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3 zodiac signs will swim happily in 2023: everything will smile on them




Two zodiac profiles will be among the best of the year 2023. It’s simple, this year everything will smile on you and good energies will attract you. Jupiter in Aries will bring action to achieve dreams while the planet in Taurus will bring the pragmatism and discipline necessary to become the best version of yourself.

What are the zodiac signs that will live only happiness in 2023?

Astrologers reveal that two astrological signs will be touched by grace during the year 2023. If they are among the lucky ones in the latter, it is thanks to their optimism that they will attract the right people in their lives. Zodiac profiles will also be more sociable and will finally be able to experience true chemistry with their soul mate. After a long introspectionThey will be able to reach their full potential. They will have to expand their horizons to fight against routine and sadness. It is recommended that they make the most of the present moment. They are also advised to let go of the past and learn to let go of what they no longer want in life.



Aries. source: spm

If this fire sign is likely to smile in 2023, it is because it will benefit from lucky energy. And for good reason, Jupiter in Aries will bring action to this movement-loving sign. This ambitious zodiacal profile will have to wait for an unprecedented and happy event. 2023 will definitely be the year of change and of the romantic perspectives that will be offered to Aries. Starting in April, you will finally be able to meet your soul mate. Your life partner will want to be involved in a long relationship and will take good initiatives. It is up to Aries to know how to offer their heart and their enthusiasm.

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Bull. source: spm

Taurus is undoubtedly one of the lucky ones in the zodiac in 2023. Career opportunities abound for this pragmatic sign focused on material things. Your superiors will eventually recognize qualities that they will reward with a bonus or raise. You will be tough in business and will be able to conquer very lucrative markets. The Taurus, sensual of the zodiac, will benefit from your income for probably Have a good trip. He will be in a good mood for the greatest pleasure of his loved ones and will be especially generous. This earth sign should review its priorities and establish new life goals for its development. Taurus has a great chance to meet a soul mate in 2023, which will delight him.

If Aries or Taurus have a good year, another zodiac profile will have a good day in 2023. This year will be for him a beautiful consecration where your dreams will come true.



Aquarium. source: spm

This versatile zodiac it will be warm in 2023, which will be a good year by all accounts. He will be particularly pampered by Jupiter in Aries at the beginning of the year and this will translate into a professional life that will experience a real boom for him. To do this, he will have to take the initiative and take measured risks. Aquarius will evolve professionally and this will result in a profit of money that he did not suspect. 2023 will also be an opportunity for a fresh start. And it will be since he will meet friends with whom the bond will be very strong. This sign that he loves unconditionally will party with his friends who are just as enthusiastic as he is. There is a good chance that their relationships will last for the greatest happiness of Aquarius, an Air sign that horrifies routine. He will go on crazy adventures with whoever he wants to follow.

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Google warns Gmail users against these new scams: how to protect yourself?



gmail mailbox

Due to a wave of scam emails targeting Gmail users in the run-up to Christmas and the holiday season, Google is issuing an urgent warning!

Holiday season: Google reacts to the rise of email scams

In an article on the site published on November 22, Google explains that its cybersecurity team is doing everything possible to protect Gmail users against many threats related to phishing, malware, spam, etc. The company claims that, based on nearly 15 billion spam messages per day, blocks more than 99.9%. The Internet giant also said that during the In the last two weeks alone, it has managed to block more than 231 billionspam emails and phishing attempts10% more than usual.

Despite all these efforts, scammers still find a way around Google’s defenses. For this reason, the technology giant points out that it is essential to be vigilant, especially towards the end of the year, because that is when scammers intensify their attacks. In this regard, Google has clarified the most common scam methods that Gmail users should be aware of.

gmail mailbox

Gmail mailbox. source: spm

What are the types of email scams to watch out for during the holidays?

Indeed, this holiday season is the perfect opportunity for scammers to unleash their tricks on a busy and distracted public who only think about having fun and enjoying the holidays. But by being aware of some common scams, you can stay safe while on vacation. Nelson Bradley, Director of Trust and Security at Google Workspace shared the most common scam methods during the holiday season.

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Gift cards and contests: scammers pose as someone the victim knows to encourage them to buy a gift card, enter a contest, or offer them a free prize. In an attempt to steal your credit card information.

Charities: this phishing technique is most prevalent during the holiday season. Scam artists pose as charities and trick people into donating to those in need.

Demographic targeting: Scammers attempt to use specific information related to your life or identity to trick you into responding to a call to action.

Subscription renewal: Scammers often pose as antivirus and try to trick people into renewing their subscriptions by promising maximum security.

Cryptocurrency scams: scammers attempt to extort money from their victims using a cryptocurrency wallet to receive payments. Generally, they get it through a threat.

Even though Gmail may warn you or the Google algorithm will do what is necessary to block these fake emails, you still need to be able to protect yourself against these spam messages.

receive an email

Receive an email. source: spm

How to protect yourself against email scams?

You don’t need to be an expert to protect yourself against these scammers. Here are some rules to follow to avoid being a victim during the holiday season:

Do not react immediately: The first thing scammers rely on is creating a sense of urgency in their victims. If you receive a tempting gift or offer, do nothing, take time to reflect and ask yourself questions.

Always check every detail : Check carefully the email address of the sender, as well as the link you receive and compare it with that of the company or association researching on Google. Also check the email for any spelling or grammatical errors. The most important thing is not to click on the links or download the documents that are sent to you.

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Do not send your personal data: Giveaways, deals (luxury brands), and charity calls provide opportunities for scammers to trick victims into clicking malicious traps, tricking them into revealing sensitive personal information (credit cards), taking money from them for any medium. What you should know is that no matter what the reason, no reputable association, organization or company will require you to submit your personal details or make a payment.

Block a spam email

Block spam email. source: spm

Always be alert, not just on vacation. Even if it tempts you, avoid succumbing, no matter what. Stay vigilant and take care to protect your personal information and money. And remember that nothing is ever free!

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