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High mountains: the importance of protecting yourself well from the cold



high mountain

The dangers of high mountain weather

Before going to the high mountains, it is important know the potential dangers to prepare myself better. The dangers in the high mountains are mainly related to the weather. Among the elements that can endanger the life and health of lovers of high mountain sports, we find:

  • low temperatures,
  • the risk of fog and avalanches,
  • rainfall,
  • strong winds,
  • electrical storms, etc.

The weather is therefore a decisive factor for practicing sports in the high mountains. Before you go there, you should first check the weather forecast for the weather. If the weather conditions are not favorable, the ideal is to cancel the stay. Guides, climbers or shelter keepers often have reliable weather information. That is why we can trust their advice. In addition to the forecasts, it is important to be aware of the weather conditions previous days the exit to the mountain. This helps identify wetlands and prepare them better.

How to effectively protect yourself from the cold in the mountains?

To protect yourself from the cold in the high mountains, you should wear appropriate clothing.

Wear warm jackets in the high mountains.

To protect yourself from the cold in the high mountains, the best solution is to wear mountain jackets. The latter are designed with materials that provide good thermal insulation. Low temperatures are no longer an obstacle for lovers of high mountain sports thanks to mountaineering jackets which can be found in technical clothing stores. There are down jackets made with natural goose or duck down.

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Although these accessories are effective in protecting against the cold, they are less durable. They can lose up to 40% of their insulating capacity when wet. The most durable down jackets are synthetic down models. These provide a feeling of warmth and protection from the wind and are highly breathable. Synthetic down mountaineering jackets are also lightweight and packable.

These warm jackets can be easily stored in a bag. The mountaineering jacket can be worn as a mid-season jacket or as a second layer. In addition to warm jackets, waterproof jackets are important to protect against bad weather. Synthetic down jackets are suitable for mountaineering, hiking, skiing, etc. They are usually equipped with zippered hand pockets and interior pockets to store personal items. To choose these garments, it is essential to ensure that they have been tested and approved for high mountains.

high mountain

High mountain – Source: spm

Other useful accessories to protect you from the cold

It is also important to cover the lower part and the extremities of the body well to better protect oneself from the cold. For lower body protection, a two-layer system is effective. With a Thermal underwear and insulated pants, the lower part of the body is well protected. To protect your head and neck, you can wear a hat and neck warmer. For lovers of skiing in winter, the ideal is to provide a helmet and a balaclava to cover the face well.

Gloves allow you to stay warm while having the freedom to use your hands. Trekking or mountaineering shoes are important equipment to face the cold in the high mountains. These shoes must be breathable to prevent perspiration. To reinforce foot protection, it is important to wear good quality socks. Wool socks are suitable for hiking in high mountains.

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Tips for staying warm during a mountain bivouac

After a long day of hiking, the mountaineer or hiker deserves a good night’s rest. For this night to be pleasant, it is important to stay warm. For this, you must provide a suitable sleeping bag. In addition to being very insulating, the the sleeping bag must be medium in size. Small sleeping bags do not provide good thermal insulation, while larger ones often have cold spots inside. To stay warm during a bivouac in the mountains, you should avoid lying on the cold ground. For example, you can lie on a small folding mattress or put twigs or ferns under your shelter to keep it from touching the ground.

the bag sheet It is an important accessory to keep you warm during a bivouac in the mountains. The silk ones are ideal to gain a few extra degrees inside the sleeping bag. During the bivouac night, the hat, the gloves and the socks are always necessary to keep warm. Before going to bed, some people play sports to warm up.

However, it is important to be careful with perspiration. Salts from perspiration absorb moisture. In this case, even being well equipped, one can get very cold. Before going to bed, the ideal is to increase your body temperature without sweating. Another tip for staying warm during a bivouac is limit air exchange between the inside and outside of the sleeping bag. For safety, you must provide a lamp and have an external battery to charge your phone.

What to eat and drink in the high mountains?

In the high mountains, good nutrition is as important as protective equipment against the cold. To stay warm, the climber or hiker must have a rich and balanced diet. For example, you can choose to:

  • cereal bars,
  • jam slices,
  • pasta,
  • boiled eggs,
  • fish,
  • cheese etc
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instant soups and bread they are also good food to eat in the mountains. Raw vegetables like tomato, cucumber, and cabbage will come in handy for gourmet sandwiches and salads. To provide vitamins to the body, fruits such as hazelnuts, olives, oranges or carrots are ideal. As for the drink, you should always carry a good amount of water when you are in the high mountains. To be well hydrated, the mountaineer must drink at least 1.5 L of water per day. It is important to drink regularly even if you are not thirsty. To vary the drinks, you can reserve some tea bags to drink hot.

