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Can we love each other a second time?



They loved each other for a long time and parted. However, years later, they chose to try the adventure again. But can we really start from scratch and love each other again? Yes, respond to these men and women convinced that getting back with your ex is still the right choice.

One night the phone woke me up, says Louisa, 40. He was my ex-husband. He explained to me that he had not gone to sleep at his friend’s house. I had been thinking about myself for weeks, about us, that I could no longer go to the Arcueil station where I lived – it was a little further on the same RER line – without wanting to stop. . “I am in a hotel, next to the Luxembourg Gardens. Come.” My heart was beating so hard that I almost fainted. However, I had never felt homesick for our partner. After five years together, we had been separated for four: our life together between crises and reconciliations had been too exhausting.

Since then, we crossed paths quickly when he came to pick up Adeline, our daughter. I joined him. We walked for a long time, and as we talked, we realized that we had changed. The pain of the breakup and the fact of living alone had forced us to reflect. We were also thinking about our daughter… We didn’t get back together right away. Paul moved into a studio where we met regularly. Little by little, we told ourselves that there was something to try, again. Five years have already passed. I would have never imagined that our life as a couple could be so exciting, which does not mean that it is easy. »

Does moving back in together mean the breakup was a mistake? “No,” replies Françoise Sand, marriage and family counselor. But, nowadays, couples break up very quickly. As soon as there is suffering, the ideology in which we are immersed leads the partners not to persevere and question themselves, but to conclude that if there is no happiness it is because the choice was not good. The breakup occurs instead of the marital crisis. With the help of time, it is therefore logical that some couples meet after being distant. However, for this new union to last, some precautions must be taken.

It’s not a sequel, a reboot.

It was I who, after fifteen years of marriage and three children, had taken the initiative for the separation, explains Elisabeth, 50 years old. I could no longer evolve with my husband, I had the impression that he did not understand anything that was happening to me. We lived apart for ten years, with full lives, professionally and lovingly, although neither of us rebuilt a couple. It was the marriage of our eldest son that put us back in touch. As we talked about trivial things, the thing began to clear in my head: my love for my husband was still alive. I was the first surprised! There, as he was, talking to me, this man interested me. After careful consideration, I wrote to say that we should meet again. He answered me immediately. We met and, in two hours, we decided to live together again. Our couple today is very different from the one we formed before. We have both learned to give and not just receive. Before we were really like two selfish children. Today we are rediscovering ourselves, and even on a sexual level. It is like a grace, as if the other partners we have met have brought us back with new eyes. »

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Because, as Elisabeth testifies, one of the keys to success, when you choose yourself again, is not to try to make things right, to start the same story all over again. “Returning to life together to form a couple similar to the previous one would be an aberration”, explains Yves Prigent, a psychoanalyst. If there was a break it was because each one opened his eyes to the imperfections of the other and to the fact that he himself did not possess all the qualities that he imagined. Such an ordeal allows us to understand that the love relationship is not the full one between a mother and her son, but rather the link between two interior solitudes. »

Putting words to the new relationship.

A point common to all successful second chance couples: the use of a new intimate communication, based on what the other really is and not on the fantasy we have of him. “When we admitted to each other that life without each other was, under the guise of non-stop celebration, very boring, says Sandrine, 33, Fabien and I started a conversation that still lingers. Now we are able to listen to each other and put ourselves in the other’s place, to understand how he feels. Fabien had often criticized me for not only being his wife, but also her sister, her mother, her brother, sometimes a baby! She annoyed him. Today, on the contrary, she realizes that playing these different roles, each in turn, allows us to reveal our fantasies and enrich our bond. »

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For Yves Prigent, the choice to get the couple back together cannot happen without taking stock of the past relationship: “This necessarily implements something of the order of language, since it is necessary, to go out together, to understand why it doesn’t work. the first time. But speaking is realizing that the other is more different from us than we had thought, more enigmatic. It is also recognizing that, in a couple, there are days of joy and days of pain.”

Facing the past to build the future

Separations are seldom done with benevolence and calm. And it is common that, on the way to rebuild your partner, we have to return to our grudges. “Our relatives called us crazy when we got back together,” says Louis, 38, because they perfectly remembered the violence we had experienced: we had insulted each other in public, hit each other. Before living together again, we apologized, acknowledging that we had been bad and guilty with each other. It is very difficult to apologize to someone, even someone you love, but it is also unforgettable. »

But is forgiveness forgetting? “No, responds Françoise Sand, it is not about erasing everything. It would be wanting to rebuild into a decoy. Forgiveness allows you to no longer focus on the sufferings of the past but on the good aspects of life together. And to be able to invent a future from them. » It takes courage to live together again, as it requires enough humility to look back to see clearly, to face truths about oneself that are not always pleasant, and to accept that one’s differences are a fluke and not a pain Only then, once this work is finished, can we allow ourselves to dream with this promise sung by Jacques Brel in “Ne me quitte pas”: “We have often seen the fire of an ancient volcano that we thought was too old…”


Between the nostalgia that can take over us at the mention of our old love and a real possibility of meeting again, how can we tell the difference? “You have to be careful that the desire to meet again does not come from a difficulty living alone,” explains Françoise Sand, marriage and family counselor. And that the idea does not germinate under the pressure of an environment that, on occasions, did not accept the rupture. There are also people who look to the past for lack of courage to face the future.

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All these reasons are not good and risk leading to a new separation. But we realize that the collapse is much larger during a second failure. Distrust, therefore. Discretion should be exercised before attempting this approach. And, above all, do not forget that two people are needed to reconcile. »

Confess or not… his other loves

Should we choose silence or talk about what happened during the separation? “There is no obligation to tell us all this, explains Gilles Formet, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and sexologist.

This belongs to everyone’s privacy. However, there are two cases in which I think it is positive to allude to the adventures that we have known. First in fusional couples that usually separated because the two protagonists suffocated.

It is a way of introducing a third party into the story, and therefore of avoiding starting on the same basis as before. Then, in couples where a narcissistic relationship was at stake, one returned an ideal image to the other.

To say that one has been loved by others is to explain that one has been put in the position of the subject, and this can allow the two partners who meet to position themselves definitively as the subject, facing each other. »


As you like?
Do you live love more in proximity or in distance, in protection or in need of support, in serene acceptance of the other?

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When the position on the sofa heralds a crisis

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And contrary to what one might think, if the partners are based on different bases, distanced from each other, it does not necessarily mean that they are in crisis. can only be couples comfortable enough with each other to have their own space. Although this study is based on a fairly large sample, its conclusions must be taken with caution.

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