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Skin care: 5 mistakes you should not make according to dermatologists



face cream

Therefore, experts in the field give us some tips to better maintain our skin. Above all, they list the mistakes that should not be made again. If you want to keep your skin young and glowing with health, follow these recommendations to the letter.

Here are the habits you absolutely must change!

On sale, in cosmetic departments, there is no shortage of products suitable for all skin types. You have a choice: gels, creams, masks, serums, oils… The problem, unless you consult a specialist to have a perfect diagnosis, we don’t always know which are the most appropriate treatments. For this reason, we have a farandula of products in the bathroom. From the most classic to the most futile, from the most expensive to the least expensive, we don’t really know where to turn. However, our skin usually requires specific needs. And it turns out that, very often, we miss the point. For this reason, it is important to determine which treatments are the most appropriate to treat our face. But above all, it is essential to avoid certain mistakes that can be harmful to our skin and cause premature aging.

Thus, Dr. Lilliana Ramírez García and dermatologist Adam Mamelak reveal to us the 5 golden rules that prevent skin from aging too quickly. Mostly, they point the finger at some bad habits that can greatly cause long-term damage.

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According to experts, these are the mistakes to avoid:

face cream

Face cream – Source: spm

1. Not using sunscreen

We probably tell you often: the sun is your skin’s best enemy. It may seem harmless to you as it pampers you with vitamin D and gives you a gorgeous bronzed complexion, but its UV rays speed up the aging process of the skin. Therefore, you must always imperatively protect your face and filter these solar rays, even if the sun is hidden, by applying good protection. Especially during the summer season of course. But, as a security measure, whatever the season, as soon as the sun is at its zenith, it is essential to have the reflex to apply a stream of cream.

2. Not having a varied and balanced diet

Many people still don’t understand the connection between diet and the health of their skin. However, it is closely linked. The food products that we consume daily not only affect the body and our health. They also play an important role in the quality of our skin. Know in particular that excess fat and sugar lead to skin imbalance. Hence the formation of pimples, fine lines and dark circles. This type of diet also leads to a dull complexion, a tired face, and oilier skin in the long run. Therefore, to maintain healthy, young and radiant skin, bet especially on fruits and vegetables that provide an important source of vitamins and minerals. Your skin also mainly needs vitamin A and C. Do not skimp on citrus, mango, carrot, red and green vegetables.

Drinking water

Drink water – Source: spm

3. Not drinking enough water

Water is precious for the body, but also for the skin of the face. It is used to maintain constant hydration in order to promote the regeneration process. Conversely, dehydration leads to dry skin and the appearance of multiple visible wrinkles. Finally, there is no better anti-aging than water!

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4. Not taking care of your neck

Poor neck… Very often we tend to neglect it. We willingly focus on the facial features, while the neck is forgotten. However, it is a very sensitive area that is also a victim of spots, wrinkles and folds. In your daily routine, after spreading the cream (day and night) on the face, don’t forget to cover the neck and décolleté as well. It only takes a few seconds!

sleep with makeup

Sleeping with makeup – Source: spm

5. Sleep without removing your makeup

Finally, here is the last recommendation to follow closely. And, we are talking here especially for the laziest of you: this rule is uncompromising! Unfortunately, before going to bed, many women say that they are so tired that they do not remove their makeup. This is the worst punishment you can inflict on your skin. Falling asleep without completely purifying it prevents it from breathing properly. And the damage is multiple: it can cause irritation and pimples, but it can also prevent regeneration, hence the rough texture and the formation of premature wrinkles. Do violence to yourself and imperatively take a few minutes to perform this nightly routine. As a bonus, you’ll gain a few more years…at least in appearance!

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Can you see the two cats in this optical illusion in less than 10 seconds?



Optical illusion

Can you see both cats in less than 10 seconds?