What to do if you get lost in the mountains to protect yourself from the cold?

When hiking in high mountains, it is possible to get lost or stuck. In this case, you should not panic. The first option to solve this type of situation is‘call the emergency and wait for them patiently. To prevent the phone from dying, all applications on the device must be closed. Among the equipment needed to practice sports in the high mountains, the whistle is one of the most important. This accessory allows you to launch a distress signal and be quickly identified. You can also make a fire that you will have to feed with green leaves so that it produces more smoke. These will draw the attention of the emergency services.

When you get lost in the mountains, you can find your way by yourself. To achieve this, we can try to retrace our steps. With a map of the area, compass and GPS, you can easily find your way. the navigation tools they are therefore very important for high mountain sports. If the mountaineer or hiker does not have one, he can follow a river or stream. Watercourses generally cross inhabited areas.

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Cold in the car? This button will allow you to heat up faster



being cold in the car

being cold in the car

Being cold in the car – Source: spm

When should air recirculation be used?

Activation of this button causes the closing of the air intake shutters in the ventilation ducts. This means that the ventilation system restricts the flow of air from outside the car. Keep in mind that the fan uses the air in the car and, depending on the selected temperature, can heat or cool the car. Thanks to this process, the air outside the vehicle does not mix with the air that circulates inside.

This closed loop is useful in a variety of environments, including when there’s a car emitting excessive smoke in front of you or when you’re stuck in a traffic jam. Most of the time, closing the circuit helps prevent bad odors from outside, thus preventing them from entering the interior of the car. Whether it’s the smell of sewage, manure scattered across fields, or smoke from a roadside fire.

In addition, air recycling is essential when temperatures drop. In winter, thanks to this function, you can heat the car faster and more efficiently to better cope with frosty mornings. However, it must be remembered that this circulation should not be used for too long.

In fact, it is necessary to switch to an open circuit to avoid fogging that spreads rapidly on the windows or the accumulation of drops of water. Not to mention, driving in recirculated air mode and a lack of fresh air can lead to a profusion of moisture exhaled by passengers. In addition to the fogged windows, the atmosphere in the passenger compartment will be stifling.

Foggy car windows

Fogged car windows – Source: spm

How to prevent car windows from fogging up?

Unfortunately, in winter there are more traffic accidents due to poor visibility due to fogged up vehicle windows. However, it is possible to limit the risks by practicing some of the following tips to prevent the spread of fogging. So you will enjoy a safer and more comfortable trip.

  • anti-fog products

To remedy the problem of fogging on windows and windshields, you can get specialized products that will considerably reduce moisture condensation on car windows. The downside to these types of products is that they can leave streaks on the glass and can also dry out your skin over time. In this case, there is an amazing alternative: you can use shaving foam to remove this fog in the short term. It sounds weird, but it works! Just spread a little on a cloth and rub the entire tarnished area. Then use another dry cloth to remove any remaining foam.

  • Roll down the windows

This emergency option works when it is not too cold outside and especially when you can drive with the windows down for a few meters. The air inside is immediately renewed and the windows equalize their temperature with that of the outside, thus preventing them from fogging up.

  • using shampoo

Like shaving foam, it can also be alternated with a little shampoo. Spread it on a dry cloth and rub your windows carefully. Then, dry everything with a clean, dry cloth. Not only the fog will disappear quickly, but the car will also enjoy a pleasant fragrance.

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How do I know if the batteries are still charged?



A third of discarded batteries still contain 40% energy

From kitchen scales to game controllers to clocks and remote controls, alkaline and saline batteries have invaded our homes. Our boxes and drawer bottoms are full of batteries that we don’t know if they’re still good. Stop! Here are some tips to make them profitable and save energy.

How to tell if a battery is dead

The musical book that no longer wants to sing, the electric chain that no longer wants to turn on, the remote control car that no longer wants to move and that’s it, we change the batteries and get rid of the old ones. However, studies show that half of the batteries that are thrown away are still charged. Here’s how to test your batteries without any hardware in seconds to see if they still have power.

  1. Take your stack in your hand, hold it vertically
  2. Place it upright on a hard surface such as a table.
  3. Raise it 1 or 2 cm and let it fall vertically.
  4. If your stack falls vertically, it still contains some charge, if it falls flat, it’s empty.

And why will you tell us? Simply because a charged alkaline battery contains manganese dioxide, which is a heavy, pasty substance that will somehow weigh down the battery. As this dioxide is used, it transforms into much lighter manganese oxide.
Afterwards, if you want to test your batteries in a more precise and scientific way, you can always equip yourself with a multimeter. It measures the voltage of all types of batteries and allows you to classify your used and still usable batteries.

