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the new weapon against constipation disorders




Eating healthy is the key to good health. However, an inadequate diet, lack of physical activity or even a sedentary lifestyle often increase the risk of constipation. When it is occasional, water and certain natural laxatives are enough to remedy it. But if it becomes chronic, it can quickly become disabling on a day-to-day basis. The inability to pass stool naturally can cause multiple symptoms of constriction. Identifying the causes of constipation, finding suitable treatments and transforming your lifestyle are still essential factors in overcoming the problem. Were you looking for an effective formula against this scourge? Dietary supplement “Digestic” is probably the solution for you.

” How are you ? “ What could be more banal than that question. And yet, in the time of Louis XIV, this question had a completely different meaning. In Versailles, people turned to the Sun King, a notoriously constipated man, asking him: how are you defecating“. Today, obviously, since the subject is taboo, it would be legitimately incongruous to ask your interlocutor if he has defecated well. And yet, it is a function as natural and vital as breathing itself: a regular bowel movement is essential for everyone’s well-being. Apart from feeling sick, constipation has many health consequences. However, evacuation difficulties are very frequent and even trivialized in Europe. One in three people will suffer from it throughout her life. And, according to an IPSOS study, 34% of French women are victims of chronic constipation. But this disorder does not differentiate, it affects both women and men, children and the elderly, all age groups combined. Keep in mind that constipation is due to a number of causes in which lifestyle plays an important role. Above all, do not neglect the problem: it is a serious condition. Even if constipation has been established for a long time, it is necessary to find radical solutions in order not to suffer from it anymore. Also, thanks to digestiveyou can give your traffic a good push.

A person going to the bathroom.

A person going to the bathroom – Source: spm

What are the symptoms of severe constipation?

  • Dry, hard and lumpy stools.
  • Bowel movements that are very difficult, even painful.
  • Stomach pain and cramps.
  • Feeling bloated and nauseated.
  • The intestine does not discharge enough after a bowel movement.
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Digestic: a solution against constipation?

Much more than a laxative, Digestic is a revolutionary 100% natural dietary supplement. It offers a real solution to relieve severe constipation. Its digestive formula is effective in treating gas, bloating and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Gentle but effective, it promotes good colon health, facilitates intestinal transit and regulates the digestive system. In addition, it strengthens and supports the contraction of the stomach muscles for daily bowel movements. In other words, this new life-saving remedy will overcome this chronic disorder that sometimes lasts for decades in some people. Thus, it helps to recover a better quality of life: you will experience a true sensation of relief and liberation.

What are the properties of Digestic?

For the skeptics among you, know that this is not a “miracle” remedy like the others. Digestic is the result of 18 years of research in a Swiss laboratory. Its formula includes a microdose combination of 7 plants: Papaya, Aloe Ferox, Sea Buckthorn, Cardamom, Cascara, Fennel and Senna Leaves. They naturally and deeply treat the cause of severe constipation, providing effective relief without heavy side effects like diarrhea (very common with conventional laxatives). Faced with the problem of chronic constipation, it is therefore a perfect alternative solution to traditional products.

Good to know: Digestic dietary supplement has been on the market in the United States for 6 years. Thanks to its success among patients, it has far crossed the borders of the Atlantic and is already sold in more than 25 countries. In France, it is now available online and in pharmacies.

A woman with a stomach ache

A woman with a stomach ache – Source: spm

Some user testimonials on Amazon

Widely acclaimed around the world, Digestic is unanimous with many Internet users. Some have not stopped praising him and sharing their own experience.

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Here are a few:

  • » I have been using Digestic for a few years, bought it at Amazon. It is a very effective product! Taking 2 tablets in the morning, thanks to its natural formula, I get a systematic bowel movement after 6 to 8 hours.. »
  • Apart from its effectiveness and its natural formulation, I am relieved to know that this product is the result of long research. Therefore, it is scientifically proven. As an added benefit, it does not induce dependency or addiction. »
  • I take 1 capsule in the morning, it’s a little short to facilitate transit work. But one thing is for sure: Digestic works! I am 60 years old and have had chronic constipation for as long as I can remember. This dietary supplement has changed my daily life! »
  • » I have suffered from chronic constipation for over 15 years. I tried everything but to no avail. Some were effective for a short time, but the side effects were heavy to live with. Digestic is a game changer: these pills are natural, they allow me to have a bowel movement every 10 hours, and most of all, they don’t come with diarrhea or stomach cramps!

Dosage: in the event that constipation is really severe and disabling, it is recommended to take 2 capsules a day (before or after meals). If the disorder is occasional, a single capsule may be enough. In all cases, it is best to seek the advice of the pharmacist or your doctor.

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How to prevent bed bugs in the hotel



Pourquoi doit-on déposer les valises dans la baignoire lorsque nous entrons dans une chambre d’hôtel final

Summer or winter, when we plan to travel, the choice of the hotel is essential. It is also important to be attentive to the reviews on the sites so as not to get unpleasant surprises. Because sometimes, if you’re not very meticulous, your stay can turn into a nightmare. In addition, once you have arrived at your destination, even before settling comfortably in the room, you must make sure that it is in a perfect state of hygiene and maintenance. After checking in at the front desk, here’s what to check for your peace of mind.

