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How supermarkets make you spend more



Buying in a supermarket is a banal moment that stresses both the consumer and the supermarket decision makers. It seems that the sales force has become the key word that decides the bets. Marketing invents tricks to make us spend more. Here’s a dealer strategy you need to know to stick to your shopping list and spend less.

A lot happens in a supermarket. On the one hand, the expectations of the consumers that we are: stable prices, good offers, buying more while spending less, satisfying the family and following the shopping list. In addition, they comply with those of the distributor: increase billing, pay suppliers, invoices and employees, build consumer loyalty and give them a feeling of satisfaction. Everything is decided at the moment of the purchase decision and the payment: the seller knows if his marketing has lived up to his expectations! For the customer, the receipt is authentic: it is he who will “notice” this supermarket!

Shopping at the supermarket

Shopping in the supermarket. source: spm

You are already an informed consumer. You have identified how supermarkets proceed. Nothing is out of the ordinary. The arrangement of the shelves, the ambient music, the location of the products of great need at the exit. The sectorization of the racks and their location are part of a commercial and tactical reflection. Here, for example, is a tactic that few people know about and that will do everything possible to encourage buying without need.

  • The cart and the products that make you spend more in the supermarket!

Of course, for security reasons, do not enter the store with your shopping bag or with your suitcases. We offer you plastic carts with wheels. You have often said to yourself: “Why are they so big? We are playing here with the instinct of satisfaction: the consumer would be happier, the basket full… It is therefore a matter of filling it. The various promotional requests, the novelties want to divert you from your goals. You go if you do not pay attention to interesting products but for which you were not interested at first. These two levers of the sales force are identified: share them even with the family and the children who accompany you. “We only take what we really need! “. A difficult course of action to follow, but one that will allow you to stick to your budget at checkout.

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Manufacturers have also understood these levers: more and more, they package their product in smaller quantities in the hope that the customer will buy more units… to “fill their basket” what seems light.

A small supermarket basket.

A small supermarket basket. source: spm

These products are released during promotional offers. So be wary of this point, which plays with the need for accumulation, grafted onto the fear of lack. Unmasking them is already a point, remaining an informed and knowledgeable consumer is your winning strategy!

  • Reduce the number of products.

Another tactic, which we rightly wondered if it wasn’t illegal, was to invite your favorite supermarket. The box of chocolates that has fewer bites than last year, substituting certain ingredients for others of lower quality… We speak of “masked inflation”, in English “shrinkflation”.

Read the product label

Read the product label. source: spm

This process is not deceptive, since the manufacturer has changed the quantity on the labels. If you look at the topic (about 2% of the references in question, according to studies), the label will tell you that the price per kilo has increased (30 or 40%, sometimes): it is the portion that has decreased. “Everything seems perfect in the best of all worlds”… Not quite! The strategy begins to annoy consumers and leaves an aftertaste of dissatisfaction: isn’t marketing cutting its own branch?

Consumers like supermarkets, everyone is trying to save their budget. Tactics to make us spend more and erase the effects of inflation. One last piece of advice: stick to your shopping list and the products you know well.

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Remove all scratches from wooden furniture with two ingredients: perfect result in 2 minutes



Éliminez toutes les rayures des meubles en bois avec deux ingrédients001

Is your beautiful wooden furniture that you love full of scratches? And you really want to restore it to its former glory! No panic! With these 2 ingredients you can save your beautiful wooden coffee table or your bookshelf. This simple and effective solution will solve your problem in no time. Follow us to start an anti-scratch operation.

Scratches on wood can be really annoying and spoil the beauty of your furniture. But you don’t need to buy expensive and unhealthy products to get rid of them. With just 2 ingredients it’s easy, you can remove scratches from your wood furniture in no time.

Scratches on wooden furniture

Scratches on wooden furniture – Source: spm

Scratches are one of the biggest problems when it comes to maintaining your wooden furniture. Especially if your wooden furniture is varnishedcare should be taken not to bring it into contact with any what a product that could harm it even more. Since solid wood or dark wood furniture is very delicate, it can be damaged for various reasons. Remains of glass or scratches left by the passage of other objects on the table, and now your beautiful piece of furniture is impregnated with unsightly stains. With these two ingredients, you will very quickly remove scratches installed on your solid wood furniture.

