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Is it possible to charge a smartphone when it is turned on?



Est-il possible de recharger un smartphone lorsqu'il est allumé001

Smartphones have become indispensable in our daily lives. But despite advances in mobile technology, smartphone batteries still struggle to stay charged for a full day.

Besides the fact that the smartphone can be a real work tool and is used daily to send messages, listen to music or even search the Internet, you must be careful when recharging it. Should the smartphone be charged when it is turned on? This is the question that plagues many users.

Should you charge your smartphone when it’s on?

charge a phone

A charging smartphone. source: spm

For your smartphone to always be as efficient, it is necessary to conserve its battery. For this, it must be used well on a daily basis and recharged when necessary. The question that arises is whether it is possible charge your smartphone when it is on.

charge a smartphone

A charging smartphone. source: spm

Know that it is better to turn it off. The reason is very simple, it loads faster as if it was in airplane mode. Leaving it on will charge slower, especially if you use it while charging. Doing so can also cause your device to overheat and affect the quality of your battery. To use it in peace, please wait until it disconnects so as not to damage your device.

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What mistakes should you avoid when charging your smartphone?

A smartphone charging1

A connected smartphone. source: spm

Your smartphone battery is a very important part of your device. To keep it, it is necessary to take care of it to maintain it the proper functioning of your smartphone and to avoid certain errors, such as:

  • Use a wrong charger for your smartphone

Using an inappropriate charger It may be an error because each charger corresponds to a type of smartphone. Smartphone chargers are characterized by the intensity of the USB port expressed in amps, which determines the charging speed of your mobile phone. If you can no longer find your original charger, choose a charger with the same amperage as the original. You will find all this information to choose another charger in the box of your smartphone.

  • Charge your smartphone overnight

It is not a very good idea although it is a very practical habit. If you leave your smartphone plugged in overnight, you will damage the battery of your device. When your smartphone’s battery is sufficiently charged, simply unplug it to avoid damaging it.

  • Let the smartphone turn off before recharging it

To correctly charge your mobile you do not have to wait for it to turn off or turn off below 20%. New lithium-ion batteries operate on a half cycle and fully discharging or charging them can damage them. Therefore, when you charge your smartphone, check the screen of your smartphone to unplug it at the right time.

Now that you know the things you shouldn’t do while charging your smartphone. You need to change your habits to preserve your cell phone battery and use it wisely.

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How to heat the house with the trick of aluminum foil behind the radiator?



L’astuce de papier aluminum001

For most people, this winter is marked by anxiety about rising electricity prices. But to reduce your heating bills, there are some interesting alternatives that can relieve you. In particular, it turns out that aluminum foil, which you use regularly in the kitchen, can serve you in unexpected ways. A simple sheet behind the radiator can prevent significant waste. We explain to you.

a radiator

A radiator – Source: spm

Why use aluminum foil behind radiators?

With rising energy prices and the high cost of living, we’re constantly looking for smart tips and tricks to save money and lower our household bills without sacrificing convenience. You are probably wondering if there is any benefit to placing a homemade radiator reflector. Well, indeed, it is a well thought out alternative. Because it prevents the heat emitted from dissipating through the walls.

Right now, anything that can make the house warmer without necessarily turning up the thermostat is welcome. And precisely, the very purpose of a radiator reflector is to reflect all the heat that is lost through the wall back into the room. Thanks to this technique, you not only maximize heating efficiency, but also avoid wasting energy. Therefore, you save a little more money!

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Aluminum foil – Source: spm

Often used for cooking in the oven or keeping food warm, aluminum foil is a particularly versatile tool with a wide variety of uses. However, few people take full advantage of it. And, that’s a shame, since it can help you solve many common household problems. Here, in this case, you can count on him to help you reduce your heating bills. By fixing an aluminum sheet behind the radiator, you will be pleasantly surprised by its effect.

Radiators are usually placed under or near windows, which means that the heat they give off quickly evaporates from the apartment. It turns out that aluminum foil can contribute to an increase in room temperature and act as a heat reflector. The trick is very simple and takes little time.

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What you will need:

  • A roll of aluminum foil
  • An unfolded cardboard box the size of the radiator.

How to proceed ?

  • Wrap the cardboard with aluminum foil so that the shiny side shows.
  • Place the object behind the radiator.

Thus, the aluminum foil will successfully reflect the heat from the radiator. In fact, the heat will be immediately pushed into the room instead of evaporating outside the window or heating up the wall unnecessarily. Thanks to this, your interior will be better heated and at the same time you will be able to reduce the amount of the bill by turning off the thermostat.

NB – If you don’t have cardboard on hand, you can simply tape the aluminum foil to the back of the radiator with masking tape like “masking tape”.

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What are the dimples on golf balls used for?



