Sliding windows are very practical windows because they allow you to optimize the space in each of your rooms. However, when winter and cold arrive, these windows can become less airtight and allow droplets of cold air to enter the house. Fortunately, there are solutions that allow you to insulate your sliding windows very effectively.

Here are our tips on simple modifications you can make to your windows to insulate them from the cold and make them more airtight.

sliding french window

Sliding patio door – Source: spm

  • Check the window brush seal : to see if it is in good condition. If it no longer insulates correctly, it is probably due to dirt that may have accumulated and use. To remedy this, just get a new brush seal and put it on your sliding window. Guaranteed effectiveness.
  • Insulate the roller shutter box: It is an area through which the heat from the interior escapes but the air from the outside also infiltrates. Simply clean the box and place the insulation inside the knockout box. You will notice the effect on the insulation considerably after doing this.
  • Invest in a thermal lining : In addition to small changes in your insulation, you can also place thermal curtains. They will help you prevent cold air from entering through the windows during the winter and heat during the summer. In addition, it blocks the passage of solar rays by up to 80%
  • waterproof the window : Another option is to seal the seams on the outside of the sliding window. With neutral silicone for universal use, you insulate the joint and prevent humidity and cold from entering the room. To apply this method, the joint between the facade and the window must be scraped with a spatula to clean it. Then apply a coat of silicone thoroughly to avoid staining the wall; and finally, smooth it with a damp finger.
double glazed window

Double glazed window – Source: spm

  • Install double glazing: The most effective way to protect and insulate poorly sealed and soundproof windows is to replace the single pane with a double one. Before opting for double glazing, it is necessary to take into account certain parameters such as the thickness of the air chamber, as well as the thickness and type of glass in question. The insulation of your windows depends on these three factors.
  • put a weather stripping : The most widely used draft excluder in sliding windows is rubber. To install it, it will be necessary to remove the windows from their track, then clean and dry the surface. Next, measure the space where you want the weatherstripping, cut it, and insert it into the window tracks. This way it will stick to the surface.
  • Damage repair around the window: Over time, it is common for small cracks or holes to appear at the junction of the wall and frame. This is usually caused by the constant pressure that is exerted when opening and closing the windows. Therefore, it is essential to repair these cracks to prevent heat from heating, for example, from escaping from the interior and to prevent cold air from entering from outside. You can apply a flexible putty over the cracks and thus find a better insulation for your window.
aluminum sliding window

Aluminum sliding window – Source: spm

What are the benefits of better insulating your sliding windows?

1/ A uniform temperature: heat escapes when windows are not properly insulated. Therefore, you will spend more money heating your home more. Thanks to good insulation of the walls and sliding windows, you avoid a considerable loss of heat and prevent the cold from penetrating, all of this achieving a uniform temperature.

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2/ Avoid outside noise: By insulating your windows well, you will also get better acoustic insulation, thus avoiding annoying noise from the street or from the neighbors across the street.

3/ Save money and preserve the environment: When your house is well insulated, energy consumption is reduced as well as the electricity bill. This helps reduce environmental impact as well.

These multiple solutions will allow you to properly insulate your sliding windows while taking advantage of their many advantages.

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