When talking about the distribution of the bedroom, the bed has a fundamental role. Certainly, in some rooms, its location is already found. However, if the room has architectural features, the ideal positioning is not always obvious at first glance. Many people often hesitate and wonder what is the most suitable design. In some countries it is common to place the headboard very close to the window, or even just below it. This location may seem aesthetic, but it is not recommended. Here are the reasons.

Why shouldn’t the bed be placed near the window?

The bed by the window

The bed by the window – Source: spm

Although the practice is common, there are a number of drawbacks that you should not overlook.

  • In the event that the window faces the street, it is not advisable to place the headboard directly below, so that sleep is not continuously interrupted by noise from outside. Keep in mind that at night your bedroom should always be protected from light and noise. This is what will promote restful sleep.
  • It is also a matter of security: it is very easy for thieves to enter the room through the window, day or night.
  • Glass is a material with a very high thermal conductivity, which is why it allows heat to pass through it. It is true that in the summer, many people tend to place the headboard next to a window to cool off and not be stuffy in the bedroom. However, once the temperatures drop, care must be taken to change its design. In winter, this practice is restrictive and harmful, because the cold will pass through the window: which can cause allergies, dry nasal passages and inflammation of the throat.
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Bed by the window: what do the specialists think?

According to interior designers, the position of the bed usually depends on the dimensions of the bedroom. ” If the plan is square, it is better to place the bed in the central axis“, explains the Russian designer Julia Golavskaya. ” But if the plant is rectangular, it is better to divide the room into zones, with the bed located in one zone, a chair and a table in the other, for example”, She continues.

According to the ancient art of Feng Shui, a widespread discipline in decoration and space planning, it is also not recommended to place the bed near the window. According to their precepts, this causes a strong current of Chi (vital energy) that can cause discomfort and discomfort. Therefore, the idea would be to find the right balance: in order for the energy to flow and promote quality sleep, you should move the bed away from the window and the front door. What would be the best orientation of the bed? Direct the headboard towards the North to enjoy a deep sleep or towards the East to be fresh and dynamic when you wake up. And make sure the headboard has something solid behind it.

Tips to take good care of your mattress

Ventilate the room

Ventilate the room – Source: spm

  • Systematically ventilate your room, it is essential to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, mites and other microorganisms. It is recommended to do this every day for 15-20 minutes, even in winter. Preferably very early in the morning or late at night around 10 pm
  • Once a week, it is advisable to change the sheets and bedding. Also, consider airing out your mattress for at least an hour.
  • Opt for a 100% cotton protective cover: this will prevent sweat and dirt from entering the mattress more easily.
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