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– Oil and vinegar to erase scratches on wood

white vinegar 7

White vinegar – Source: spm

Are you tired of seeing scratches on your beautiful solid wood living room furniture? No panic! We have the solution to your problem. Dear readers, by using only these 2 ingredients, your problem will be solved. Although it may surprise you, the mixture of oil and vinegar can work wonders on your varnished wood furniture. These are the necessary ingredients to apply this trick:

  • 1 cup oil for wood furniture
  • 1/2 cup white vinegar
  • 1 empty steamer
  1. Mix specific oil for wooden furniture and white vinegar in a bowl. Mix until obtaining a homogeneous texture.
  2. Then pour the composition into a spray bottle and shake well.
  3. Spray this solution on a soft cloth and gently rub the surface of the scratched wood furniture.
  4. Allow to dry for a few minutes and wipe the surface with a soft, dry cloth to remove excess product.

Result: the ugly scratches on your wooden furniture will have disappeared thanks to this technique. It’s simple and effective, isn’t it?

– A nut to erase scratches in the wood

Simply rub the damaged area with a nut to fill in any scratches and leave a smooth surface. The walnut will fill in the gaps to reveal a smooth surface.

Scratches on all types of wood are really annoying. Some are deep and others are superficial like the claws of your pets. But it is always possible to remove them. Nothing is easier! Discover these tips to adopt on a day-to-day basis.

– Use oil and toothpaste to remove scratches on wood

toothpaste 1

Toothpaste – Source: spm

Do you have cat claws on your beautiful wooden table? Don’t worry about using toothpaste and olive oil, it will just be a bad memory. First of all,

  1. Mix toothpaste with olive oil or any vegetable oil to form a paste.
  2. Then rub this solution over the scratches on your wooden furniture.
  3. Let it act for a few minutes.
  4. Remove the rest of the product with a soft cloth. And now, voila!

Give new life to your varnished wooden furniture with a mixture of olive oil and white vinegar. This is the procedure to follow:

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  1. In a container, mix 180 ml of olive oil and 60 ml of white vinegar.
  2. Moisten a microfiber or other cloth with this mixture.
  3. Apply to the damaged surface according to the texture of the wood.
  4. Repeat if necessary to achieve the desired result.

This easy, affordable, and environmentally friendly method helps you preserve the natural beauty of your stained wood. Olive oil and white vinegar are natural ingredients that nourish wood without damaging it. Scratches and small claws will not resist this mixture. You can also use this mixture to refresh and shine other furniture and varnished wooden objects.

Your wooden furniture will be like new again dear readers and you will not need to apply a new layer of varnish or sand it to return it to its original color. Get started and do something good with your wooden furniture to restore its shine!

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What flowers bloom in winter?



Quelles sont les fleurs qui fleurissent en hiver final

In winter, most plants enter the growing season. This is a time when many flowers fail to bloom. Therefore, it is necessary to wait for spring to enjoy a beautiful flowering. However, some species stand out and, with proper maintenance, can flourish despite the low temperatures. Today we are going to reveal some species that bloom perfectly during the winter period to bring joy and color to your interior.

a christmas cactus

A Christmas cactus – Source: spm

What is the December flower?

Commonly called the “Christmas cactus”, Schlumbergera (botanical name) is a succulent that blooms in winter, mainly in December. Although this cold season is beneficial to him, it is better to make sure that you offer him the best conditions. This plant beautifully decorates your interior with its red flowers that sometimes turn pink or purple. It is advisable to prepare it for flowering from October. During this period, the plant must be kept at a temperature of about 10°C and exposed to the sun for eight hours a day. In November, you should move it to a warmer place and start watering it generously more often. In this way, your Christmas cactus will reveal a magnificent bloom in December.

Christmas Eve 1

Christmas Eve – Source: spm

Poinsettia, the festive plant

Another symbol of Christmas, very popular in Europe, Christmas Eve, better known as the “Star of Bethlehem”, decorates the interior of your home in a sumptuous way to celebrate the holidays. It blooms only in winter and sets the stage for sublime red blooms. Like the previous one, this plant is not difficult to care for either. Room temperature suits it very well and it should be watered every two days. But be careful, keep in mind that the Star of Bethlehem is poisonous. Never leave within the reach of children and pets.