On the Tik Tok social network, a subject matter expert makes revelations and warns you of a bigger problem. Follow their advice to protect your health.

a hotel room

A hotel room – Source: spm

What is the first thing to do before packing at the hotel?

On Tik Tok, a hotel employee warns tourists about a serious hygiene problem in the rooms: bedbugs. Because, it must be said, when traveling, most people are convinced that hotel establishments are faultless in this area. Obviously, we are not going to put them all in the same basket, but vigilance must always be required, regardless of the number of stars that are displayed on the façade. Beware of sometimes deceptive appearances: at first glance, you always get the impression that the rooms shine for their cleanliness, their elegant decoration and their scented bedding. However, when you take a closer look, not everything is as flawless as it seems. As proof, this young woman even posted a video to alert her subscribers. After the unfortunate experience of a couple who were covered in scars after being bitten by bedbugs, the employee insisted on giving some advice to travelers so that they could verify for themselves the presence of these unwanted guests in their rooms.

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The TikTok user explained that it was important to look under the folds and in every corner of the bed, taking care to lift the mattress. ” This is how I check the bed before unpacking my things and settling into the bedroom. First of all, in order to track these pests, you need to make sure that the room is dark. Turn off the lights, close the blinds, and use your cell phone flashlight. From there, you can check the blankets and all the bedding. Remember to take a good look under the mattress and any creases, as these are the places where bed bugs usually hide.. she explains. The employee went on to warn: “ Even if you don’t see bed bugs, be sure to look for suspicious spots, such as blood stains. »

A bed bug infested mattress

A bed bug infested mattress – Source: spm

Take a close look at your hotel room bed!

Another important tip: never leave your luggage on the bed. If you used to unpack them there, without even taking the time to check the bedding, you risk taking those critters with you and taking them home. Because they can easily sneak into your suitcases. Therefore, it is preferable to use the luggage rack dedicated to them or leave them near the bedroom door while they are still in the bathtub. Furthermore, some experts even recommend that travelers immediately wash all their clothes upon returning from vacation, to cover any eventualities. The tik-toker also advises checking the presence of these insects on ironing boards and curtains. You should know that bed bugs are nocturnal: they wait for dark to come out of hiding and go in search of their prey. In this case, these bloodsuckers are especially attracted to your skin. As a reminder, bed bug bites reveal themselves as red plaques, in a line or in groups. Sometimes they are very irritating and cause unpleasant itching. Some people may have an allergic reaction to the bites.

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How to recognize them? They are dark yellow, red or brown in color and are usually only 5 mm long, while the eggs are usually white. If you can’t track them with the naked eye, try looking for red or rust stains on the mattress. Like these undesirables, you can still see the presence of beetles, they are beetles very similar to bedbugs, which like to hide in carpets or under the corners of furniture. Bed bugs also tend to hide in the seams of furniture, including chairs and sofas. So be very vigilant. And of course, if you have detected any indication of their presence, you must immediately notify the hotel staff. These insects tend to multiply quickly and only a thorough cleaning at 45°C will eradicate them.

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The best Android secret codes to discover hidden features



Qu’arrive t’il lorsque vous tapez le 9090 sur votre mobile001

Have you ever heard of android secret codes? Many people don’t know how to access hidden features on their smartphones. If you are wondering how to use them and why to use them, have no fear, we have the answer! We put you in the mood!

Didn’t you know that Android hid secret functions? Well it is! With these secret codes you can access hidden options and get information about your device. In this article, we take stock of the best secret codes to unlock hidden features and enjoy flawless use of your smartphone. We explain everything!

What are these secret codes for Android phones?

In the form of special codes, these little wonders are secret codes that contain special characters that allow you to access a hidden menu and advanced features reserved especially for manufacturers and not users. It’s great, isn’t it? You can use it to view technical information, activate features, and even run diagnostics on your phone. One thing is for sure, we will have to start!

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Android smartphone interface

Android smartphone interface. source: spm

These secret codes, also called USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes, are special codes that you can enter on your Android smartphone to access many hidden features. Now that you know what these codes are for, it’s time for the famous question: how to use them? Nothing is easier! All you have to do is open your “phone” app, in which you make your phone calls, then type the code in the same way you dial phone numbers. And now, the execution is carried out calmly! If nothing is displayed, it means that this code does not work on your device.

Discover the hidden functions of some secret codes on your Android phone

As you will have understood, these secret codes allow you to enjoy certain hidden features that are generally not reserved for users. And since we have confessed, we reveal everything to you! Here is a list of secret codes along with their functionality. Don’t hesitate, it’s time to try them!

android smartphone

android smartphone. source: spm

What is the hidden function behind the code *#9090#?

The code *#9090# allows access to a hidden function of the Android operating system. By typing it into your phone app, you enter your smartphone’s settings diagnostic. In this way, you will be able to model complicated system parameters that are not intended for casual users. Attention ! Don’t play with these settings without knowing what you are modifying. You risk damaging your phone. You have been warned!

