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How to clean and degrease a dirty oven effortlessly? 3 methods to make it look like new



baking soda to clean the oven

Cleaning the oven is arguably one of the hardest household chores to do. However, this step is essential to avoid problems that may affect your health and the proper functioning of your appliance. To help you clean the oven naturally, you can try this natural, effective and economical method.

How to clean a dirty oven?

For a sparkling clean oven, it’s a good idea to use three natural and affordable ingredients by following these few steps to defeat dirt and odors.

  1. Use Baking Soda to Deep Clean the Oven

baking soda to clean the oven

Baking soda paste in the oven. source: spm

Before you start, make sure your oven is cool. Then remove the racks and, using a paper towel or old rag, wipe down the inside of the oven to remove any burnt-on food residue. Mix a cup of baking soda with a little water in a bowl until you get a smooth paste. Then put on rubber gloves to protect your hands and apply the mixture with your fingers. Let stand overnight. Once the internal surfaces are coated with baking soda, stubborn grease and grime will come off easily.

  1. Wash oven racks in a mixture of boiling water and powdered detergent.

Cleaning the oven racks

Cleaning the oven racks. source: spm

Meanwhile, submerge oven racks in a mixture of boiling water and washing powder. The next day, use a sponge to remove the layer of dirt from the grills. It will only take you a few minutes! If you don’t have powdered detergent on hand, you can use dryer sheets instead of powdered detergent. These will also help you scrub the oven racks. Finally, clean the inside of the oven with a damp cloth. You can also use a spatula to more easily remove residue stuck to the walls.

  1. Complete oven cleaning with white vinegar

Cleaning the oven door with vinegar

Cleaning the oven door with vinegar. source: spm

To complete your cleaning, fill a spray bottle with white vinegar. Spray the product on the areas that still contain baking soda and let it sit for a few moments. Take another clean, damp cloth and wipe away any stubborn product residue and other dirt. White vinegar will thus have a triple action. The latter will allow both degreasing, disinfecting and eliminating bad odors from the oven.

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Other methods to keep your oven clean

As you will have understood, cleaning the oven becomes easier using the right products. It is possible to take certain additional actions to keep it in perfect condition. Here are some examples.

  • Clean the oven regularly

The secret to keeping your oven spotless is cleaning up spills and grease early. In fact, these can harden on the inside walls of the oven and make the task more difficult to perform. Do not hesitate to involve the whole family in carrying out this task after each cooking. This reflection will help you remove dirt and bad odors from the oven more easily.

  • Try the bowl method in the oven

bowl of water in the oven

Bowl of water in the oven. source: spm

After removing the dish from the oven, place a heatproof container of water in the oven. Then turn on the oven at the highest temperature and let the water boil for about twenty minutes. The water vapor will thus dislodge the remains of food that are adhered to the walls of the oven. Once this time has elapsed, take the bowl out of the oven and wait for the oven to cool completely. All you have to do is wipe the oven down with a clean, dry cloth or paper towel.

  • Use oven lining

Finally, it is possible to keep the oven clean by using an oven liner. It is a mat-shaped protection specially designed to receive the different projections of food cooked in the oven. Thus, when your plate overflows during cooking, you only have to remove this accessory and wash it with soapy water. As an alternative, you can place aluminum foil on the bottom of the oven, respecting its dimensions.

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Another complementary advice: do not forget to cover your dishes during cooking. This will prevent your oven from getting dirty from sauce splatters.

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Google warns Gmail users against these new scams: how to protect yourself?



gmail mailbox

Due to a wave of scam emails targeting Gmail users in the run-up to Christmas and the holiday season, Google is issuing an urgent warning!

Holiday season: Google reacts to the rise of email scams

In an article on the site published on November 22, Google explains that its cybersecurity team is doing everything possible to protect Gmail users against many threats related to phishing, malware, spam, etc. The company claims that, based on nearly 15 billion spam messages per day, blocks more than 99.9%. The Internet giant also said that during the In the last two weeks alone, it has managed to block more than 231 billionspam emails and phishing attempts10% more than usual.

Despite all these efforts, scammers still find a way around Google’s defenses. For this reason, the technology giant points out that it is essential to be vigilant, especially towards the end of the year, because that is when scammers intensify their attacks. In this regard, Google has clarified the most common scam methods that Gmail users should be aware of.

gmail mailbox

Gmail mailbox. source: spm

What are the types of email scams to watch out for during the holidays?

Indeed, this holiday season is the perfect opportunity for scammers to unleash their tricks on a busy and distracted public who only think about having fun and enjoying the holidays. But by being aware of some common scams, you can stay safe while on vacation. Nelson Bradley, Director of Trust and Security at Google Workspace shared the most common scam methods during the holiday season.

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Gift cards and contests: scammers pose as someone the victim knows to encourage them to buy a gift card, enter a contest, or offer them a free prize. In an attempt to steal your credit card information.

Charities: this phishing technique is most prevalent during the holiday season. Scam artists pose as charities and trick people into donating to those in need.

Demographic targeting: Scammers attempt to use specific information related to your life or identity to trick you into responding to a call to action.

Subscription renewal: Scammers often pose as antivirus and try to trick people into renewing their subscriptions by promising maximum security.

Cryptocurrency scams: scammers attempt to extort money from their victims using a cryptocurrency wallet to receive payments. Generally, they get it through a threat.

Even though Gmail may warn you or the Google algorithm will do what is necessary to block these fake emails, you still need to be able to protect yourself against these spam messages.

receive an email

Receive an email. source: spm

How to protect yourself against email scams?

You don’t need to be an expert to protect yourself against these scammers. Here are some rules to follow to avoid being a victim during the holiday season:

Do not react immediately: The first thing scammers rely on is creating a sense of urgency in their victims. If you receive a tempting gift or offer, do nothing, take time to reflect and ask yourself questions.