À quoi servent les alvéoles sur les balles de golf final

We may believe in a desire for aesthetics, but in truth the holes on the surface of golf balls hide a secret. The fascinating little detail is that they are so small that they often go unnoticed. And golfers don’t even pay attention to it anymore. But, there is a scientific significance in the presence of these cells: more precisely, it is a matter of aerodynamics. Why aren’t these holes there by chance and how do they help improve gameplay? In this article, we will enlighten you on the subject.

a golf ball

A golf ball – Source: spm

What are the dimples on golf balls used for?

Whether you are an experienced player or just a golf fan, you will surely have noticed that the balls are not completely smooth, they are full of small holes. They are called alveoli. Their function is not minor: they have been specially designed to help golfers achieve greater range and better precision. So it’s mostly a matter of dragging and lifting.

Specifically, when you hit the ball, these holes will create a flow of air called “turbulence” which will reduce drag. In fact, these vortices will allow the ball to stay in the air for longer and therefore reach a greater distance. Thanks to these cells, the elevation is more efficient and the ball can travel more meters. Therefore, the holes reduce the resistance of the bullet with the area of ​​air pressure. Unlike a smooth ball which generates more resistance: if you throw a ball without holes, of course it will go up, but it will necessarily go down faster, since there is more pressure to stop.

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Therefore, the dimples on golf balls allow for better travel and amplify the range spin, as the vortices optimize lift force. Also, the more balls contain, the more they improve a golfer’s game.

Play golf

Play golf – Source: spm

How many dimples are in a golf ball?

For the record, golf balls were originally smooth. But they were often damaged and took a lot of hits. And above all, they were not very efficient. It was not until the beginning of the 20th century that the English golfer and manufacturer William Taylor had the brilliant idea of ​​designing dimples. Much to the delight of golfers who felt a clear difference!

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Have you ever wondered how many holes a golf ball has? Hard to count actually. Actually, there is no normal per se, since the number usually depends on the model, design and manufacturer. But it takes on average 300-500 holes. 336 cells are most often found in quality bullets.

What is the optimal diameter for a golf ball?

We can also wonder about the variable number of cells despite the fact that the weight and size of a golf ball are strictly regulated by the sport. That is to say, that the diameter is established at a minimum measurement of 42.67 millimeters and the weight must not exceed 45.93 g. Golf ball sizes are generally standard. However, in terms of cells, the average depth is about 0.254 mm. They must necessarily be symmetrical, but it is allowed that they be circular or hexagonal.

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The easiest way to tell if a stack is full or empty



Le moyen le plus simple de savoir si une pile est plein ou vide

The good old-fashioned batteries did not disappear with the advent of rechargeable batteries. They keep their hands on remote controls and other useful devices around the house. Here is an effective trick that reveals to you in a few seconds whether the battery should be thrown away or if you can still count on it.

A stock of batteries

A stock of batteries. source: spm

A blackout and you’re looking for your flashlight! This works with good round alkaline batteries. Invented in the 1950s by Lewis Urry, very quickly supplanted salt piles, due to their longevity and robustness..

The best known: AAAA LR61 batteries, the thinnest, power the remote controls, wireless headphones, or toys. The most popular AAA LR03 batteries are found in mice, watches… They can never compete with the large E-Block (PP3) batteries, which take place in security devices such as alarms or smoke detectors.

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Despite their usefulness and performance, these batteries do not indicate their charge level, and at first glance we cannot tell if and when it is necessary to change them…

The simple trick that tells you if the battery is still effective or not: the drop. This shape is suitable for round, thin or larger batteries, which have the two poles on opposite sides. To proceed, you must remove the battery from its holder and identify how to reassemble it. We will discover your load thanks to a fall and the noise it makes. Place it on top of a table, about 5 to 8 cm from the flat surface. Hold the battery upright with the flat end pointing down. If the battery makes a thud and bounces off the surface, it’s empty… If it falls over and stays upright, it’s still working.

Beyond this technique, there is still the scientific method that uses a device found in science laboratories.… The multimeter. You tell it the type of battery and its power and it gives you the charge rate. It’s so simple… when you have the device!

You can also save on batteries.

However, the battery as we know it poses a major problem: what does it become once it is no longer used. Fortunately, associations or public administrations recover them to make them get into recycling.

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Rechargeable batteries in its base

Rechargeable batteries in its base. They wait before returning to their posts! source: spm

However, the solution exists and it is still very profitable. Take rechargeable batteries. Significantly more expensive to buy, they can be recharged in a box that is sold in stores for a few tens of euros. Thus, immediately, they hold between 15 and 20 different charges and are recycled in the same way as other batteries. The investment is only amortized if you have many accumulators at home. It’s also cost-effective for the environment and your storage concern. From now on a battery stops working, you recharge it overnight and it can go back to its original place.

Now you know what to do with all that stock of batteries that you discovered in the bottom of a drawer. You can sort them, think of the recycling bin for used batteries. You can also replace them with rechargeable batteries, always at hand and economically more profitable.

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