Optical illusion

Optical illusion – Source: spm

The image in front of you perfectly illustrates the optical illusion we are talking about. At first glance, the atmosphere seems very ordinary: it is a family calmly installed in the living room. Then we see a man reading the newspaper, his wife talking to him and his girl playing with dolls. But, in this black and white illustration, there are also animals that are there. Two cats more precisely. Except if you take a quick look, you probably won’t be able to tell them apart easily. You run the risk, in fact, of confusing them with the elements of the decoration.

However, you only have 10 seconds to try to spot them. More than enough time for anyone with sharp eyes. But too short a delay for those who find it difficult to concentrate and who do not pay attention to details. What camp do you think you’re in?

optical illusion solution

This image quickly went viral: you should know that if the first cat did not cause too many problems, 99% of the people analyzed definitely failed to detect the second cat in the imposed time. So what is the verdict? Did you find these two furballs without exceeding the regulation 10 seconds? If so, we highly congratulate you on your mental agility and remarkable visual acuity.

Look closely at the image again. Near the knight’s legs, what some took for a wooden object was indeed one of the two felines. And it was the animal that was the easiest to find. Because, despite all his efforts, most Internet users have not been able to find the second cat in the image. And for good reason, he’s hidden from the woman’s side: he’s sitting right on her lap, right on top of the white blanket that created the utter confusion. Since, unlike the other, this cat is all white. Therefore, it was very difficult to detect.
Find out where the two cats were hiding in the following image:

optical illusion solution

Optical illusion solution – Source: spm

How to recognize an optical illusion?

It is important to note that there are different types of optical illusion, each offering different perceptions. By discovering their difference, you will be able to understand them better and understand their meaning.

  • Literal optical illusion: this occurs when the mind receives visual information and perceives details that do not actually exist in the given image or context. In this case, what happens is that the eye and the brain focus on specific objects. Focusing on one part of the image, you may miss fine details and have a distorted perception of reality.
  • Cognitive optical illusion: changes knowledge and assumptions about an object. This illusion arises when there is an interaction with beliefs and assumptions in the world, resulting in unconscious inferences.
  • physiological optical illusion : This other type emphasizes the stimulation of the brain by excessive effects on the eyes, such as brightness, tilt, color, movement and other optical effects.
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Cold in the car? This button will allow you to heat up faster



being cold in the car

being cold in the car

Being cold in the car – Source: spm

When should air recirculation be used?

Activation of this button causes the closing of the air intake shutters in the ventilation ducts. This means that the ventilation system restricts the flow of air from outside the car. Keep in mind that the fan uses the air in the car and, depending on the selected temperature, can heat or cool the car. Thanks to this process, the air outside the vehicle does not mix with the air that circulates inside.

This closed loop is useful in a variety of environments, including when there’s a car emitting excessive smoke in front of you or when you’re stuck in a traffic jam. Most of the time, closing the circuit helps prevent bad odors from outside, thus preventing them from entering the interior of the car. Whether it’s the smell of sewage, manure scattered across fields, or smoke from a roadside fire.

In addition, air recycling is essential when temperatures drop. In winter, thanks to this function, you can heat the car faster and more efficiently to better cope with frosty mornings. However, it must be remembered that this circulation should not be used for too long.

In fact, it is necessary to switch to an open circuit to avoid fogging that spreads rapidly on the windows or the accumulation of drops of water. Not to mention, driving in recirculated air mode and a lack of fresh air can lead to a profusion of moisture exhaled by passengers. In addition to the fogged windows, the atmosphere in the passenger compartment will be stifling.

Foggy car windows

Fogged car windows – Source: spm

How to prevent car windows from fogging up?

Unfortunately, in winter there are more traffic accidents due to poor visibility due to fogged up vehicle windows. However, it is possible to limit the risks by practicing some of the following tips to prevent the spread of fogging. So you will enjoy a safer and more comfortable trip.

