Christmas is a special time of the year. This period of jubilation and rejoicing is very inspiring for many people who organize the festivities by betting on various decorations. In addition to the essential Christmas tree and decorations in the home, some even go as far as customizing their accessories in Christmas colours.

And technology is no exception: to offer a festive touch to users, WhatsApp reveals a hack that quickly went viral on social media. Allows you to modify thetraditional icon from the platform with another adorned with the famous Santa Claus hat. Do you want to follow the trend? Find out quickly how to get this original design!


Whatsapp – Source: spm

It should be noted, however, that this trick can only be applied by those who have a Smartphone with the Android operating system. If you have an iPhone or other Apple device, unfortunately you won’t be able to use it.

These are the steps to follow to customize the symbol of your application:

  • First you must enter Google and search for a WhatsApp image with a Christmas hat. Most importantly, make sure the image has a transparent background and is in PNG format.
  • Then, enter the Play Store and download the “Nova Launcher” application, which you will find easily.
  • Once installed, the platform will ask you to customize your new interface: you will even notice a small change on the screen, some applications may move, then you will have to rearrange them.
  • Now press the WhatsApp icon for a few seconds, until a small window appears with the Edit option.
  • Thanks to “Nova Launcher”, you can not only change the name of the application, but also its icon with the image saved at the beginning.
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And voila, it’s as simple as that! Once the changes are saved, the WhatsApp icon will be dressed in Christmas colors with a nice holm oak hat. Of course, if you are not very satisfied with it, you just have to uninstall the “Nova Launcher” application to recover the usual version.


Emojis – Source: spm

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