Either by WiFi or mobile data, to better understand where the slow internet on your mobile comes from, it would be good to identify the connection speed on Android. This speed test will be really necessary to determine the failure in the network. It can be easily done from any device that has a network connection, including a TV. Now let’s see how to do it from your Smartphone.

slow connection

Slow connection – Source: spm

What data is obtained with a speed test?

This action is very useful to know the status of your network in the event of a possible incident. It is generally recommended to do this when you find that your cell phone is taking too long to load web pages and/or access applications that require an Internet link. In which case, it’s probably helpful to notify your carrier of a persistent fault.

Here are the most effective tools to measure the speed of your Internet connection. If you’re not familiar with the data these metrics display, you should first know what they mean:

  • Whistle : This is the unit of measurement for connection latency. It refers to the milliseconds it takes for your device to establish a connection with a remote computer. Therefore, keep in mind that the less ping you have, the lower the latency in your connection and the smoother it will be in certain contexts, such as playing an online video game.
  • Discharge : Generally expressed in Mbps (Megabits per second), it measures the speed available to your connection to download an external package to the device, such as photos in particular. The less time the content takes to download, the faster the download speed will be.
  • Increase : Contrary to download speed, this tool (in Mbps) refers to the time it takes your device to download content over the network. For example, if you upload a photo to the web, the higher the upload speed, the less time it will take to upload it completely.
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Good to know : You may be wondering what the perfect connection looks like. Ideally, this should lead to a higher download speed than download speed. (Above 30 to go down and above 4 to go up) the ping must be less than 80 ms. However, it generally depends on what you are going to use it for. You won’t always need the same speeds and Ping to upload large files to the cloud as you would to access your WhatsApp app.

speed test result

Speed ​​test result – Source: spm

Here is an application to quickly measure the speed of your connection

Although there are several programs to perform this speed test, there is one application that stands out. At least, it is the one that we believe to be the best and most successful in this area. So, if you were to select just one, we highly recommend you go for “SpeedTest” app to perform your speed test. It is even already a classic on Android Google Play, very popular among users. And for good reason, this platform offers a simple and intuitive interface to perform a fast and reliable speed test. You will get very clear results in just a few seconds. This will allow you to make some changes or contact your operator to try to fix the slow internet problem on your mobile.

What to do if your internet connection is slow on your mobile?

There are several things you can try if you are experiencing slow internet on your phone:

  1. Reboot your phone – This can temporarily fix some software issues and improve your connection speed.
  2. Check your network coverage – Make sure you are connected to a network and that your signal is strong. If you are in a location with poor coverage, this can slow down your connection.
  3. Close background apps: Background apps can use up bandwidth and slow down your Internet connection. Close them to improve the performance of your phone.
  4. Redefine your Wi-Fi connection: If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, try redefining it by forgetting the network and reconnecting. This can solve some connection problems.
  5. Contact your Internet Service Provider – If none of these solutions work, the problem may be with your Internet Service Provider. Contact them for help and try to fix the problem.
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