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It should be taught in schools.



Grâce à cette méthode, les enfants japonais de 4 ans peuvent résoudre une multiplication facilement final

Since the school benches, were you allergic to numbers and mathematics? Was it your least favorite subject? You are far from alone. Many people find this discipline particularly tedious, even boring. However, contrary to popular belief, math is not as complex as we think, and it can even be fun. It is still necessary to use the correct methods in order to become better acquainted with this body of knowledge.

One of them is arousing a lot of interest due to its originality and speed. And he comes directly from Japan. Do you want to catch up with your children? Discover this particularly playful technique to help them shine at mental arithmetic. Very easy to understand and remember, if you teach them this method, they will be able to perform complex multiplication operations quickly. No need for a calculator.

The Japanese trick to calculate quickly

This curious method, centuries old, is commonly used by some mathematics teachers in Japan. It is even taught to children from the age of 4. As everyone knows, it is not always easy to solve multiplication facts, especially when our mental arithmetic skills are limited. But, if this method is highly appreciated in elementary school, it is because it makes this exercise much easier. Thus, you will simplify your children’s homework by helping them quickly perform two or three-digit multiplication. Apparently, at one time, this Japanese technique allowed illiterate people to excel in the field of quick calculation.

On a piece of paper, write the following multiplication: 21 x 23. As you can see in the image below, the number 21 is represented by two lines (drawn next to each other as two parallel straight lines) and a line ( drawn a little below).

21x23 Multiplication method

Multiplication method – Source: spm

As for the number 23, it is represented by lines perpendicular to the previous ones. In the same way as in the picture, you must first draw the first two lines, and next to them the other three. Thus, you will get a kind of grid. You’re still fine so far, it’s pretty simple, isn’t it? It’s just about being good with the pen.

Multiplication method 21x23

Multiplication method – Source: spm

From there, you need to count the intersections of the lines. It is better to mark them with visible points, so as not to be mistaken. Better use a red marker to make it easier for you. Please follow exactly the steps shown in the picture to fully understand the progress of the operation.

Multiplication method 21x23-1

Multiplication method – Source: spm

Now you just have to count all the intersections of the lines, through the defined red points (as in the image).

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This will give you the final result: 21 x 23 = 483

Multiplication method21x23-2

Multiplication method – Source: spm

To check if the method works, be sure to perform the same operation on the calculator to calculate this operation. You will be surprised to find that the result is perfectly correct!

This may seem a bit laborious at first, but don’t worry, after a bit of practice, it will be very easy for you to acquire the automation to perform any multiplication operation.

Multiplication method 21x23-3

Multiplication method – Source: spm

First of all, in the same way as in the previous exercise, use the dashes to represent the number 123. You got it right, you need to draw 3 rows: the first one has one line, the second two lines and the last three lines, exactly like explained in the image.

123x321 Multiplication method

Multiplication method – Source: spm

Then, draw perpendicular lines to represent the number 321: make no mistake and don’t forget to space them well so there is no confusion.

Multiplication method 123x321

Multiplication method – Source: spm

Now continue with the important step of identifying the intersections: carefully mark the red dots, as in the image. Make sure you don’t miss any intersections.

Multiplication method123x321-1

Multiplication method – Source: spm

And now comes the final phase: you have to count all the red dots. Unlike the previous two-digit number operation, there is a distinguishing factor that comes into play. If a two-digit number appears at any time, you must reduce it. That is, you must add its first digit to the number that precedes it. The explanation is well explained in the picture. So this will give you the correct end result.

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The operation 123 x 321 = 39,483. Check again with the calculator and you will see that the result is the same.

Multiplication method123x321-2

Multiplication method – Source: spm

And how to proceed with the following operation: 102 x 23?

Note that the “zero” will have no effect on the result of the operation. Therefore, always mark it with a line of a different color. So it will be compared to an invisible line which will have no effect on the multiplication performed. So for number 102, draw the line as shown above.

102x23 Multiplication method

Multiplication method – Source: spm

Then, do the same with the number 23 to set up the famous grid.

Multiplication method 102x23

Multiplication method – Source: spm

At this point, you need to determine the red intersection points and count the parts where the lines intersect. Remember that the orange line represents “zero” and that its points should not be counted or identified (so as not to confuse you).

Multiplication method 102x23-1

Multiplication method – Source: spm

Here is the final result: 102 x 23 = 2346

Multiplication method 102x23-2

Result – Source: spm

Do not hesitate to teach this Japanese method to your children: in addition to being fun, it is very practical to find the result quickly… Having fun!

