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How to run without injury?



Running outdoors

Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, iliotibial band syndrome, stress fracture…. These are words that all runners dread entering their vocabulary. Because it can be long and very painful to get rid of an injury. The best thing to do is to prevent it. Here’s how.

Running outdoors

Running outdoors – Source : spm

Be progressive.

Start running and expect to run a marathon four months later? That’s too ambitious! For beginners, some programs propose running one minute, then walking one minute and repeating this cycle three times,” explains Dr. Geoffrey Wandji, a sports physician in Villeneuve-d’Ascq. This may not seem like much, but it is the best way to avoid injury. Therefore, you should increase the dose gradually. If you want to run longer, do so, but without going beyond 10% more each week. Similarly, do not go from 1 to 4 training sessions per week all at once. Patience is the main quality of runners who never get injured.

Knowing how to listen to yourself

It is essential to listen to the body’s signals,” insists Dr. Wandji. And the first, of course, is pain. As much as possible, when you have pain, avoid running. And you start back up slowly once the pain is gone. Ignoring the pain and burying your head in the sand can make it worse. To avoid staying on the couch, this is the ideal time to try cross-training: practice another sport (cycling, swimming, etc.) that does not put pressure on the painful area. If you feel very sore, you don’t need to cancel your outing, but be sure to go a little slower than you had planned. On the other hand, if you feel exhausted, don’t insist on doing your session at all costs. It’s better to rest, so you can come back in top shape the next day.


Warm-up – Source : spm

Don’t skip the warm-up

This gradual increase in power is essential to avoid injury. The idea is very simple: start very slowly, for at least 10-15 minutes, until your body is warm, before increasing speed. During the actual sessions, try to vary the terrain. Asphalt, okay, but add, as soon as possible, some running in the forest, in a park…. As soon as the session is over, do a few minutes of stretching.

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Run fast, yes, but not always

Split sessions, which consist of running faster than our “cruising” speed, are excellent for making progress. But they also tire the body, much more than fundamental endurance sessions (a “comfortable” speed, which you could maintain for a long time), and expose you to the risk of injury. So don’t overdo it. And after each split session, unless you’re a very experienced runner, you should have a rest day before going out again.

Thinking about recovery

To avoid injury, what happens outside of running sessions is almost more important than the run itself. You have to give your body time to recover between sessions. And that means getting enough sleep. The secret to regaining control of your nights is to rely on regularity. Ideally, you should get up at the same time every day, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Drinking water

Drinking water – Source : spm

Drink plenty of water and eat healthy

“Identifying yourself well is the basis! It can never be repeated enough, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day, more on training or hot days. Our body is made up of 65% water, so dehydration leads to fatigue. A healthy and balanced diet is also essential. If we choose our food well, our cells have all the nutrients they need to generate energy in our body. Therefore, we eat five fruits and vegetables a day to fill up on vitamins and minerals. We prefer unprocessed foods, whole foods with starch, oilseeds, fish and seafood…

Think about your shoes

Shoes that are too worn or ill-fitting can lead to injury. It’s obvious, but you need to be comfortable in them. “A pair of running shoes should be changed every 800 to 1,000 kilometers,” says Dr. Wandji. And if you choose them a bit at random, or just for aesthetic criteria, a visit to a specialty store is a must. There you can find out if your feet are pronators, supinators or universals, which will help you choose the right pair of shoes. Once you have a new pair of shoes, alternate them with your old ones for a few weeks. Minimalist shoes, which supposedly give the impression of barefoot running, have not been shown to cause fewer injuries. If you decide to make the switch, you shouldn’t do it overnight.

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Plantar fasciitis, the number one ailment of runners: This is an inflammation of the fascia, a fibrous band that connects the heel to the toes. This injury usually occurs when training intensity is suddenly increased. It hurts under the foot, especially in the first few minutes after waking up, sometimes all day. Daily self-massage of the feet with the toes or a tennis ball and application of an ice pack will relieve the pain. To say goodbye to plantar fasciitis, you have to be patient: you have to wait three to six months on average, sometimes much longer.

Losing a few kilos

Being overweight or obese increases stress on muscles, tendons and joints and, of course, the risk of injury. Like arthritis or tendonitis. But running is also a great way to shed those extra pounds. So it’s not a matter of depriving yourself of it. You just have to make sure to increase the dose very gradually, to let your body get used to these new limitations.

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Food moths: how to keep them away with vinegar?



food moth

As their name suggests, food moths are attracted to food. These insects are a real nuisance. And for good reason, they can affect and spoil food. Discover the tips to immediately defeat these food parasites while protecting your food.

food moth

Food moth – Source: spm

How to permanently get rid of food moths?

To repel food moths permanently, it is not necessary to use the famous moth balls with their powerful smell. Instead of these chemicals, there are natural solutions and safe, whose effectiveness is beyond doubt, as well as being economical. Discover home remedies to kill moths and prevent possible future infestations.

Use the repellent properties of white vinegar to repel food moths

We will not overlook an ingredient as remarkable as white vinegar since it is so effective in repelling food moths and many other parasites. It is simply an ideal ingredient for cleaning and sanitizing shelves that are often susceptible to moth infestation. To use it for this purpose, mix it with warm water and soak a clean cloth in the solution. Clean the walls and corners of the shelves, then allow the product to dry. It is recommended to be used in conjunction with other moth deterrent techniques to ensure your kitchen is optimally protected against them. Also keep in mind that you don’t need to clean the shelf with detergent because moths need to smell the vinegar smell as much as possible to go away.

