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How to unclog the sink with liquid detergent?



Blockages are usually due to an accumulation of food debris, objects that should end up in the trash, soap residue or hair. These items inevitably end up creating buildup that will clog pipes over time, whether in the kitchen or bathroom. Call a plumbing expert if the situation calls for it, but you can always try this home hack to see if the problem can be fixed without spending any money.

Woman unclogging a stainless steel sink with a plunger – Source: spm

Pour this product down the sink to unclog it.

Before undertaking the unclogging solution that we suggest you try, first arm yourself with a suction cup because in some cases you will have to remove the water that is clogged in the sink. From elsewhere, you will only depend on dishwashing liquid to clean buildup clogging pipes.

Dishwashing detergent – ​​Source: spm

For use in clogged sinks, it is recommended to precede with hot water. Pour boiling water into the sink and leave to act for a few minutes.e time that the heat gradually uncovers the pipes. Therefore, anything blocking the normal flow of water should have melted.

Then the dishwasher comes into play that will facilitate the process. Pour it down the sink to help the hot water melt the grease. Leave for a few minutes and then pour hot water again. Just keep in mind that this trick will mostly work for mild to moderate clogs. The technique is no less important because turns out to be one of the easiest ways to unclog a drain.

Fortunately, there is natural remedies that are based on proven ingredients to treat higher levels of jams and that you can discover in the following lines.

How to unclog a sink with natural products

Before you think about resorting to harsh chemicals or calling a plumber, it can be very helpful to exploit the degreasing properties of certain ingredients. that can act as natural deblockants:

Unclog the sink with the combination of baking soda and vinegar and a little salt.

White vinegar shines with its reputation as an excellent cleaner, while coarse salt and baking soda have a slight abrasive power that may be enough. to dissolve residue buildup in your pipeline. Without mixing them, you’ll be sure to use the vinegar and the salt/baking soda combination separately, which will be added later. To put the trio of ingredients to work, pour half a glass of white vinegar down the drain and let it sit for about half an hour. Then pour a liter of boiling water.

The final touch will consist of repeating this same operation but instead of the white vinegar, you will add a mixture of baking soda and salt down the drain before pouring boiling water. These products should unclog drains in no time.

Unclog the sink with the combination of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is like bleach. Excellent product to attack bacteria. Combining it with baking soda is one of the best ways to clear sink clogs.

Hydrogen peroxide – Source: spm

To use it, mix hydrogen peroxide at the rate of half a glass with the same amount of baking soda then pour it all down the sink. Let sit for about half an hour and then pour in a pot of boiling water to finish.

The solution to unclog a drain is sometimes at hand and waiting for you to exploit its potential, as evidenced by natural remedies and other products such as dishwashing liquid.

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