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Do you leave your room door open at night? Here’s why you should change this habit



fire in a kitchen

In fact, experts say every second counts: Fires can double in size with every minute. Did you know that half of all fire deaths occur between 11 pm and 7 am, when most people are asleep? The good news: We have a “hack” that can save you some horrible domestic drama. Although it seems hard to believe.

fire in a kitchen

Fire in a kitchen – Source: spm

Why do you have to sleep with the bedroom door closed?

Research from the University of Louisiana Fire Safety Research Institute (FRSI) shows that closing the bedroom door helps prevent fire from spreading to all other rooms. This reduces smoke damage and saves the lives of the occupants. Keeping the bedroom door closed can slow the spread of a home fire, but also reduce toxic smoke levels. Of course, having a fire extinguisher nearby can help. But when it comes to a death by fire, it’s usually not the flames that are to blame, but the smoke that often causes suffocation and then death.

Firefighters putting out a house fire

Firefighters putting out the fire in a house – Source: spm

Leaving the door closed creates a “survival temperature”

When a door is closed during a fire, the person in that room experiences, among other things, higher survival temperatures. Temperatures will generally stay below 37 degrees Celsius. Oxygen levels are also higher, hovering around 18%. For comparison, the air in a normal room contains about 20% oxygen.

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So when you keep the door closed, you have less toxic levels of carbon monoxide. Certainly during a fire, oxygen levels can drop as much as 8%, making breathing difficult. But with the door to the room where you sleep closed, you’ll have more air to breathe properly until you wake up, or at least until the fire department arrives.

Light the candles at home

Lighting the candles at home – Source: spm

How to prevent a fire at home?

  • Regularly test your smoke detectors

Smoke detectors are your first line of defense against home fires due to their early warning capabilities. These days they are wired into homes to monitor for smoke and carbon monoxide. In addition, they send alerts to your smart devices.

  • Make sure all your heat sources are working properly

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says that heating equipment is the leading cause of fires in most homes. Unfortunately, some faulty heating sources such as radiators, central heating systems, and fireplaces can cause a fire if neglected or left unchecked.

  • Clean your stove and oven

Is your kitchen always clean? However, this does not prevent the sudden outbreak of a fire. In fact, food particles that have collected on the bottom of your stove burners could be to blame. Also, always remember to thoroughly clean buildup in your oven to avoid any potential fire hazard.

  • Store flammables in the right place

Be careful with hair products, cosmetics and other household cleaning products classified as flammable products. They all tend to burn when placed too close to a large heat source. Never leave them next to a radiator!

  • watch out for candles

Scented candles are commonly used in homes, especially around the holidays. If you do not use them carefully, they could cause fire and smoke damage.

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Here are some precautions to take:

  • Always blow out candles if you leave a room.
  • Blow on them to extinguish them before you fall asleep.
  • Place them in a place away from objects that can easily catch fire.
  • Never place them on a surface that is not flat or hard, such as a carpet, to prevent them from tipping over at any time.
  • Invest in a fire extinguisher

By the way, the fire extinguisher can save lives, which makes it a worthwhile investment. Having something at home can make you feel more secure. In case a fire starts inside your home, this is the most essential weapon to have!

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Why do you have to flush a dishwasher tablet down the toilet once a month? The Crafty Housewives Magic Trick



A dishwasher tablet

Most people are increasingly avoiding chemicals that can become irritating both to the skin and when inhaled. Thus, there are daily products that are much less harmful and without direct contact with your skin that will eliminate dirt and bacteria from your toilet with the same efficiency.

Why should you use dishwasher tablets in the toilet?

At home, bathrooms get dirty quickly. In addition, it can happen that the drain pipe gets clogged from time to time, for example due to excess toilet paper.

A dishwasher tablet

A dishwasher tablet – Source: spm

To clean the toilets

Dishwasher tablets have a multitude of cleaning uses. Many of us use them to clean the washing machine, wash the oven or remove burns on the pan. It is worth having a pack of tablets at home even if you do not have a dishwasher as they are useful for cleaning multiple objects and surfaces. Throw a pill down the toilet and you will see the result.

A dishwasher tablet will help to deal with dirt and clogged toilets. It will perfectly replace toilet bowl detergent, but it will also unclog pipes. Simply flush 1 dishwasher tablet down the toilet bowl and wait 20-30 minutes.

The pill can be left in the toilet even overnight, the effect will be even better. After the product has dissolved, clean the inside of the toilet with a brush and rinse thoroughly with water. The toilet seat will then be clean. This trick is applied once a month to keep your bathrooms clean.

unclog the toilet

If there is an unpleasant smell in the toilet, and the water drains too slowly, you can use a dishwasher tablet not only as a household cleaner, but also as a cleaning agent.

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You just need to put 1 dishwasher tablet in the toilet and pour 2 glasses of hot water over it. This method will not work if the toilet is completely clogged.

How to remove limescale from toilets with vinegar?

To clean the toilets

Cleaning the toilets – Source: spm

Like dirt, limescale can quickly build up in the toilet. However, what to do if the stains are persistent? This procedure is especially recommended when, despite all the efforts made, unsightly stains of a more or less strong yellow color form in the toilet.

  • Clean dirt from surfaces with a brush, then rinse.
  • Pour 1 liter of vinegar down the toilet
  • Leave to act: approximately 1 hour for normal soiling; for the most stubborn dirt, at least 3-4 hours or overnight.
  • Clean (with a brush) and then rinse.

