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The trick to heat the house for 10 euros all year without using a radiator



In winter, temperatures can be extreme and drop below 0°C. Fortunately, and adopting the appropriate gestures, you will not have to systematically turn on the radiator to heat your home.

How to keep your house warm naturally without using a radiator?

To heat your home and reduce the electricity bill, it is not necessary to resort to drastic measures. Given a reasonable drop in temperatures, simple actions can help you heat your home naturally, saving money and being more respectful of the environment.

1-Close windows and blinds at night to heat your house

This gesture is particularly effective during the coldest winter nights. To prevent heat loss, close windows and blinds at sunset. This will create a barrier against the cold outside while preserving heat inside your home.

2-To heat your home, let the sun in

The sun will heat your house at a lower cost, it will take care of heating your interior during the day to achieve better thermal comfort. In addition, by ventilating your interior in the morning, you will allow the air to renew itself and remove accumulated moisture. Therefore, you will no longer need to use your radiator.

Interior of a sunny house. source: spm

3-Curtains will keep the heat in your home

Thanks to their thickness, the curtains will be able to retain heat and limit the entry of fresh air currents, when temperatures drop drastically. It is recommended to place them in rooms less exposed to the sun. Choose light curtains so that sunlight can enter the room.

Open the curtains. source: spm

4-Place a rug or carpet to heat your interior

A thick rug or rug will help keep your home warm. In this way, you can fight heat loss. However, these are short-term solutions, if you do not want to carry out energy renovation work.

5- Close the doors of the rooms that you do not use to keep your house warm

In fact, the unused rooms are the coldest. Thus, they draw heat from other rooms and cool them down., which requires additional effort to maintain the temperature of the heated parts. To remedy this, it is advisable to close the doors of the rooms that are not used.

6 door bottoms prevent heat loss in your home

Insulation problems are largely responsible for the infiltration of cold drafts. to get over it, invest in door sweeps, available at many DIY stores. There are different types: foam, adhesive, rotating, to screw and with a brush. A formidable trick to prevent heat loss in your home.

7-Anti-cold overglass film to insulate the windows of your home

To improve the thermal insulation of your windows and glazed walls, you can use an insulating film for glazing. Adhesive, the latter offers protection against low temperatures while maintaining an optimal level of heat in each room of your home. Inexpensive and easy to install, it will protect your home from the cold, if you do not have the time or budget to carry out insulation work. Its price is from 10 euros in DIY stores or online stores.

8-Cook to heat the house

Use the oven, the electric plates during the winter will heat your interior. Do not hesitate to invent new dishes, to cook “at home” to bring warmth

9-The fireplace to heat the house

If you are lucky enough to live near a forest, you can collect free pieces of wood to heat your interior when it is cold.

Being resourceful, you can limit the use of radiators or even do without them. So do not hesitate to adopt these gestures that will keep your home warm.

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