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The best Android secret codes to discover hidden features



Qu’arrive t’il lorsque vous tapez le 9090 sur votre mobile001

Have you ever heard of android secret codes? Many people don’t know how to access hidden features on their smartphones. If you are wondering how to use them and why to use them, have no fear, we have the answer! We put you in the mood!

Didn’t you know that Android hid secret functions? Well it is! With these secret codes you can access hidden options and get information about your device. In this article, we take stock of the best secret codes to unlock hidden features and enjoy flawless use of your smartphone. We explain everything!

What are these secret codes for Android phones?

In the form of special codes, these little wonders are secret codes that contain special characters that allow you to access a hidden menu and advanced features reserved especially for manufacturers and not users. It’s great, isn’t it? You can use it to view technical information, activate features, and even run diagnostics on your phone. One thing is for sure, we will have to start!

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Android smartphone interface

Android smartphone interface. source: spm

These secret codes, also called USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes, are special codes that you can enter on your Android smartphone to access many hidden features. Now that you know what these codes are for, it’s time for the famous question: how to use them? Nothing is easier! All you have to do is open your “phone” app, in which you make your phone calls, then type the code in the same way you dial phone numbers. And now, the execution is carried out calmly! If nothing is displayed, it means that this code does not work on your device.

Discover the hidden functions of some secret codes on your Android phone

As you will have understood, these secret codes allow you to enjoy certain hidden features that are generally not reserved for users. And since we have confessed, we reveal everything to you! Here is a list of secret codes along with their functionality. Don’t hesitate, it’s time to try them!

android smartphone

android smartphone. source: spm

What is the hidden function behind the code *#9090#?

The code *#9090# allows access to a hidden function of the Android operating system. By typing it into your phone app, you enter your smartphone’s settings diagnostic. In this way, you will be able to model complicated system parameters that are not intended for casual users. Attention ! Don’t play with these settings without knowing what you are modifying. You risk damaging your phone. You have been warned!

How to use *#9900?

*#9900#, the magic code to free up space on your Android phone. You don’t need to know much to use it! To try it, follow the guide:

  1. In the app on your phone, type the code.
  2. Press the call key.
  3. A menu appears, choose “remove dumpstate/logcat”.

Not more complicated than that.

What is code ## 002?

Secret code 002 on Android allows you to disable all call forwarding on your device. And what is call forwarding? Very simple ! Also called call transfer, a telephone management option that allows you to transfer incoming calls to another mobile.

Write the code #*06# to get the IMEI

The code #*06# is used to get the IMEI. Composed of 16 or 17 digits, the IMEI identifies your mobile phone. By typing the above code on your phone keypad, you will be able to retrieve it. Simple, fast and effective, right?

What is the code *#*#7780# used for?# ?

The code *#*#7780## allows you to perform a hard reset. It is used to restore the factory settings of the device and to restore the software to its original state of the system.

What is the secret code *#0011# used for?

The passcode *#0011# is a code that allows users to access an advanced menu on their Android devices that shows them all the basic GSM information of the phone.

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Insert the code * * 4636 * * to get information about the Wi-Fi signal

Do you want information about the Wi-Fi signal on your Android device? We have the code you need! Enter the code * * 4636 * * in the application on your phone. You can access detailed information about your Wi-Fi signal and network connection.

These codes are special command patterns to access certain hidden uses. To optimize your user experience, apply them on your Android smartphones and enjoy an information menu with various awesome features that can come in handy when needed.

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What awaits each zodiac sign on Valentine’s Day



•Ce qui attend chaque signe du zodiaque le jour de la Saint-Valentin - Voici les prévisions des astrologues_

February 14 is far from being an ordinary day for lovers! While Venus in Pisces plays Cupid to offer some the opportunity to spice up their love and social life, others will not benefit from the good influences of this planet and will have a less good Valentine’s Day. Find out if you are one of the lucky ones at the love party!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! The opportunity for many zodiac signs to think outside the box and the traditional bouquet of red roses. Venus, the planet of love, in the sign of Pisces, will be tinged with romanticism and exacerbated passion and will help you fully satisfy your loved one. But this configuration could also expose certain zodiacal profiles to vulnerability and irritability in the couple.

What is the astrological forecast for Valentine’s Day for all astrological signs?

Encounters, love at first sight and disappointments… anything is possible during the festival of love! Which zodiac signs will have the Valentine’s Day of your dreams? And who are the ones who won’t appreciate what February 14th has in store for them? Here are all the astrological forecasts.

