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the new trend to camouflage gray hair and bring your hair back to life



Gris lavande - la nouvelle tendance pour camoufler les cheveux blancs et redonner vie à vos cheveux_

A sign of aging, gray hair divides women. If some fully assume their age and proudly wear their silver hair, others take a complex and use all means to camouflage these gray locks. If you are one of those who wants to avoid the inevitable and slow down the work of Mother Nature, then embrace this new trend that is already being emulated by many women. Whatever your age, and especially for brown skin, the color “lavender grey” is a pretty trompe l’oeil that will highlight your femininity. Would you dare to try it?

Focus on the new tint “lavender grey”

Colored hair

Colored hair – Source: spm

Many women fear getting old. Even if some gray hairs are naturally beautiful and attractive, they are not always in keeping with the mood of the person who wants to stay “young” at all costs. Fortunately, there are alternatives to hide these more or less pronounced gray locks. Whether you are 30 or 60, if you have gray hair that bothers you, the new color “lavender grey” will reduce this effect and give your hairstyle a bit of vibrancy.

Since 2019, when it comes to coloring, pastel shades have been on the rise. To hide gray hair, the color palette oscillates between purple, lilac, rose quartz and cotton candy. More recently, “lavender grey” has become fashionable, to be worn in all seasons. This dye, with a subtle and luminous contrast, is based on a mix between lavender and gray hair. To customize your color, you can put the tone and intensity you want. Not only will you hide your gray locks, but you will also radically change your look. Some women even claim that this dye offers a truly youthful look!

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Therefore, it is ideal to afford a radical makeover. If you have a daring personality and want to surprise your loved ones, this is your color! You will also benefit from a soft and subtle color contrast that will further highlight your facial features. If you don’t feel like taking the total look step yet, or if you’re afraid of damaging your roots, you can start with a more discreet shade scan first, somewhere between purple and lavender. Thus, you will maintain your natural roots and you will have a beautiful shine from the middle to the ends.

Touch of style and glamor

loose hair

Loose hair – Source: spm

If you do not assume your gray hair and if it is very visible, the dye “lavender gray” is made for you. In addition to camouflaging them, you add more style and texture to your hairstyle. You can play with different tones: for example, more intense than lavender, purple will illuminate your face more. If you have some gray hair and want a radical change in look, take the opportunity to try this dye to play with lights and shadows.

The advantage of lavender hair is that it is suitable for all skin types. For women with white skin and light eyes, bet on the union of pastel with a darker purple, this hair dye will bring contrast and a subtle luminosity to your hair. As for brunettes and all those with a warm complexion, do not hesitate to play with the tones: metallic violet, violet or lilac. This way you will have more intense hair, with a glam’rock touch. This color will even highlight your eyes and enhance your complexion.

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Who is this trend for?

lavender gray hair

Lavender gray hair – Source: spm

For women with pronounced gray hair, this is one of the best options to even out your hairstyle. But, this dye, which sails between lavender and other similar shades, is perfect for women of all ages, from 20 to 60. And this, even if the white hair is not necessarily visible to the naked eye.

A lavender gray sweep to the ends.

a sweep of hair

A sweep of hair – Source: spm

It doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair, this balayage from roots to ends will add some beautiful highlights to your hairstyle. As an extra, thanks to its different shades, it will combine perfectly with all your outfits, day and night.

How to take care of it? Whether you go for a lavender wash or an all-purple dye, this color requires specific maintenance:

  • A few days before applying the dye, protect and strengthen your hair with nourishing masks based on sweet almond or coconut oil.
  • After coloring, it is better to wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. To refresh the lavender tone, do not hesitate to apply from time to time a lavender dye recommended by your hairdresser.
  • Do not damage your hair too much with the dryer and other sources of heat.
gray hair on the ends

Gray hair at the ends – Source: spm

If you want to add even more shine to your hair color, bet on the tone: it is the best option for all those who want to give their hair a touch of shine while maintaining the natural roots. . So you can combine purple with other shades of the same tone. In this way, you preserve your hair fiber, while you change your look to gain confidence and originality. One thing is for sure, you will turn heads!

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Important : remember that after each chemical coloring, you must take all the appropriate care for your hair to protect it and not damage it. So establish a ritual betting on protective masks and maintain your “lavender gray” tint with the appropriate treatments to maintain softness and shine.

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Why leaving the keys at the door of the house facilitates theft?



Laissez les clés sur la porte d'entrée pendant la nuit est une grosse erreur. Beaucoup de gens le font final

“And you will leave the key in the lock of the door, at the entrance, it is safer!” You keep repeating it to the whole family… However, according to security professionals, it seems that this is even the worst solution to ensure the safety of your property and the beings with you. Thieves will take advantage of this loophole to break into your home. Let’s take a look at how they take care of your door and how to protect your home from intrusions by imaginative thieves.

they penetrate like everyone

Most of the time, they enter like everyone else: through the door! source: spm

Why not leave the key in the front door lock?

