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These 3 zodiac signs will have a great weekend: good news is coming



With Uranus retrograde in Taurus until January 22, these are 3 zodiac signs for whom the last weekend of November will be auspicious. During this Sagittarius season, it will be an opportunity for them to rediscover themselves and find some harmony.

The weekend of November 26 and 27 will be conducive to rest and mental serenity for these 3 zodiac signs in particular. The Uranus retrograde can also play in your favor, they will probably be able to receive good news.

Which 3 zodiac signs will make the most of the last weekend of November?


balance weekend

The sign of Libra- Source: spm

Libra natives will be able to find enough space in their minds to tune in A deserved rest. After a difficult week, they will be able to recharge their batteries and find the balance they love so much.

In addition, your loved ones are about to tell you good news that can translate into a long awaited family reunion or reunion with friends. In addition, they will be able to treat themselves to making a long-awaited purchase.

Love will also smile on the natives of Libra who may decide to go further with their partner. The newlyweds will receive great news It will positively influence your relationship.

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Retrograde Uranus will also give Libra representatives the opportunity to review the way they handle events in their lives. By improving their way of thinking, they will put things in perspective. and you will have a clearer mind. This will not stop positively impacting your balance thanks to which you can start the week off right. In this way, they will be able to move forward without falling prey to the torments inherent in their strong desire for justice. However, they will have to do some acceptance work to perpetuate their mood this weekend.

Libra is also part of the 3 signs of the zodiac whose destiny could be disrupted in the days or months to come.


sagittarius weekend

The sign of Sagittarius – Source: spm

Representatives of this zodiac sign are also about to be pampered by fate. In fact, a pleasant surprise is in the works for Sagittarius, for whom the weekend can also be an opportunity to make a fresh start.

The surprise can take the form of a promising meeting or a good dose of business luck. Everything seems to line up to make your weekend memorable. After all, we are right in the middle of the month of Sagittarius. We’ll also add that romance may be knocking on your door. thanks to the visit of Jupiter in your fifth solar house, which is that of love and happiness.

The planet Uranus will be even more favorable for Sagittarius that will offer you the best surprises in terms of creations and innovations. In addition, unforeseen events will awaken your talent for improvisation and you will be able to reap the rewards of your effort.

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It is also likely that the adventurous zodiac sign he realizes a dream that he had cherished for a long time. This may take the form of their first home or a unique experience they have always wanted to try.

The Twins

gemini weekend

The sign of Gemini – Source: spm

Gemini natives will spend two days of pure relaxation. They will feel more serene than ever and in tune with their emotions. This state of mind will be especially beneficial for your nights of sleep. but also for their social and family life.

This lightness of being can also allow them to enjoy simple moments in pleasant company. This will be the perfect weekend to let yourself be pampered by going to a beauty salon, enjoying a good massage or even spending the two days out of town.

There is no difficulty in reporting, other than that you will not want these moments to end. But because they will feel strengthened, The start of next week will go smoothly.

Furthermore, their professional, artistic and material fulfillment will provide them with the long-awaited tranquility. They will feel prepared for all kinds of hobbies with family and friends and will have the opportunity to meet people. that will help them fulfill their vocation.

Uranus retrograde will also guide them to create more harmony for themselves. And for good reason, the representatives of this sign will give themselves the means to achieve this, in particular by letting their beliefs dictate the reality they experience. Leading their lives on their own terms allows them to strike a balance that allows them to enjoy the present moment. This is also the ideal state of mind to enjoy a sufficiently memorable and stimulating weekend for the body and mind.

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How to defrost a freezer without unplugging it



L’astuce de génie pour dégivrer un congélateur final

Periodic defrosting of the freezer is an important operation to maintain the efficiency of the appliance and save on the electricity bill. The layer of ice that forms inside it can have various consequences on the efficiency, duration and above all on the consumption of the appliance. Find out why defrosting your freezer saves energy and how to do it quickly without having to unplug it.

Frost in the freezer

Frost in the freezer – Source: spm

Why is it necessary to defrost the freezer regularly?

Periodic defrosting of the freezer is an important operation to maintain the efficiency of the appliance and avoid consuming a lot of energy. This operation, if carried out correctly, would save 30% of your consumption for every half centimeter of frost removed. Here are the reasons.

  • Reduce energy consumption

The layer of ice that forms inside the freezer is several inches thick and can reduce the efficiency of the motor, making it work harder and therefore consume more energy. This happens because the layer of ice acts as a barrier to the flow of heat from the outside environment to the motor, causing it to increase its speed to maintain the desired temperature inside the freezer. In addition, the thermal resistance of the freezer walls increases, making it difficult for heat to transfer from the outside environment to the inside of the appliance. Therefore, removing excess ice allows the engine to run more efficiently and consume less electricity.

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By preventing proper heat exchange with the outside environment, the layer of ice inside the freezer can cause the motor to overheat. When the motor overheats, its efficiency decreases and power consumption increases. Also, overheating can damage the motor and shorten the life of the device. Therefore, by defrosting your freezer, you prevent the motor from overheating and protect the appliance from damage that excessive heat can cause.

  • Improve conservation efficiency

The layer of ice inside your freezer can prevent the circulation of cold air, reducing its ability to store food. When cold air is not circulated properly, some areas of the freezer can get hotter than others, creating the ideal conditions for bacteria to grow and food to spoil. By removing the accumulated ice, a better circulation of cold air is guaranteed and therefore a better conservation of food, thus avoiding its waste.

How often should the freezer be defrosted?

The ideal time to defrost the freezer depends on the layer of ice that has formed inside the appliance. Generally, it is advisable to carry out this operation when the ice layer has reached a thickness of about 3-4 millimeters, since at this stage its energy consumption can increase by up to 30%. If the appliance is used frequently and the ice layer forms quickly, it will need to be defrosted more frequently. Conversely, if it is used less frequently, the ice layer will form more slowly and the frequency of thawing may be reduced.