Always check every detail : Check carefully the email address of the sender, as well as the link you receive and compare it with that of the company or association researching on Google. Also check the email for any spelling or grammatical errors. The most important thing is not to click on the links or download the documents that are sent to you.

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Do not send your personal data: Giveaways, deals (luxury brands), and charity calls provide opportunities for scammers to trick victims into clicking malicious traps, tricking them into revealing sensitive personal information (credit cards), taking money from them for any medium. What you should know is that no matter what the reason, no reputable association, organization or company will require you to submit your personal details or make a payment.

Block a spam email

Block spam email. source: spm

Always be alert, not just on vacation. Even if it tempts you, avoid succumbing, no matter what. Stay vigilant and take care to protect your personal information and money. And remember that nothing is ever free!

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How to improve WiFi coverage in your home? 6 free tricks that work



wifi modem

You can boost the signal of your free Wi-Fi connection cheaply. Simple methods will help you have a successful network. Your modem will cover a larger area.

How to boost your Wi-Fi connection with 5 tips?

Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, you can take advantage of the network on various supports such as television, computer, tablet or even the phone. Unfortunately, the signal may be weak and negatively affect network coverage. However, it is effective to adopt certain habits that will help you a lot when you go online.

wifi modem

Wi-Fi modem. source: spm

  • Change the location of the Wifi modem

If your network coverage is weak, it’s important to make a smart decision. The beginning ? Change the location of the router. If your modem is close to the wall, it can pick up the signal unnecessarily because it absorbs the WiFi waves. is the same for devices such as televisions which can limit the information sent by the WiFi modem.


wireless. source: spm

  • Use aluminum for a stronger WiFi connection

Whether it is a modem with external or internal antennas, it is possible strengthen coverage economically. This is the case if you have aluminum foil at home and you put it under the router to strengthen the signal. You can also put your router in an aluminum box if your router has external antennas. On the other hand, if these are internal, it is recommended to cover a large part of the surface of the Wifi modem.

  • change wifi channel

It may be necessary to change the channel if your neighbors are using the same channel as you to avoid an interference problem. The most used channel for Wifi is 2.4 GHz, while the ones with the greatest coverage are 1, 6 and 11. For this reason, it is recommended to use the Wifi Analyzer application to identify the power of the channel. You will be able to see if the latter is saturated and choose the one that is less saturated. Thanks to this ingenious gesture, you will be able to extend the coverage of your network.

  • Check the devices that use the Wi-Fi network

As you will have understood, many connected devices can reduce the network that becomes insufficient. In this case, it is important to disconnect some peripherals. If this is not possible for you, limit them to the guest network so as not to create interference on the main network.

  • Change the direction of the antennas for a better Wi-Fi connection

If your modem has external antennas on the front, it’s a good idea to reposition them for better range of your connection. You can change its direction until you get a strong signal. If all these habits have not been conclusive, it is recommended that you invest in a Wifi amplifier, repeaters.

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If your signal is weak, this does not mean that your modem is faulty. A few smart moves will help you get good coverage.

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In case of theft, how to prevent your mobile from turning off?




Nobody wants to be the victim of an unexpected theft of their smartphone. This is also the fear of many users. Unfortunately, this type of incident can happen to anyone. We must constantly be on our guard, because we all know that insecurity is one of the biggest scourges in certain countries. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, it is essential to know in detail the tools and functions available to your mobile. How to react in case of theft? Here you have the procedure to follow to prevent your Android mobile from turning off and some useful tips to limit the damage.

stolen phone

Stolen phone – Source: spm

Fortunately, there are various ways and apps that allow you to lock your Android device, whether you are away from home or office. Here we are going to show you a trick with which you will prevent a thief from turning off your Smartphone and thus be able to locate it quickly.

Here are the 6 steps to follow to automatically activate this function and prevent the thief from turning off your mobile:

1. Enter the settings.
2. Find the “Lock screen” section.
3. Touch where it says “Secure lock settings”.
4. To continue, you will be asked to enter your security PIN or pattern.
5. In this section, you need to enable the “Lock with Side Key” options.
6. In the same way, enable the “Lock network and security” function.

After performing all these steps, the thief will no longer be able to turn off your mobile. In addition, the security PIN will be used when you are on the street.

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By carrying out this action you will have more time in your favor to locate your mobile and try to recover it in one way or another.

banking app

Bank application – Source: spm

Tips to follow after the theft of a smartphone

Have you been the victim of an unfortunate theft of your mobile phone? Don’t ignore the situation and don’t wait to react. Here is the process to adopt in the following hours:

  • Change the password of your applications

Typically, banking apps do not authenticate automatically. But other tools, like email and social media, allow anyone with the device to change the password through SMS authentication. Some of these applications allow to change the password on the corresponding websites, which makes it easy for the device owner to change it quickly and at any time.

On social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, changing your password can be done in the Security and Login sections of the platform’s websites. In Gmail, changing your password is in the personal information section.

When a laptop is stolen, notifying your bank or other financial institutions is an essential step that you should not overlook. In fact, the bank can immediately block its application on your mobile, as well as any transfer that the criminal tries to make to third-party accounts.

Please note that each bank has its own channel for this service, usually available on the institution’s website. Bank phone contacts are also available on Google.

Another essential action: you must submit a statement at the nearest police station to record the theft of your mobile phone (or any other object) in order to prove that the crime has actually been committed. Especially since the report may be required by your bank, your insurer or any other authority. This is an essential test to start any procedure.
Often, in addition to the mobile phone, we also have identity documents that can be stolen. If you are found without identification, a police report will be helpful.

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