Thieves are organized people, they don’t let themselves improvise. They mature their plans, explore, investigate and choose their victims carefully. they even leave signs behind them. If we can recognize them, we can distinguish their will from attempted robbery. The days of crowbars are over, thieves also know armored doors and other security systems. Here, then, in the form of some questions and answers, the opinion of public safety professionals and some valuable advice on derailing the plans of thieves and the recourse you have if, unfortunately, the worst happens.

Discover the “fishing” method: how thieves open the doors… the key they carry

The “fishing” method is one of the methods thieves use to open doors without having to force them. This involves sliding a tool into the gap between the door and the jamb to “fish” the key out of the lock.

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Another method thieves use to pick the lock is to align the pins and counter-pins. And with the key inside the lock, all the bolts are up; therefore, the job is easier for thieves.

Be careful this gesture can cost you dearly

Be careful, this gesture can cost you dearly! source: spm

They will also use hooks and hangers, and are very adept at getting through the mailbox slot… To grab your bunch of keys and get into your house without going into your house. This method is quick, discreet, and can be very effective if the door is not properly secured.

What to do in front of the open door when you come home?

When you get home to find the door unlocked, it’s important to stay calm and take the necessary steps to make sure you and your family are safe. First of all, don’t immediately go inside and check if anyone is inside. If so, call the police. Thus, they will take care of this unwanted presence. Then it will be time to inspect your pieces to see if anything has been moved or stolen. Go to your usual hiding places… Don’t have one? However, it is very useful to house all valuables, in unusual places safe from thieves. A track ? Thieves go straight to the point, as their time is limited… So you will find the places they will never visit, like children’s toys, toilet cistern…

What can be the warning signs of a robbery? At the door, in the building, on the street…

Exists various warning signs of a robbery that can be seen on the door, on the building and on the street. Signs that may be visible to the naked eye. Symbols are found on the door, such as discreet scratches or marks on the frame, marks on the lock or broken switches. In the building, open windows and doors may indicate a current or recent burglary. On the street, suspicious people or vehicles can also be signs of a planned robbery.

How do burglars attack and tag houses?

Burglars generally look for homes that offer a quick and easy way to break in. Doors on the ground floor and first floor are often the point of access they are aimed at. Burglars can discreetly mark potential doors and windows to let other burglars know a target is easy to hit and worth breaking in.

Victim of a thief, file a complaint: this is how the police and the gendarmerie look for them and find them

Unfortunately, robberies are a very common phenomenon, and it is important to know how the police track down the perpetrators of robberies. In most cases, the door damaged by the burglar is a valuable source of information for investigators. Fingerprints, hair, or clothing fibers can be recovered from the door and help identify the thief.

Surveillance cameras help police in their investigation

Surveillance cameras help the police in their investigation Source: spm

So the police are quite familiar with the hidden market networks, the receivers, the traffickers who agree to be paid with the loot. The investigation can take time or sometimes be completed in a few days…

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You have understood it: it is advisable to know the methods of thieves, before being able to fight effectively against thefts in your home. Break the habit of leaving the keys in the door, even if it is secure… and convince yourself that you are not alone, nor without help in these terrible circumstances. Talk about it around you – it’s also a very effective way to fight theft, we don’t give them the glory of their misdeeds.

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How to keep mice away naturally and without traps?



Oubliez les pièges. Il existe des moyens beaucoup plus intelligents de se débarrasser des souris final

Although some people think that these creatures are cute and innocent, we are not going to lie, for most people, mice are a real nuisance in the house. There is no doubt that they live with us. Especially since they usually appear out of nowhere and have the art of making us jump as soon as we meet them. The only problem: they sneak in so fast that it’s hard to get rid of them easily. Simply put, these rodents refuse to be evicted and happily feast on their food supply in the kitchen and basement.

Do you refuse to live one more minute with these intruders who infest the house with their excrement, and who also leave behind a very unpleasant smell? It is not necessary to kill them or resort to overly aggressive traps. There are a variety of natural methods, without an ounce of a chemical, that will help you get rid of them very quickly. Discover them.

mouse at home

Mouse at home – Source: spm

The Best Natural Mouse Repellents

To get rid of them permanently, most people think that it is necessary to kill mice as soon as they appear inside the house. That’s wrong. Although they disgust you and represent a risk to health security, they are living beings that are part of the ecosystem and must be preserved. In truth, you can easily evict them by playing the trick card. You should know that mice have a very fine and very sensitive sense of smell. So much so that, in addition to bothering them, certain smells can even scare them and discourage them from approaching the premises. Why not take advantage of it and bet on aromas that scare them away? Especially since you probably already have a range of repellent herbs in your pantry that can easily repel mice without resorting to traps or poisons.