  • anti-fog products

To remedy the problem of fogging on windows and windshields, you can get specialized products that will considerably reduce moisture condensation on car windows. The downside to these types of products is that they can leave streaks on the glass and can also dry out your skin over time. In this case, there is an amazing alternative: you can use shaving foam to remove this fog in the short term. It sounds weird, but it works! Just spread a little on a cloth and rub the entire tarnished area. Then use another dry cloth to remove any remaining foam.

  • Roll down the windows

This emergency option works when it is not too cold outside and especially when you can drive with the windows down for a few meters. The air inside is immediately renewed and the windows equalize their temperature with that of the outside, thus preventing them from fogging up.

  • using shampoo

Like shaving foam, it can also be alternated with a little shampoo. Spread it on a dry cloth and rub your windows carefully. Then, dry everything with a clean, dry cloth. Not only the fog will disappear quickly, but the car will also enjoy a pleasant fragrance.

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How do I know if the batteries are still charged?



A third of discarded batteries still contain 40% energy

From kitchen scales to game controllers to clocks and remote controls, alkaline and saline batteries have invaded our homes. Our boxes and drawer bottoms are full of batteries that we don’t know if they’re still good. Stop! Here are some tips to make them profitable and save energy.

How to tell if a battery is dead

The musical book that no longer wants to sing, the electric chain that no longer wants to turn on, the remote control car that no longer wants to move and that’s it, we change the batteries and get rid of the old ones. However, studies show that half of the batteries that are thrown away are still charged. Here’s how to test your batteries without any hardware in seconds to see if they still have power.

  1. Take your stack in your hand, hold it vertically
  2. Place it upright on a hard surface such as a table.
  3. Raise it 1 or 2 cm and let it fall vertically.
  4. If your stack falls vertically, it still contains some charge, if it falls flat, it’s empty.

And why will you tell us? Simply because a charged alkaline battery contains manganese dioxide, which is a heavy, pasty substance that will somehow weigh down the battery. As this dioxide is used, it transforms into much lighter manganese oxide.
Afterwards, if you want to test your batteries in a more precise and scientific way, you can always equip yourself with a multimeter. It measures the voltage of all types of batteries and allows you to classify your used and still usable batteries.

A third of discarded batteries still contain 40% energy

One third of discarded batteries still contain 40% energy. source: spm

5 tips to make batteries last longer

We often tend to prefer disposable batteries to rechargeable batteries because they are less expensive, can be used right away, and discharge much less quickly. A French household has an average of 100 batteries. However, an ADEME study shows that they have 30 times more impact on ecology. So if we can’t do without them, let’s at least try to save them for the sake of the planet and our wallet.

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Here are some tips and tricks to make your batteries last longer:

1-Keep your batteries well: To preserve the qualities of your batteries, it is necessary to store them in a dry place at a moderate temperature between 20 and 25°C. So they work longer.

2-Limit the time of use : try not to use a battery without interruption for too long a period of time at the risk of discharging it more quickly.

3- Remove batteries from devices. : When a device is not working, make sure to turn it off completely or even remove the batteries, because sometimes there is a little power consumption even when not in use. Also, batteries that are left in a device for too long can sometimes leak and leak.

4- Change all the batteries at once : In a device that requires several batteries to work, it is better to change the whole series at the same time. It’s a matter of balance. In this way, all batteries will be used evenly and will last longer.

5-Reuse discharged batteries : It is not because a battery does not work in a toy that it can no longer be used. In fact, there are devices that consume more energy than others. Instead of throwing them away, reuse them in remote controls and wall clocks, for example, since they use much less energy.

Using batteries to run a toy

Using batteries to run a toy. source: spm

Caveat : Never crush, puncture or otherwise damage the battery. Do not throw into fire under risk of explosion. Used batteries must not be disposed of as they contain toxic substances. They must be deposited at dedicated collection points, then they can be processed and recycled.

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All you have to do is take these simple actions to optimize the life of your batteries and why not consider investing in rechargeable batteries that are ultimately much cheaper and more ecological.

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