If you think you can achieve a doll-like complexion with a simple brush stroke, think again! The base is undoubtedly the base of a perfect make-up, but it is still necessary to apply it well. It is about knowing how to put on makeup without looking like it: the trend is natural. But for foundation and makeup to stick and for you to maintain a radiant complexion throughout the day, certain gestures are essential. We reveal the trick of the professionals for a successful make-up.

You have your own technique for applying your foundation. With a sponge, a brush or even with your finger… Your method suits you and you are satisfied with it. But for a long-lasting foundation, a step before application is essential, with the key to radiant and satin skin throughout the day. But before revealing this tip, did you know that you should first prepare your skin for makeup?

apply your foundation

Apply your foundation. source: spm

What tips to have a perfect complexion and successful makeup?

Skin preparation is essential for a perfect makeup without imperfections.

  • Start with clear skin : This implies clean, clean and hydrated skin. We can never say it enough, clean skin equals clear, youthful skin. Why not exfoliate once a week to exfoliate your skin, alleviate dead skin and blackheads that dull your complexion?
  • Choose the right tools : brush, blending sponge or hood, it’s up to you to find the accessory that allows you to extend your foundation professionally and above all blend it so as not to apply too much material.
  • know how to dose : above all, you have to know what result you want to have. Is it full coverage or does it just hide some blemishes? But know that to have a natural complexion, nothing beats a fluid foundation, which gives it a healthy glow and avoids the mask effect. On the other hand, if you had a heavy hand on the foundation, there’s no need to panic! Arm yourself with a setting spray and restore your makeup.
  • previous work base : If you use a compact foundation, it is advisable to put a little on the back of your hand and work with a sponge before applying it. This softens the material for easier application. Start by applying it to the forehead, then to the cheeks and chin. Pro tip: feel free to apply it to the lids for a better hold of the eyeshadow.
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Have you ever heard of the “Prime” ? Previously reserved for makeup professionals, primer is now found in almost every bathroom. Here are all the good reasons to use it.

The primer as a make-up base

The primer as a makeup base. source: spm

  • For a better fixation of your base: The primer is a base to apply before makeup. It allows a better adherence to fix the base but not only. It also allows you to set concealer, eye shadow, blush, or even lipstick.
  • For better skin quality: The advantage of this product is also to clear the skin. Blend fine wrinkles, correct redness or hide redness or blemishes… No more small skin imperfections. Your secret? Prevents foundation from penetrating pores and fine lines. Result: a smooth complexion without demarcations.
  • For radiant skin: The primer allows light to reflect to illuminate the skin where it’s needed most. You will not have to be afraid of daylight or artificial lighting.

If the primer allows you to correct the defects of your skin, you should know that you must choose the right tone, according to your needs and your skin type.

  • For acne-prone skin or suffering from pimples and redness, the green primer It is ideal for neutralizing red reflections.
  • For mature or damaged skinPeach primer is preferred to camouflage fine lines and skin blemishes.
  • For tired skin, choose the pink primer to restore radiance; guaranteed boost!
  • For olive or yellow skinLavender Blue or Violet Primer ensures a healthy glow.
  • for dark circles and visible blood vessels, the yellow primer is ideal for camouflaging them. Essential to always have on hand.
A fresh, natural and luminous complexion

A fresh, natural and luminous complexion. source: spm

Did you think it was enough to apply your foundation to have a dream complexion? You are now ready to achieve a radiant complexion. Just use professional tips and tricks for silky smooth skin. Be careful, you may get a lot of compliments! Be prepared !

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