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Therefore, you can plant certain aromatic herbs:

  • lemon grass
  • eucalyptus
  • hyacinth
  • laurel
  • spurge
  • tansy

In your garden or on the balcony. It would also be a good idea to spray peppermint, chamomile, eucalyptus, fennel, yarrow, or even oleander essential oils near their nest or walkways. Mice also hate the smell of moldy lemons. But mold is not recommended for your own health, so it is better to avoid this method. Note that baking soda also exerts a strong repulsion!

White vinegar to keep mice away?

White vinegar is an effective solution to repel mice due to its strong odor that repels them. To use, prepare a white vinegar-based spray and spray it through the rooms of your home, concentrating the sprays on infested areas. Repeat this operation regularly to maintain its repellent effect. You can amplify the effect by adding a few drops of white vinegar to the kitty litter.

An electric repeller to keep mice away?

If not, you still have the possibility to equip your interior with electric repellents that are very effective in keeping rodents away. These devices emit ultrasound whose vibrational frequency is inaudible to your ears, but unbearable to mice. You can install them in various places in the house. You will thus kill two birds with one stone: the mice that have already settled in your house will be so scared that they will run. As for the outsiders, they won’t dare come to prowl.

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Other solutions to scare away mice from your house

Here are some tips and tricks to prevent the appearance of mice and drive out the ones that are already inside your house.

  • Cover all openings: it is necessary to block any type of possible entrance to the house, be it cracks in the walls, doors, windows or any other suspicious hole. Especially if it’s a bright space that will attract rats. Do the same for pipes, curtain covers, or vents.
  • Seal trash cans: remember to always close the lid of the garbage cans. Even opt for an adjustable lid to keep it securely closed, whether you’re inside the house or out on the patio. Remember that mice and rats will always be drawn there to eat whatever food is within reach. The less access they have to it, the easier it will be for you to get rid of.
  • Do not expose pet food : if you leave your dog’s or cat’s croquettes well exposed outside or even inside the house, the mice will not resist the temptation. This food contains a lot of fats that rodents like.

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These 3 zodiac signs are likely to find love in February 2023



•Ces 3 signes du zodiaque sont susceptibles de rencontrer l’amour en février 2023

New and hopeful energy will soon manifest with the beginning of February. Venus transits Pisces and then passes into Aries, the Sun remains in Aquarius, then settles in Pisces, and Mercury conjuncts Pluto. So 3 zodiac signs will be more likely to meet the love of their life. Explanation !

The energy of this second month of the year 2023 will be something exceptional. If you are single, you may be wondering what the stars have in store for you in February. For the lucky ones, it will be “Love is in the air!” »

Which zodiac signs will find love in February 2023?

January is coming to an end. Make way for the second month of the year! What will it bring you? Successful romantic encounters or small pangs in the heart? It all depends on your astrological sign. But the truth is that when you turn a page, you are about to write another immediately! Astrologers list the natives who are likely to meet their soul mate in February! Are you part of this small ranking? Find out the answer below!

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bull happiness

Taurus zodiac sign. source: spm

February is here and its schedule promises to be busy for your zodiac sign! From day one, you’ll notice that her feelings are inflamed and euphoric, and you’ll have a burning urge to put your emotional ties before anything else in your life. Excellent time to overcome loneliness for singles. This time, with the planet of love inhabiting the dreamiest sign of the zodiac, they’ll be in a position to step into the spotlight and receive even more love than they ever did. But for everything to work like clockwork, it is absolutely necessary to relax, stop thinking for a moment and enjoy what the universe has to offer you during this month of February. For those of you who are in a relationship and going through a rough patch, keep communication open and listen carefully to your partner to make sure they understand and understand what they’re trying to say.


scorpio divorce

Scorpio zodiac sign. source: spm

Dear natives of the Scorpio sign, if you are single, February will be the ideal time to make your dream of finding a soul mate come true. All you have to do is not let laziness overwhelm you and go out and maximize your chances of finding love. Venus in Pisces has the possibility of making unforgettable encounters and comes as a reinforcement to make you even more attractive than you already are. You have to make the most of it to find the “right person”! Do not forget, Scorpio, a simple exchange of glances can reveal many things… if necessary, take the initiative. You have the blessings of the stars, so do not fear at all. Disagreements with your partner? Whose fault is it? Mercury conjunct Pluto right now, so if you’re in a relationship, prioritize communication and talk to your partner more. A subtle one-on-one conversation can surprise you and clear up some misunderstandings.

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virgin autumn

Virgo zodiac sign. source: spm

The Aquarius season arrives at the right time in this month of February to offer you the most unexpected romantic getaways… In broad strokes! love is there, you just have to be receptive to it, welcome it with open arms and dare to act when the time comes. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, transits in Pisces and brings small attentions and marks a decisive turning point to enrich your affective life. Dear natives of the Earth element, a neat appearance will not go unnoticed and the right person will surely pay attention to it, so you are strongly recommended to dress elegantly if you are invited to a party or party. For those who are already in a relationship, astrologers predict a new turn in their life as a couple. Also, you are about to discover a new and interesting facet of your partner. All you are asked to do is speak honestly and take the initiative!

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