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This driving habit that you should no longer do consumes more fuel and damages your car



Put the car in dead weight – Source: spm

A habit to absolutely ban

When going downhill, many drivers often have the reflex to shift into neutral, that is, not to engage a gear. They think that this helps to save fuel, especially in this period when its cost is very high. Except this is just a received idea: Contrary to what you might imagine, driving in neutral doesn’t really save fuel. Therefore this maneuver is counterproductive and can even cause internal damage to the car. You know why ? Some may already know this, but many motorists do not.

In fact, the problem arises above all if you have an automatic gearbox, since this type is specifically designed to save you money. In descent mode, these cars put the appropriate gear, which allows to consume less. However, whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, leaving the car in neutral results in less control over the vehicle and can cause unexpected engine damage.

A damaged car – Source: spm

So you risk ruining the engine.

In fact, when you drive without speed, you always keep your foot on the brake and if necessary you will not be able to accelerate. Your car pump will run in revolutions per minute. This also slows down the operation of the oil pump. As a result, the engine does not cool as well as it should. And if the cooling is not optimal, it can lead to long-term damage and therefore cause engine failure. This is why this maneuver is not recommended!

Another important risk to be aware of: You are not immune to a possible accident on the road. As mentioned above, you are no longer truly in control of the vehicle. Therefore, if you accidentally come across a car on your way and you do not have time to carry out the appropriate maneuver to perform an emergency braking, you could cause a collision with the other vehicle. Therefore, you will be responsible for the accident and you will also have to pay for the damages. Therefore, it would be wiser to avoid shifting into neutral when going downhill. It is best to stay alert, maintain full control of your vehicle, and engage gear.

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