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Hanging a coin on the Christmas tree, an ancient custom to attract luck



Avez-vous mis une pièce dans le sapin de Noël final

Christmas is upon us. The festive season got off to a great start with the glittering decorations that can be seen all over the streets. Even at home, the celebrations are in order: most people have dressed their tree in their best clothes and already have a very precise idea of ​​​​the gourmet menu for New Year’s Eve. But, speaking of the tree, do you know all the ancestral customs about it? Do you know in particular why you should hang a coin between the twigs? That would be a very good omen. Discover this little-known tradition.

decorate christmas tree

Decorate Christmas tree – Source: spm

Christmas custom: why put a coin on the tree?

There are only a few days left to immerse yourself in the merriment of the winter holidays. Between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, coexistence will be the center of attention. So much so that most people have already started decorating their homes in the Christmas spirit. Naturally, one of the most significant symbols of this celebration is none other than the tree itself.

In the past, we used to decorate it with candy, nuts, apples, or crackers. Today, multiple accessories have taken over: balls, snowflakes, garlands, hearts, stars, candy canes, ribbons, pineapples and other unusual gadgets. We have a lot to choose from and new trends in terms of patterns and colors are revealed every year. The tree can thus be discreet, decorated only with elements of a single color, enhanced with light garlands, or highlighted with a list of accessories.

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Whichever decor you choose, however, there is an old tradition that you may want to follow. According to some beliefs, if you want to give good energy to your interior, it would be good to slide a coin between the twigs between the decorative elements. Take care to wrap it in paper and tie it with a red thread. If you follow this custom, next year will be prosperous: you will open the way to happiness, luck and fortune. Money generally attracts wealth to the home and brings stability, balance and good energy to the hosts. After all, you have nothing to lose!

family Christmas meal

Family Christmas meal – Source: spm

But by the way, what is the origin of the Christmas tree?

You invite him to your living room every year. You dedicate a lot of time and even invest a good budget to sublimate it. But do you know where this festive custom can come from? According to scholars, the tradition of decorating the decorated Christmas tree originates from pagan winter solstice celebrations. It is true that we do not know where exactly or when this tradition actually began. But some countries are stepping up to claim the custom, including Estonia and Latvia, who claim to be the forerunners as far back as the 16th century. However, according to some historians, without Queen Victoria of England, we would never have discovered this custom as we know it today. In fact, it would be she who would have launched this tradition, in 1848, by revealing family photos with a sumptuous Christmas tree very well dressed. It will then be widely followed in Germany and all of Europe, before reaching homes around the world. Thanks to this British queen, the fir tree has become the supreme symbol of the annual festivities on these dates.

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Good to know : Historians have also shown that the ancient Egyptians decorated the temples dedicated to the gods during the winter solstice. And long before the arrival of Christianity, people in the northern hemisphere used green plants to decorate their homes during the holidays. This happened on December 21/22, the shortest day with the longest night. In fact, it is the first day of winter which implies the least sunny day of the year. Any green plant in the house was then considered a symbol to remember that the sun god would make the sky shine again and that summer would finally return.

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How to use apple peels to make apple cider vinegar



Ne jetez plus les pelures de pommes, mettez-les dans un bocal final

Apples are among the most consumed foods in summer and winter depending on the different varieties. In addition to its well-known nutritional properties, the peels of this fruit can be very useful at home. Here are some tips to save on your household expenses by simply using apple peels to make vinegar and avoiding waste.

peel an apple

Peel an apple – Source: spm

Mix the remaining apple peels with water and sugar, then strain the resulting liquid by wiping it through a clean cotton towel. Don’t forget to squeeze well to get all the liquid out.

Pour the liquid into a glass jar, but do not close it with the lid: place a clean cotton cloth on the surface and secure it to the edge of the container with a rubber band. In this way, air can freely come into contact with the liquid and turn it into vinegar.

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Finally, store the jar in a dark place at room temperature for at least three weeks, shake the mixture daily, then transfer it to a bottle or vaporizer when done. Your mixture will have taken time to transform into cider vinegar.

The vinegar thus obtained can be used for ecological cleaning of your home or as “grandma’s remedy” to remove stains from fabrics and surfaces.

Thanks to its anti-limescale properties, it can polish opaque glasses, clean the kettle and shower walls, and descale the iron. You can also use it to clean the fridge or to deodorize rooms, but also to remove bad odors from thermoses and other containers. In fact, vinegar has a great capacity to absorb and neutralize odors.

Other uses for apple peels

apple peels

Apple peels – Source: spm

To make an air freshener

You can also prepare an excellent air freshener. The first step is to dry the shells in the sun, then you will have to put them in a canvas or tulle bag with a cinnamon stick; In this way, the aromas obtained will be able to perfume the rooms of your house. So you can place them in cabinets, drawers, and many other places.

To clean utensils

You can also use the apple peel to clean aluminum utensils and objects, the acid they contain has a remarkable degreasing effect.

Put them in a saucepan with water and submerge the objects to be cleaned. Then put the pan on the stove over low heat for about 40 minutes and turn it off. Finally, let it cool completely and wipe the objects carefully with a clean microfiber cloth, the result is impressive.

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To make herbal tea

In addition, you can also prepare an infusion with apple peels to stimulate digestion. First, let the apple peels dry on a clean, dry towel for about a week. If you’re in a hurry, bake them in the oven for about 40 minutes at 80 degrees.

To prepare the infusion, pour the hot water directly over the apple peels and if you want to improve its flavor, just add cinnamon or vanilla.

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11 great ideas to recycle your old tires



11 belles idées pour recycler vos vieux pneus final

Tires have a useful life. When they get old, wear out and cannot be repaired, most of the time we throw them away. Tire recycling is the most convenient and environmentally friendly way to dispose of old and used tires. They can be reused in many clever ways. Look at these ideas that are very easy and quick to do.