A third of discarded batteries still contain 40% energy

One third of discarded batteries still contain 40% energy. source: spm

5 tips to make batteries last longer

We often tend to prefer disposable batteries to rechargeable batteries because they are less expensive, can be used right away, and discharge much less quickly. A French household has an average of 100 batteries. However, an ADEME study shows that they have 30 times more impact on ecology. So if we can’t do without them, let’s at least try to save them for the sake of the planet and our wallet.

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Here are some tips and tricks to make your batteries last longer:

1-Keep your batteries well: To preserve the qualities of your batteries, it is necessary to store them in a dry place at a moderate temperature between 20 and 25°C. So they work longer.

2-Limit the time of use : try not to use a battery without interruption for too long a period of time at the risk of discharging it more quickly.

3- Remove batteries from devices. : When a device is not working, make sure to turn it off completely or even remove the batteries, because sometimes there is a little power consumption even when not in use. Also, batteries that are left in a device for too long can sometimes leak and leak.

4- Change all the batteries at once : In a device that requires several batteries to work, it is better to change the whole series at the same time. It’s a matter of balance. In this way, all batteries will be used evenly and will last longer.

5-Reuse discharged batteries : It is not because a battery does not work in a toy that it can no longer be used. In fact, there are devices that consume more energy than others. Instead of throwing them away, reuse them in remote controls and wall clocks, for example, since they use much less energy.

Using batteries to run a toy

Using batteries to run a toy. source: spm

Caveat : Never crush, puncture or otherwise damage the battery. Do not throw into fire under risk of explosion. Used batteries must not be disposed of as they contain toxic substances. They must be deposited at dedicated collection points, then they can be processed and recycled.

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All you have to do is take these simple actions to optimize the life of your batteries and why not consider investing in rechargeable batteries that are ultimately much cheaper and more ecological.

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After difficult times, 3 zodiac signs enter a period of luck: everything will work out for them



gemini moment

The countdown is over, Jupiter is no longer retrograde and each of us can finally expect to receive beautiful surprises from the planet of luck and success.

What are the zodiac signs for which the end of Jupiter retrograde will be beneficial?

You’ve probably felt it, when Jupiter was retrograde, everything was complicated, both personally and professionally. During his degradation, frustration and anger set in. Indeed, from July 28 to November 23, Jupiter passed through the sign of Pisces. A transit that lasted four months and during which we were all invited to do some introspection work. Fortunately, the end of this event marks the entire universe, bringing positive vibes. However, three natives among the 12 zodiac signs stand out during this period.


gemini moment

Gemini zodiac sign. source: spm

As of November 23, a series of opportunities will be available to you, Gemini. Growth and expansion will affect many aspects of your life. You will feel fulfilled, on a professional level, but also on a personal level. With degradation finally complete, you will feel that the barriers have collapsed, and right now all your wishes will be granted, without you lifting a finger. If unfortunately you have declined great opportunities, it is time to reconsider and be attentive to the different possibilities that are presented to you. Take the time to reflect and make the decisions that will benefit you. Now nothing and no one can separate you from the professional life of your dreams. Also, if you are single, your life can take unexpected turns, your beloved will make you a beautiful declaration of love, otherwise you might meet someone new. Love will find you no matter where you go!

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sagittarius love

Sagittarius zodiac sign. source: spm

For you, dear natives of the Fire element, the end of Jupiter retrograde will bring you many positive events. It will be a period of luck and happiness for you. Not to mention, we’re currently at the height of Sagittarius season, so the timing is perfect for you to blossom. Intense creativity, clear thinking, and the ability to communicate and express yourself fluently are expected. Since this is your ruling planet, from now on you will experience unexpected transformations. The planet of prosperity will be kind to you, Sagittarius. So don’t be surprised if you manage to pay off all your debts or resolve a dispute that weighed heavily on your heart, or if you’re offered a raise, bonus, or other promotion at work. Jupiter’s energy will push you forward, your hopes and dreams can finally come true. After all, it’s up to you to appeal to his courage and goodwill. If you want to broaden your horizons, do what you see fit, the sky is the limit!


love libra

Libra zodiac sign. source: spm

If you were born under this constellation, you are not going to wait until the end of the year to receive gifts, because the universe will give you many better ones, starting to solve all your problems soon. Neighborhood problems, constantly pestering colleagues, ill-intentioned people lurking around you, you don’t have to worry about them anymore! The stars ask you to prepare now to joyfully receive the changes that are coming. It can be an unexpected meeting that will not leave you indifferent. Running into this person will quickly make you realize that they are irreplaceable. Soon it won’t take long for you to discover his hidden talent and potential and it will greatly benefit you in business. Indeed, the end of Jupiter retrograde will mean endless prospects for growth, especially when it comes to finances and money..

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