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The 4 cat breeds most likely to suffer from health problems



Cat examined by a veterinarian

Each cat has its own genetic characteristics. That said, some cats are more prone to hereditary diseases. Here is everything you need to know about it.

What breeds of cats are most likely to have health problems?

Cat lovers already know and can attest to it, sharing your home with this animal can make you happier and in a better mood. Nevertheless, You have to know how to take care of it properly to avoid contract all kinds of diseases. Here are four cat breeds that are likely to have some recurring health problems.

Cat examined by a veterinarian

Cat examined by a veterinarian. source: spm

the persian cat

Due to its long, soft fur, deep-set nose, and large eyes, the Persian cat is one of the most coveted breeds. Nevertheless, it is these same physical characteristics that cause this feline to experience many common health problemsincluding: discharge from the eyes due to malformed tear ducts, bladder stones and infections, respiratory tract syndrome, digestive problems, kidney and heart disease, as well as skin problems.

How to take care of a Persian cat?

This breed of cat has needs regular brushing and grooming to keep their coat clean and free of eye and nose hair.

Persian cat

Persian cat. source: spm

the scottish fold

With his ears folded forward and his round headCats of this breed look like fluff and this is what makes it quite easy to recognize them. Unfortunately, This species is very vulnerable and runs the risk of suffering various pathologiesamong them: a severe form of osteoarthritis called osteochondrodysplasia, degenerative joint diseases that mainly affect the knee, ankle and tail, as well as heart problems and periodontal fragilities.

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How to take care of a Scottish Fold?

The first thing you should pay attention to if you have a Scottish Fold are their ears. As they are prone to infections, irritations and mites, you should examine them at least once a week. However, remember to also watch your weight, because becoming obese could lead to diabetes.

scottish fold

Scottish fold. source: spm

the sphinx cat

What characterizes this breed is its unique appearance; a almost absent fur, large ears, lemon-shaped eyes, and chamois fur. Since this cat is hairless, his skin is not protected from cold, heat, or sunburn. In addition, this species can be prone to various diseases, such as skin conditions such as urticaria pigmentosa or skin cancer.

How to take care of a Sphynx cat?

Prevent your cat from regularly being exposed to sunlight and wear warm clothes or a plaid to keep warm, during the cold seasons of the year.

sphynx cat

sphynx cat source: spm

the bengal cat

What characterizes the Bengal cat is its spotted or speckled fur resembling that of a leopard. However, these felines are quite vulnerable and susceptible to developing certain health problems, namely: heart problems, kidney diseases, cystitis (urinary tract infection in the bladder), as well as eye problems such as cataracts, entropion or glaucoma.

How to take care of a Bengal cat?

Since this the race is very active and intelligent, you have to give him a lot of exercise. If you don’t have a garden where he can play freely, consider setting up a cat tree in a corner of your house or buying him interactive toys.

bengal cat

bengal cat source: spm

Even if these cat breeds are very vulnerable and may experience some health problems, do not forget that having such an animal brings its share of daily joy and love. You just have to be responsible by taking good care of them.

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5 Wood Ash Fireplace Uses for Home and Garden



burning wood in a fireplace

Do not throw the wood ashes from your fireplace, discover these cheap tips that will allow you to take advantage of them inside and outside your home, especially in your garden.

5 Wood Ash Fireplace Uses for Home and Garden

very few people know the unsuspected powers of wood ashesand know how to use them wisely, which is why most get rid of them as quickly as possible. If you just see a bunch of dust, other people are recycling it in more ways than one.. Here are different ways to recycle your fireplace ash.

burning wood in a fireplace

Wood burning in a fireplace. source: spm

  • Scrub and degrease dishes with wood ash.

your dishes are encrusted with grease stains or burnt food ? Don’t worry, because as long as you have a fireplace at home, your problem will be solved! In fact, collected wood ashes can degrease and clean your ceramic hob, pans, pots, dishes, etc. All you need to do is create a paste by mixing a few handfuls of ashes with a little water, spread the paste over dirty dishes, and scrub with a sponge until all residue is removed. Then all you have to do is rinse well. You will surely be surprised by the result obtained.

  • Silver jewelry shine with wood ashes

nothing is worth the beauty of a silver jewel. Unfortunately, due to frequent use, it eventually gets boring over time. If you have antique heirloom silver jewelry, you’ve probably tried cleaning products that claim provide the perfect solution. However, you have probably realized that they are expensive, but mostly ineffective. Strange as it may seem, fireplace ashes can bring your jewelry back to life. Just lightly dampen a clean cloth with ashes, then rub your jewelry or silver utensils and you’re done.

wood ashes

Wood ashes. source: spm

  • Use wood ashes to absorb and neutralize bad odors in the house

Did you know that wood ashes are an excellent solution for absorb bad odors in the house ? To do this, simply fill a cup or bowl with it and place it in the back of your fridge, next to your cat’s litter box, or in a small smelly room. Just like baking soda or coffee grounds, the ashes neutralize unpleasant odors and your home will regain its freshness.