1. Flowerpot with a bird-shaped rim.

a flower pot

A pot of flowers – Source: spm

2. Can of tires painted in different colors.

Painted tire canister

Can of painted tires – Source: spm

3. Flowerpot painted blue and with colored flowers.

flowerpot in blue

Flower pot in blue – Source: spm

4. Tire boats cut in half supported by wooden sticks.

tire pots

Tire cans – Source: spm

5. Hanging planter painted in lilac.

A lilac tire holder

A lilac tire holder – Source: spm

6. White painted wheel pots with red flowers.

white painted wheels

White painted tires – Source: spm

7. Planters with tires on the patio walls with hanging plants.

Tire flower pots hang on patio walls

Tire jars hung on the patio walls – Source: spm

8. A pot of tires on a donkey cart made of tires.

A pot of tires on a car

A pot of tires on a car – Source: spm

9. Flowerpot hanging from a tree with beautiful flowers.

A pot hanging from a tree

A pot hanging from a tree – Source: spm

10. Tire Well

A pot in the shape of a water hole-1

A pot in the shape of a water well – Source: spm

11. Green painted tire pot hanging from a tree.

A pot painted green

A pot painted green – Source: spm

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Why does your mobile phone take blurry photos and how to fix this problem?



Pourquoi votre téléphone portable prend des photos floues et comment résoudre ce problème __

Nothing more annoying than taking photos and seeing them blurry on your smartphone! No need to put away the phone. We help you in our article to know the reasons for this inconvenience as well as the fixes that you can do to your smartphone so that the camera works better. Follow the guide!

Like everyone else, you like to take photos or record videos on your phone. But the images captured on your phone are blurry and the shots you take aren’t great. We can help you improve your quality. Trust us, it’s not that complicated. Come on, let’s get started!

Why does your mobile phone take blurry photos?

a blurry photo

A blurry photo. source: spm

Are you used to using your mobile phone to take beautiful photos to post on social networks or for your personal enjoyment? Did you just take one and it came out blurry and you are looking for the reason of this problem? We have the solution to this problem. Because even if your mobile is high-end and offers innovative functions, sometimes it can take blurry photos. In many cases:

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  • You are not very comfortable with the camera;
  • There are settings on your smartphone that need to be checked;
  • Your smartphone’s image sensors may be too small, which can cause poor image quality.

To remedy this problem, follow these few tips for beautiful images.

a smartphone

a smartphone source: spm

You like to take a photo of your cat, capture unforgettable moments with your Jules, or even save a family memory on your smartphone… It’s not complicated to take blurry photos. Just follow these tips and you will have great images. Regardless of your phone’s design or manufacturer, all you have to do is choose the right frame for your photo app for well-managed light-managed shots. To take quality images, follow our recommendations:

  • Reset the settings of your mobile phone’s photo application to have good quality photos

Even if you have the best photographic smartphone to take good quality photos with your lens, you may have difficulties due to the technical specifications of your mobile device. The cameras associated with smartphones can be hard to tame, especially when you don’t know how to use the main sensor. Do you notice that the photos taken with your camera are bad? Instead, check your photos app’s settings and its technical data sheet. To do this, nothing simpler: reset the settings of the Camera application to have a good resolution and image quality when shooting.

You can also follow other steps

  • Clean your camera lens
  • restart your phone
  • Clear your camera cache (in settings tap on app – camera – app info – storage and cache – clear cache)
  • Update your app on the Google Play Store
  • Reboot your phone again

By doing this, you should be taking some really great photos with your iPhone or other high-end smartphone. Above all, do not forget to focus before capturing your photo.

  • Your mobile phone must be stable when taking beautiful photos.

A smartphone-1

a smartphone source: spm

Whether you have an iPhone, a Google Pixel, or a competitor’s smartphone, you need to stay focused while using your camera app. Pay attention to the framing of the image on the beautiful screen of your mobile phone and make sure that it is stable when you take your photos. If you tend to move while taking your photos out of focus, you risk poor image quality. If you find it difficult to take a photo without it moving, you can always use a stabilizer that will allow you to take sharp photos. It’s more convenient, isn’t it? Pro tip! take photos horizontally with your camera. Beauty of images guaranteed…

  • Make sure your cell phone lens is clean

To get high-quality photos with your high-end smartphone, it’s important that the main sensor or lens is clean, free of fingerprints and dust. Clean your camera with a soft or microfiber cloth. This will allow you to gently clean it without pressing too hard. This will prevent you from taking blurry photos.

  • Take your time when shooting with your iPhone or Android phones

Smartphones have become very important tools in everyday life and are also used to take quality photos. In fact, today, it is no longer necessary to invest in a camera because the photo sensors built into phones allow professional capture. Especially since some cameras integrated into smartphones are accompanied by a super wide angle. However, to get satisfactory results, don’t be in a hurry and take your time when shooting. Remember, the focus and your smartphone can produce beautiful, well-framed images and a nice background.

  • Choose your phone or the best photophone on the market

Choose the smartphone that meets your needs for the photo part, even if it should not be the main criteria of your choice when buying, you agree, right? But if the photo is an option that matters to you, keep in mind certain criteria that are the first selling points of the manufacturers. For example, the quality of the optics, the main sensor, the design or the number of pixels.

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  • Do not digital zoom with your cell phone

When using your smartphone’s photo app, avoid using the digital zoom. It consists of cropping the original image which is then enlarged to 100%. It’s like taking a photo from afar and scaling it up to a larger scale with your computer.

Now you know, dear readers, how to take beautiful photos with your smartphone thanks to these few tips. To your shots!

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