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African violet, queen of the interior

Although Saintpaulia doesn’t like the cold, it still thrives in winter. The so-called “African violet” is a hybrid plant that is distinguished by its magnificent purple petals, contrasted with yellow stamens in its heart, so it will give a real seal to your interior decoration. If you want to pick this flower, be careful of drafts, but also do not place it near the radiator. This plant does best at room temperature. Remember to water it once a week, but be careful, its leaves are very sensitive to water, so they should not get wet. Therefore, it is better to water the plant by pouring water into the saucer, and not directly into the pot.

the camellia

The Camellia – Source: spm

the camellia

Of Asian origin, Camellia is also a very attractive winter flowering plant. Its flowers range from red, pink, white and sometimes even yellow. Easy to care for, camellia thrives in slightly moist, acidic soil. Therefore, the risks must be frequent, but without abusing either. On the other hand, it is necessary to protect this plant from the sun and direct sources of heat.

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the cyclamen

Perennial plant with green and very fleshy foliage, the Cyclamen is one of the most beautiful effects indoors. With its sometimes dark, sometimes light tone, this plant brightens up any room. Be sure to place it in a cool environment so its pretty purple flowers don’t wilt. Avoid exposing it to the sun at all costs and water it with a saucer under the pot. Make sure you never get the flowers wet or the buds will rot.

the chrysanthemum

Another ideal species to decorate the interior of your home, the Chrysanthemum, nicknamed “Daisy of the Dead” (since it is associated with All Saints’ Day), blooms in early autumn and can last until December. These fall flowers are very colorful, just like spring daisies. In addition to their lively palette, they come in various forms, enough to grace your living room. Symbolizing joy and good humor, the Chrysanthemum is not demanding in terms of maintenance. Just water the soil once it’s dry, keep the flowers dry to avoid disease, and remove wilted ones over the weeks.

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3 zodiac signs will receive beautiful surprises in 2023



3 signes du zodiaque vont recevoir de belles surprises en 2023_

Each year brings its share of hope, challenges, and surprises. In fact, some zodiac signs will be lucky enough to experience changes in their professional and personal lives in 2023. Jupiter in Aries, Saturn in Pisces, and Pluto in Aquarius will have a positive influence on their daily lives. Then take a look at the list of favorite signs!

New horizons open up for many astrological signs. While some will still have a hard time in different spheres of their lives, others, on the contrary, will experience true happiness. Success, romantic encounters and financial takeoff will be on the program this year.

Which zodiac signs will experience positive changes in 2023?

The wheel of the zodiac turns in favor of three astrological signs in 2023. They will finally be able to fulfill their dreams and meet people who will transform their lives for the better. If you are one of the signs in the spotlight, take advantage of this opportunity without asking yourself any questions!

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ram surprises

Aries. source: spm

Throughout 2023, Aries will be one of the lucky signs of the zodiac. It could highlight your talents and your many qualities in the professional setting. Employees or colleagues will listen carefully to your advice and project ideas. They will not hesitate to follow his action plan to the letter as he would have imagined. Furthermore, his great potential will not go unnoticed by his superiors. Therefore, he could be offered a quick increase in income or a good promotion. This financial flow will allow Aries to solve all his past financial problems and fulfill one of his greatest wishes. In addition, a life change is expected soon. According to the stars, Aries is likely to move to another city to take advantage of a new job or self-realization opportunity. This can be a new job or essential training for career development. Whichever path he decides to take, Aries takes big steps. Joy and great satisfaction will mark your year!


rich cancer

Cancer. source: spm

The year 2023 will be synonymous with renewal for the sign of Cancer. It will be time for him to draw a line under the past and open a new chapter in his life. Most of the time, this Water sign will be led to think of a new way of undertaking and to establish new priorities for the future. This year, Cancer will be able to evolve in his career and move up the ladder within the company. The planets will spread a climate of luck and will support him in all his endeavors. However, this zodiac sign will have to put aside all his fears and worries to bring positive transformations to his daily life, be it professionally or romantically. On the heart side, the year 2023 will be propitious for the birth of a new serious and romantic relationship. A sudden meeting can turn into a sincere and deep love. Then he will put a lot of effort into himself to forge strong and trustworthy ties.

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rich fish

Pisces. source: spm

Here is another representative of the Water element who could also change his life in 2023. Pisces will have all the cards in hand this year to change his career or activity orientation. When you have found the direction that best suits your ambitions, you will not hesitate to implement thoughtful and concrete actions. At the end of the year, this zodiac sign will reap the rewards of their hard work. Result: success and success will be there. One thing is certain, the work will bring money but also real pleasure in the day to day. However, the planets advise this Water sign to find a balance between his professional life and his family life. For example, you can take some time to organize a trip and let yourself go in the company of people who are dear to you. It is also possible that during a trip or a vacation, the Pisces can meet a person who will blow their hearts out. Passion and pleasure will be there!

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