  • Remove dirt stains from windows with wood ashes

There is no need to spend your money buying window cleaners full of chemicals. It may be hard to believe, but the wood ash from your fireplace can remove dirt stains quickly and effectivelyas much as gummy residue left by stickers and labels. All you need is a damp cloth or newspaper. Just dip it in the ashes and scrub the windows, working in a circular motion until all stubborn stains are gone. Then wipe with a soft, dry cloth to complete cleaning of the glass surface.

Wash the windows

Wash the windows. source: spm

  • Use wood ashes to activate the composting process

Since wood ash is a substance of plant origin, it is full ofnutritional elements essentials that the soil needs to ensure optimal plant growth. In fact, fireplace ash is made up of about 10-25% calcium, 1-4% magnesium, 3-9% potassium, 14% silica and 1-2% phosphorus, it all depends on the type of wood burned. To do this, simply add a handful of ash to your outdoor compost pile and stir it around a bit for better distribution. You should also know that you should use the ashes of untreated wood; those of mineral coal are very toxic.

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Now that you know some household and garden uses for wood ash, all you have to do is collect it from the fireplace hearth and store it for later use as needed. It is natural, ecological and above all it allows you to save money.

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This trick saves fuel every time you drive and nobody thinks about it



expensive fuel

expensive fuel

Expensive fuel – Source: spm

How to implement the “brake” trick?

According to experts, efficient and smart driving can save you a lot of money on fuel. Therefore, they often recommend avoiding sudden acceleration and braking and trying, as much as possible, to maintain a constant speed.

But what is this famous “brake” method that everyone is talking about right now? In fact, it emphasizes letting the vehicle roll by its own inertia: specifically, you have to take your foot off the accelerator and let the car roll in gear. Your foot must be on the brake pedal to make the necessary corrections to adapt your speed. In this way, progressive braking is achieved with less wear on both the gearbox and the clutch. Therefore, in addition to saving fuel, it also extends the useful life of these two fundamental elements of the car.

NB : the “brake” trick can reduce the vehicle’s fuel consumption by up to 2%. Of course, make sure you always drive within the legal safety distance.

car brake

Car brake – Source: spm

Other tips to keep in mind to save on the price of fuel

In addition to using the engine brake, there are other very useful tricks to save up to 15% of fuel. One of the most relevant is, of course, avoiding stops and having a good cruising rhythm. Respecting the authorized maximum speed, you can even use fourth gear in the city. In gasoline-powered vehicles, the optimal time to change gear is between 2,000 and 2,500 rpm. According to the General Directorate of Roads and Land Transport, the optimal speed to save fuel is 90 km/h. From this speed, a vehicle traveling at 120 kilometers per hour can consume up to 30% more.

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To all this we must add the importance of avoiding sudden braking, acceleration and gear changes. To slow down, whenever possible, you should take your foot off the accelerator and use engine braking.

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4 easy ways to use CBD to improve your well-being



Add CBD to your coffee

Add CBD to your coffee

Add CBD to your coffee

Adding CBD to your coffee – Source: spm

By adding CBD to your morning coffee, you will balance the energizing effects of caffeine. Cannabidiol actually complements the stimulant effects of caffeine, but it also reduces the jitters that caffeine can cause. To energize your morning, for example, you can squeeze a few drops of CBD oil into your cup.

Do you need CBD products to improve your well-being? Then, come see here to find a CBD wholesaler or reseller. Also keep in mind that CBD can act as a stimulant at lower doses and as a sedative at higher doses. So keep that in mind when choosing your CBD dosage.

Consume CBD before bed

Consume CBD before bed

Consume CBD before bed – Source: spm

In addition to helping to energize your morning, cannabidiol can help optimize your sleep. Studies show that CBD can treat insomnia and REM sleep behavior disorder. Other research also shows that this molecule can combat excessive sleepiness during the day.

If you often cannot fall asleep at night, you can consume a CBD-based product, such as CBD Sleep beads, before bed. This will allow you to relax and have a nice night. If you smoke regularly, you can take CBD cartridges to quickly benefit from the effects of this substance.

Take CBD after sports


CBD after sport. source: spm

Cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties, which is why many athletes consume it after their sports sessions to reduce the effects of post-workout pain in their muscles. If you like to play sports, you can apply CBD products like CBD balms directly to the affected parts to soothe sore muscles.

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You can also benefit from the anti-inflammatory effects of this substance by taking cannabidiol orally. Just remember that CBD can help you recover from your training sessions if sport is an essential part of your wellness routine.

Using CBD to relieve pain and stress

If you suffer from chronic pain, you can consume CBD to manage your pain. In fact, as mentioned above, this substance has anti-inflammatory properties that make it possible, for example, to treat peripheral neuropathic pain associated with allodynia. To take advantage of this action of cannabidiol, you can use CBD capsules to deliver constant doses as needed.

CBD also has properties that help with anxiety and stress. So, if you are often stressed, you can turn to this molecule to relieve your stress and improve your mood. As you can see, nowadays specialized brands offer a variety of CBD products and incorporating them into your wellness routine is very simple.

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