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valentines day ram

Aries. source: spm

This year it would be good for the Aries sign to spend Valentine’s Day alone. This is an ideal time to take stock of your love life. You must remain attentive to your feelings throughout this day to make an important decision for your romantic future.


Taurus will have nothing to prove during Valentine’s Day. This earth sign will not need a fixed date to share their love. But sensuality and pleasures will still be there. You will also use this day to show your love to your friends and colleagues.


valentines day cancer

Cancer. source: spm

On February 14, Cancer will be very present for his family. He could share good times in his company. It will also be an opportunity to break certain habits and routines. that are not consistent with the birth of a new relationship.


The Leo could have a pleasant Valentine’s Day if he focused more on the essentials, be it in his life as a couple or in his professional life. Instead of choosing a gift at the last minute, the representative of this Fire sign should take their time in offering a gift that will reassure their half of their true intentions.


virgin valentine

Virgin. source: spm

The Virgo sign, precise and rational, risks being overwhelmed by very strong feelings during Valentine’s Day. The day can be very romantic if you manage to identify the expectations of your partner. Forgiveness and acceptance of the other can also play a fundamental role in your relationship.


Libra would be wise not to use work as an escape. This Air sign should give their partner time. and focus on one’s own pleasures instead of responding to the demands of others. For example, he could plan a vacation with his other half.


valentines day scorpio

Scorpion. source: spm

The house will be Scorpio’s favorite place during Valentine’s Day.You could receive a special person in your home. or visit it. You will have many ideas for gifts and seductive outfits for the night.


Sagittarius does not always reveal his feelings. February 14th will be the time for him to take the plunge and express his interest in a person he appreciates around him. Finally he will have the courage to call her or ask her to accompany him to a party.


valentines day capricorn

Capricorn. source: spm

Valentine’s Day will be the perfect time for the Capricorn sign to take a breather to take a step back and answer their questions. You will seek to better understand your feelings and define your true expectations in a relationship.

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Like the Capricorn sign, February 14 will be marked by a small episode of self-reflection. It will be time for you to understand your relationships with others to give life to your life as a couple. This Air sign will then take advantage of this moment to communicate its needs to its other half. However, you will have to choose the right words to avoid unnecessary tension.


valentine fish

Pisces. source: spm

Finally, the sign of Pisces spends a day full of romanticism and lightness. Transiting Venus in her sign overwhelms you with good ideas for creating a special romantic event or experience. One thing is certain, all the conditions for living a true daydream will be met!

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Home tricks to repair a broken or stuck zipper



L'astuce simple pour réparer une fermeture éclair coincée001

Thanks to the zippers, we can put on and take off our clothes easily and quickly. They are not only present in clothes, but also in bags, shoes, suitcases and other everyday objects. Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen that the zipper breaks or gets stuck. When this happens, there are simple tips you can put into practice to repair your broken zipper without having to replace it or hiring a tailor. Here are which ones.

stuck zipper

Stuck zipper – Source: spm

If the zipper is stuck in a cloth

It can easily happen that the zipper gets stuck with a flap of fabric caught in the slider. What to do in such situations? Take a pair of tweezers, grasp the fabric and gently pull it out of the slider. Be careful not to tear the glued end of the fabric.

If the zipper no longer wants to open

If you end up with a completely stuck zipper that won’t give, then you can use a lubricant, such as a graphite pencil, which is an excellent release agent. All you need to do is slide the tip of the pencil a few times along the zipper where the slider gets stuck. Slide the zipper up and down until it slides comfortably.

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You can also try scrubbing the zipper with a bar of soap, preferably a creamy soap.

Another good idea to unzip a zipper is to coat it with Vaseline. Due to its consistency, it is much easier for it to penetrate the teeth of the zipper and thus help you slide it.

broken zipper

Broken zipper – Source: spm

If your zipper keeps opening

If we end up with a zipper that is constantly opening, there is an easy way to fix it.

To do ? unbuckle completely and look closely for broken teeth. If so, use a pair of pliers and straighten out the dent, being careful not to break it.

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If the hinges are separated

If when you close the hinge you find both sides under the slide open, then the slide has become loose and is therefore putting little pressure on the teeth. To tighten it, nothing could be simpler: just press it very gently on both sides with a nutcracker or pliers.

The zipper slider needs to be replaced.

Equip yourself with the same slider and retainer you need to replace. Use a pair of pliers to pry up the latch at the end of the hinge. Next, slide the slider between the two rows of teeth and continue until you reach the latch. Finally, crush the slider with the pliers and drag it up and down to check that it works correctly.

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