Use the repellent effect of lemon to keep moths away from food

dried lemon slices

Dehydrated Lemon Slices – Source: spm

To definitely scare away these pests, you can also use the repellent properties of lemon, so it is very effective to scare them away. Its aroma is so strong that food moths can’t stand it and end up rushing out of his house. To take advantage of this citrus and kill the parasites in question, it is important to dry the food slices before putting them in a jar and then add a handful of cloves. These will multiply the desired effect by ten. Leave the jar open, and then place it in an area of ​​your pantry. The combination of ingredients will get the better of the food moths which will eventually fly away immediately.

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Use the repellent properties of bay leaves to kill food moths

bay leaves

Bay leaves – Source: spm

Another technique is to use a plant whose smell is unbearable for food moths. It is about the laurel, a plant with excellent repellent powers against them. Just place a few in different areas of your pantry and the bugs are fast on the run.

Another citrus to effectively repel food moths

Like lemon, you can also use orange to get rid of food moths. As the good citrus that it is, it is ideal to act as a natural repellent that you can use in a similar way to the jar of lemon and cloves. Cut some parts of the lemon peel, place the pieces inside a small jar then place the container in a pantry area being careful to keep it away from food. Leave the jar open and the pests will fly out pretty quickly.

As you just noticed, the problem can be quickly solved with natural ingredients, which prevents you from using industrial products that are harmful to your health. They are solutions that pride themselves on being natural, effective and affordable.

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A father with Down syndrome raised and educated his son to be a doctor. Proof that love has no limits



Jad Issa and his son

A child born to a parent with Down syndrome

Jad Issa and his son

Jad Issa and his son – Source: spm

Jad Issa is an extraordinary person. Although he suffers from Down syndrome, he and his wife, who does not have any genetic problem, have decided to have a child. They had a healthy son, whom they named Sader. He is now an adult and works as a dentist.

Family life

sader's family

Sader family – Source: spm

Sader remembers his childhood with great emotion. His parents took care of him and gave him all his love. He mentions that Jad was and still is a great dad.

“That didn’t stop me from being raised with more love and care than anyone can imagine. Thanks to him I grew up with emotional strength and I achieved everything I set out to do. If I could choose a father, I would have no doubt: I would choose him, ”she said.

The work of a father with Down syndrome for his son

Jad wanted her son to have a good education. So he worked hard and saved money so Sader could go to college. His commitment and dedication allowed his son to achieve his goals. Sader has become a renowned dentist in Syria. He was always inspired by his extraordinary father.

a compatible couple

Sadder when he was little with his parents.

Saddest when he was little with his parents – Source: spm

Jad has always supported her son in all areas (financial, psychological). Despite his illness, Down Syndrome, he went ahead and broke all stereotypes. Also, he is happy with his wife. Sader admits that his parents are simple and generous people. They know perfectly the needs of the other, and they always form an accomplice couple.

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Down syndrome myths

Decades ago, it was estimated that the life expectancy of people with Down syndrome was only 25 years. However, today, this number has risen to about 60 years.

“The life expectancy of people with this disease has gone from 25 years (in the 1980s) to 60 years today. They manage to work and live independently, many of them go to college and many get married,” says the National Down Syndrome Congress (NDSC).

It is also believed that all people with this disease are infertile, which is not true. Studies suggest that half of women with Down syndrome can become pregnant. In the case of men, 20% have this possibility.

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Why do you have to flush a dishwasher tablet down the toilet once a month? The Crafty Housewives Magic Trick



A dishwasher tablet

Most people are increasingly avoiding chemicals that can become irritating both to the skin and when inhaled. Thus, there are daily products that are much less harmful and without direct contact with your skin that will eliminate dirt and bacteria from your toilet with the same efficiency.

Why should you use dishwasher tablets in the toilet?

At home, bathrooms get dirty quickly. In addition, it can happen that the drain pipe gets clogged from time to time, for example due to excess toilet paper.

A dishwasher tablet

A dishwasher tablet – Source: spm

To clean the toilets

Dishwasher tablets have a multitude of cleaning uses. Many of us use them to clean the washing machine, wash the oven or remove burns on the pan. It is worth having a pack of tablets at home even if you do not have a dishwasher as they are useful for cleaning multiple objects and surfaces. Throw a pill down the toilet and you will see the result.

A dishwasher tablet will help to deal with dirt and clogged toilets. It will perfectly replace toilet bowl detergent, but it will also unclog pipes. Simply flush 1 dishwasher tablet down the toilet bowl and wait 20-30 minutes.

The pill can be left in the toilet even overnight, the effect will be even better. After the product has dissolved, clean the inside of the toilet with a brush and rinse thoroughly with water. The toilet seat will then be clean. This trick is applied once a month to keep your bathrooms clean.

unclog the toilet

If there is an unpleasant smell in the toilet, and the water drains too slowly, you can use a dishwasher tablet not only as a household cleaner, but also as a cleaning agent.

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You just need to put 1 dishwasher tablet in the toilet and pour 2 glasses of hot water over it. This method will not work if the toilet is completely clogged.

How to remove limescale from toilets with vinegar?

To clean the toilets

Cleaning the toilets – Source: spm

Like dirt, limescale can quickly build up in the toilet. However, what to do if the stains are persistent? This procedure is especially recommended when, despite all the efforts made, unsightly stains of a more or less strong yellow color form in the toilet.

  • Clean dirt from surfaces with a brush, then rinse.
  • Pour 1 liter of vinegar down the toilet
  • Leave to act: approximately 1 hour for normal soiling; for the most stubborn dirt, at least 3-4 hours or overnight.
  • Clean (with a brush) and then rinse.

Finally, you can also use the granules in another way. If trash cans give off bad odors, it’s important to clean them. You can fill them with hot water, add a dishwasher tablet so that it melts, leave it to act for a few hours and then empty and rinse everything.

The dishwasher tablet is versatile on household stains and can therefore be used in various areas of the house where stains and odors are persistent.

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