Finally, you can also use the granules in another way. If trash cans give off bad odors, it’s important to clean them. You can fill them with hot water, add a dishwasher tablet so that it melts, leave it to act for a few hours and then empty and rinse everything.

The dishwasher tablet is versatile on household stains and can therefore be used in various areas of the house where stains and odors are persistent.

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Why put chestnuts on the windowsill in winter? This will save you a “big” problem





Chestnuts – Source: spm

Why do food spiders take refuge in our homes in winter?

One thing is certain: spiders have a bad reputation among humans. Most admit to being terrified of them, especially when they reveal themselves unexpectedly. And it is that they sneak in so fast that it is difficult to get rid of them. The downside to these little creatures is that they spin webs all over the house. It is not about using chemical repellents to eradicate them from your interior: in addition to bringing luck, their presence is very useful to keep your home healthy. On the other hand, you can discourage them from creating a web in your apartment. To avoid being fixed there, the method that we are going to reveal to you is very effective.

First of all, you should know that when the weather is cold and rainy, spiders immediately look for a warm and dry place to spend the winter. Its interior is thus the ideal environment for them to shelter. They usually sneak inside through windows and doors. Except that many people do not appreciate this forced cohabitation. In some, they even inspire paralyzing fear. Do you no longer want to waste time removing all those canvases that abound in every corner of the house? Instead of drastically getting rid of spiders, consider gently evicting them by opting for harmless solutions.

did you know They terrify and repel you, but spiders are essential to biodiversity. You should even thank them for continually sanitizing your yard and home. In fact, they are carnivores and large predators that hunt all the insects that bother them, such as mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches.

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Chestnuts: a natural spider repellent

Therefore, it is not about killing them, but only about keeping them away from the house. Your secret weapon? Chestnut. As you know, it is always associated with autumn. Who does not like to taste some delicious hot chestnuts? Raw or cooked, this food is highly nutritious and is often found on our tables during cold weather. Its playful shape amuses the little ones and the older ones also benefit from it for various uses, such as cleaning, skin or hair care. But, among all its benefits, many people were unaware that chestnuts effectively repel spiders.

As a bonus, you don’t need to spend a single penny. A beautiful golden autumn invites you to walk and walk in the woods to recharge your batteries and breathe fresh air. Thus, during your walk, you will inevitably find a profusion of chestnuts here and there. You will kill two birds with one stone: they can be used to decorate your festive tables, they will also act as a cleaning product, but also as a very reliable repellent against spiders.

spider web

Cobweb – Source: spm

The secret is in its smell.

So just place some chestnuts on your windowsill to discourage spiders from becoming your roommate. In fact, it is the delicate aroma of these dried fruits that repels spiders. They immediately lose the desire to appear in the corners or on the walls of their apartment.

If you want to make this method even more optimal, you can use a toothpick or knife to make small holes in the chestnuts. This will allow the aromatic substances to be released more quickly. You can also use acorns whose even more intense smell will scare away spiders more quickly.

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Good to know : aphids can’t stand the smell of chestnuts either. Why not take the opportunity to protect your indoor plants? Just spray them with cold water to which chestnut powder has been added. And you can calmly drive away these harmful parasites!

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Can you see the two cats in this optical illusion in less than 10 seconds?



Optical illusion

Can you see both cats in less than 10 seconds?

Optical illusion

Optical illusion – Source: spm

The image in front of you perfectly illustrates the optical illusion we are talking about. At first glance, the atmosphere seems very ordinary: it is a family calmly installed in the living room. Then we see a man reading the newspaper, his wife talking to him and his girl playing with dolls. But, in this black and white illustration, there are also animals that are there. Two cats more precisely. Except if you take a quick look, you probably won’t be able to tell them apart easily. You run the risk, in fact, of confusing them with the elements of the decoration.

However, you only have 10 seconds to try to spot them. More than enough time for anyone with sharp eyes. But too short a delay for those who find it difficult to concentrate and who do not pay attention to details. What camp do you think you’re in?

optical illusion solution

This image quickly went viral: you should know that if the first cat did not cause too many problems, 99% of the people analyzed definitely failed to detect the second cat in the imposed time. So what is the verdict? Did you find these two furballs without exceeding the regulation 10 seconds? If so, we highly congratulate you on your mental agility and remarkable visual acuity.

Look closely at the image again. Near the knight’s legs, what some took for a wooden object was indeed one of the two felines. And it was the animal that was the easiest to find. Because, despite all his efforts, most Internet users have not been able to find the second cat in the image. And for good reason, he’s hidden from the woman’s side: he’s sitting right on her lap, right on top of the white blanket that created the utter confusion. Since, unlike the other, this cat is all white. Therefore, it was very difficult to detect.
Find out where the two cats were hiding in the following image:

optical illusion solution

Optical illusion solution – Source: spm

How to recognize an optical illusion?

It is important to note that there are different types of optical illusion, each offering different perceptions. By discovering their difference, you will be able to understand them better and understand their meaning.

  • Literal optical illusion: this occurs when the mind receives visual information and perceives details that do not actually exist in the given image or context. In this case, what happens is that the eye and the brain focus on specific objects. Focusing on one part of the image, you may miss fine details and have a distorted perception of reality.
  • Cognitive optical illusion: changes knowledge and assumptions about an object. This illusion arises when there is an interaction with beliefs and assumptions in the world, resulting in unconscious inferences.
  • physiological optical illusion : This other type emphasizes the stimulation of the brain by excessive effects on the eyes, such as brightness, tilt, color, movement and other optical effects.
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