How to use *#9900?

*#9900#, the magic code to free up space on your Android phone. You don’t need to know much to use it! To try it, follow the guide:

  1. In the app on your phone, type the code.
  2. Press the call key.
  3. A menu appears, choose “remove dumpstate/logcat”.

Not more complicated than that.

What is code ## 002?

Secret code 002 on Android allows you to disable all call forwarding on your device. And what is call forwarding? Very simple ! Also called call transfer, a telephone management option that allows you to transfer incoming calls to another mobile.

Write the code #*06# to get the IMEI

The code #*06# is used to get the IMEI. Composed of 16 or 17 digits, the IMEI identifies your mobile phone. By typing the above code on your phone keypad, you will be able to retrieve it. Simple, fast and effective, right?

What is the code *#*#7780# used for?# ?

The code *#*#7780## allows you to perform a hard reset. It is used to restore the factory settings of the device and to restore the software to its original state of the system.

What is the secret code *#0011# used for?

The passcode *#0011# is a code that allows users to access an advanced menu on their Android devices that shows them all the basic GSM information of the phone.

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Insert the code * * 4636 * * to get information about the Wi-Fi signal

Do you want information about the Wi-Fi signal on your Android device? We have the code you need! Enter the code * * 4636 * * in the application on your phone. You can access detailed information about your Wi-Fi signal and network connection.

These codes are special command patterns to access certain hidden uses. To optimize your user experience, apply them on your Android smartphones and enjoy an information menu with various awesome features that can come in handy when needed.

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What awaits each zodiac sign on Valentine’s Day



•Ce qui attend chaque signe du zodiaque le jour de la Saint-Valentin - Voici les prévisions des astrologues_

February 14 is far from being an ordinary day for lovers! While Venus in Pisces plays Cupid to offer some the opportunity to spice up their love and social life, others will not benefit from the good influences of this planet and will have a less good Valentine’s Day. Find out if you are one of the lucky ones at the love party!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! The opportunity for many zodiac signs to think outside the box and the traditional bouquet of red roses. Venus, the planet of love, in the sign of Pisces, will be tinged with romanticism and exacerbated passion and will help you fully satisfy your loved one. But this configuration could also expose certain zodiacal profiles to vulnerability and irritability in the couple.

What is the astrological forecast for Valentine’s Day for all astrological signs?

Encounters, love at first sight and disappointments… anything is possible during the festival of love! Which zodiac signs will have the Valentine’s Day of your dreams? And who are the ones who won’t appreciate what February 14th has in store for them? Here are all the astrological forecasts.

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valentines day ram

Aries. source: spm

This year it would be good for the Aries sign to spend Valentine’s Day alone. This is an ideal time to take stock of your love life. You must remain attentive to your feelings throughout this day to make an important decision for your romantic future.


Taurus will have nothing to prove during Valentine’s Day. This earth sign will not need a fixed date to share their love. But sensuality and pleasures will still be there. You will also use this day to show your love to your friends and colleagues.


valentines day cancer

Cancer. source: spm

On February 14, Cancer will be very present for his family. He could share good times in his company. It will also be an opportunity to break certain habits and routines. that are not consistent with the birth of a new relationship.


The Leo could have a pleasant Valentine’s Day if he focused more on the essentials, be it in his life as a couple or in his professional life. Instead of choosing a gift at the last minute, the representative of this Fire sign should take their time in offering a gift that will reassure their half of their true intentions.


virgin valentine

Virgin. source: spm

The Virgo sign, precise and rational, risks being overwhelmed by very strong feelings during Valentine’s Day. The day can be very romantic if you manage to identify the expectations of your partner. Forgiveness and acceptance of the other can also play a fundamental role in your relationship.


Libra would be wise not to use work as an escape. This Air sign should give their partner time. and focus on one’s own pleasures instead of responding to the demands of others. For example, he could plan a vacation with his other half.


valentines day scorpio

Scorpion. source: spm

The house will be Scorpio’s favorite place during Valentine’s Day.You could receive a special person in your home. or visit it. You will have many ideas for gifts and seductive outfits for the night.


Sagittarius does not always reveal his feelings. February 14th will be the time for him to take the plunge and express his interest in a person he appreciates around him. Finally he will have the courage to call her or ask her to accompany him to a party.


valentines day capricorn

Capricorn. source: spm

Valentine’s Day will be the perfect time for the Capricorn sign to take a breather to take a step back and answer their questions. You will seek to better understand your feelings and define your true expectations in a relationship.

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Like the Capricorn sign, February 14 will be marked by a small episode of self-reflection. It will be time for you to understand your relationships with others to give life to your life as a couple. This Air sign will then take advantage of this moment to communicate its needs to its other half. However, you will have to choose the right words to avoid unnecessary tension.


valentine fish

Pisces. source: spm

Finally, the sign of Pisces spends a day full of romanticism and lightness. Transiting Venus in her sign overwhelms you with good ideas for creating a special romantic event or experience. One thing is certain, all the conditions for living a true daydream will be met!

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