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defrost a freezer

Defrosting a freezer – Source: spm

Obviously unplugging it is the easiest way to defrost a freezer, but how do you do it even when it’s plugged in? Unplugging the appliance runs the risk of compromising the preservation of both food in the freezer and food stored in the refrigerator. These are the steps to follow to defrost it even when plugged in:

  1. Remove all food from the freezer and place it in a cool place.
  2. Place a saucepan with boiling water inside to raise the temperature and collect the water that will form when defrosting
  3. Close the freezer and wait for the ice to melt. This way, the heat from the boiling water will help melt the ice faster.
  4. Open the freezer from time to time to let in warm air, which will also help melt the ice faster.
  5. Use a damp cloth, towel, or blunt object to remove any remaining ice. Avoid using pointed or sharp objects, as they could damage the finish of the freezer and also injure you.
  6. Completely dry the freezer.
  7. Close the freezer and wait for the temperature inside the appliance to return to its normal values ​​before putting the food back in its place.

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What zodiac signs will meet an interesting person at the end of January 2023?



3 signes du zodiaque vont bientôt rencontrer une personne incroyable qui va changer leur existence_

It’s always good to meet new people and expand your network. This is what will happen to these representatives of the zodiac signs at the end of January. The transit of Venus in Pisces, on January 27, will push you to reach out to others and have interesting meetings.

Venus in Pisces can also push the signs to seek a little more freedom in their relationships and to let go. Find out who will make a good meeting during this period.

What zodiac signs will meet an interesting person?

The planet of desire and relationships is exalted in the sign of Pisces. What does it mean ? Venus in Pisces will have a much more romantic and the natives of these zodiac signs they will be more willing to love and reach out to others.

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aries zodiac sign

The sign of Aries. source: spm

Venus feels at home in the sign of Pisces, because just like this Water sign, this planet seeks to bring people together and bond. Pisces has a force of attraction that suits this planet of love. Transiting in this sign, from January 27, Venus will strongly influence the natives of the sign of Aries. In fact, the representatives of this Fire sign will want to expand their social circle. After weeks of isolation, especially with Mercury and Mars retrograde, Aries will want to get out and meet new people. For the rest of January, they will reach out to each other and really get to know them. At first, they will have some difficulty opening up and finding an interesting person, but over time things should improve. The situation for Aries will change at the end of January and they will meet a person who will correspond to them on all points. This person will be kind to them and they might experience something very beautiful.


the sign of leo

Leo’s sign. source: spm

The representatives of the Leo sign will be ready to start a new stage in their lives with the transit of Venus in Pisces. This end of January will be important for the natives of this Fire sign, who will have the sole objective of meeting a new person. Things will happen naturally. Very independent, Leos will continue to mind their own business and lead their lives, but the person they meet will start to take up space in their thoughts. The Leo will start endless discussions with this person and will also seek to get to know him better. You will feel loved and listened to and you may think about opening your heart to this interesting person.

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Virgo sign

Virgo sign. source: spm

Virgos are known to be very cerebral and think too much. The natives of this earth sign are very rational and ask themselves a lot of questions during the beginning of the year 2023. Very lonely, Virgos also tend to solve their problems without asking others for help. But at the end of January, with the transit of Venus in Pisces, the natives of Virgo will be surprised by an unexpected encounter… A highly educated person with whom they will be able to interact; they will be intrigued by your knowledge. This end of January could change the way Virgo sees things and could adopt a more open behavior with others. This person can bring them positive things and help them understand certain issues in their lives.

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How to germinate lavender in a cup to scent the house



L’astuce pour faire germer de la lavande dans une tasse 2 final

Lavender, also called lavandula, was used in ancient Rome to scent clothes and baths. It was also used in Provence in the Middle Ages, to compose pharmaceutical recipes. This plant is highly appreciated for its sweet and candid smell, which has earned it its commercialization in various regions of the globe. Discover in this article how to grow this aromatic plant in your home.

Essential oils have several properties and can also perfume the interior of a house. They are also very effective against insomnia, stress, body aches, itching from insect bites, migraines, and skin problems, among others. Lavender is one of its oils, which is recommended to have at home. Here are the steps to follow to germinate this plant at home.

Why plant lavender at home?

lavender plantation

Lavender plantation. source: spm

In addition to the pleasant and refreshing aroma that it gives off, growing lavender at home has several benefits.

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In addition to its calming properties, this aromatic plant also helps to repel moths, lice, and various parasites. But it does not stop there, since the latter is ideal for embalming your home. The rest, growing lavender at home is very easyeven if the only means you have is a simple cup.

To sprout lavender in a glass, cup, mug, or bowl, you will need:

Once all these elements are combined, the following is quite simple. Just follow the steps below:

lavender plant

Lavender plant. source: spm

  • Put the lavender seeds in a perfectly airtight bag and place it in the refrigerator for three weeks.
  • In a container, mix the soil and fertilizer, making sure the amount of soil is greater than the amount of fertilizer.
  • Place the mixture obtained in the glass or any other container provided for this purpose, then put the seeds in it, separating them 1.5 centimeters from each other.
  • Fill the cup with soil to cover the seeds.
  • Gently water the seedlings and repeat the operation every morning.
  • Make sure the planting gets plenty of light without direct sunlight.

After two weeks you should notice an evolution, but it is during the first month that the plants should start to appear. From this moment, they will need the sun episodically

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Do not hesitate to prune the stems that take too much height, they will only be stronger. It is also possible to change the support of your plants without planting them directly in the soil of your garden.

exists today, multitude of products made with lavender or lavender essential oil that will be very useful at home.

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