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After difficult times, 2023 brings a lot of joy to the zodiac signs



hard cancer times

Which zodiac signs will experience joy in 2023?

As the new year 2023 approaches, each of us has our own goals to achieve. Some may want to embark on a new project or make investments, while others want to find a soul mate and experience an exciting love story. However, it is not for us to completely decide our fate. The stars can act in our favor to favor us and bring us luck and success. Also, this is the case for these 3 zodiac signs. Saturn, the planet of discipline, passes under the sign of Aquarius until March 7 and gives you the power to stand out in a group. Pluto will make its transition until March 23 in the sign of Capricorn.. The planet of rebirth and transformation will guide you on the right path to achieve your goals. Jupiter will follow its course in Aries to May. A period during which you will be more focused and confident.


hard cancer times

Cancer zodiac sign. source: spm

It’s time to change, Cancer! If you don’t like your job or don’t see opportunities for advancement, Jupiter in Aries will encourage you to change business or profession. In any case, thanks to your efforts and your productivity, you will finally be able to climb the ladder and take the place you deserve. If you notice that all the doors are open in front of you and that opportunities are not lacking, you should know that the stars are supporting you. However, avoid rash decisions. The Transition of the Planet of Success and Blessings it will be an opportunity for you to celebrate your victories and successes. Pluto in Capricornit will offer you the opportunity to connect deeply with your partner or meet someone special if you are single.

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virgin hard times

Virgo zodiac sign. source: spm

Dear natives of the Earth element, the year 2023 can be a bit difficult in terms of spending and decision making. However, the stars favor you and promise you success in your professional life, and even more so, if it is in the field of innovation and creativity. Watch out Virgo! You who thirst for change, going with the flow is not an option while Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, it could create complications. For this year of the Black Water Rabbit benefit, you definitely need to take a step back and think more logically before deciding anything. And why not take advice from more experienced people that you ? This can guide you and bring you happiness and contentment. That being said, life is too short to play it safe every time and degradation of Pluto in Capricorn I’ll show you.


gemini hard times

Gemini zodiac sign. source: spm

Sometimes, in order to successfully achieve your goals, it is absolutely necessary to take risks. According to forecasts, 2023 will be a year that will bring you more luck. the stars promise you succeed in businessso if you have a project in mind, do not hesitate to work on it during the period in which Saturn will be in Aquarius. If an opportunity arises while Pluto is in CapricornDon’t be afraid to accept it. this could improve your standard of living and help you make positive changes. Could be a promotion at work, a new collaborationsame as him soulmate reunion. Use your instincts to navigate your path to happiness and fulfillment. Good news for you, Gemini! It is very likely that you will make the trip of your dreams. So pack your bags now to go on an adventure.

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In case of theft, how to prevent your mobile from turning off?




Nobody wants to be the victim of an unexpected theft of their smartphone. This is also the fear of many users. Unfortunately, this type of incident can happen to anyone. We must constantly be on our guard, because we all know that insecurity is one of the biggest scourges in certain countries. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, it is essential to know in detail the tools and functions available to your mobile. How to react in case of theft? Here you have the procedure to follow to prevent your Android mobile from turning off and some useful tips to limit the damage.

stolen phone

Stolen phone – Source: spm

Fortunately, there are various ways and apps that allow you to lock your Android device, whether you are away from home or office. Here we are going to show you a trick with which you will prevent a thief from turning off your Smartphone and thus be able to locate it quickly.

Here are the 6 steps to follow to automatically activate this function and prevent the thief from turning off your mobile:

1. Enter the settings.
2. Find the “Lock screen” section.
3. Touch where it says “Secure lock settings”.
4. To continue, you will be asked to enter your security PIN or pattern.
5. In this section, you need to enable the “Lock with Side Key” options.
6. In the same way, enable the “Lock network and security” function.

After performing all these steps, the thief will no longer be able to turn off your mobile. In addition, the security PIN will be used when you are on the street.

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By carrying out this action you will have more time in your favor to locate your mobile and try to recover it in one way or another.

banking app

Bank application – Source: spm

Tips to follow after the theft of a smartphone

Have you been the victim of an unfortunate theft of your mobile phone? Don’t ignore the situation and don’t wait to react. Here is the process to adopt in the following hours:

  • Change the password of your applications

Typically, banking apps do not authenticate automatically. But other tools, like email and social media, allow anyone with the device to change the password through SMS authentication. Some of these applications allow to change the password on the corresponding websites, which makes it easy for the device owner to change it quickly and at any time.

On social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, changing your password can be done in the Security and Login sections of the platform’s websites. In Gmail, changing your password is in the personal information section.

When a laptop is stolen, notifying your bank or other financial institutions is an essential step that you should not overlook. In fact, the bank can immediately block its application on your mobile, as well as any transfer that the criminal tries to make to third-party accounts.

Please note that each bank has its own channel for this service, usually available on the institution’s website. Bank phone contacts are also available on Google.

Another essential action: you must submit a statement at the nearest police station to record the theft of your mobile phone (or any other object) in order to prove that the crime has actually been committed. Especially since the report may be required by your bank, your insurer or any other authority. This is an essential test to start any procedure.
Often, in addition to the mobile phone, we also have identity documents that can be stolen. If you are found without identification, a police report will be helpful.

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The trick to heat the house with the oven: a smart way to save in winter



very cold temperature

very cold temperature

Very cold temperature. source: spm

Among the natural and economic tricks we can mention the kitchen oven. It can help you heat your house easily. We tell you everything!

How to heat your house with the oven?

Indispensable in everyday life, the oven is essential in the kitchen. But did you know that it can have other uses at home! The oven emits heat during and after cooking. Just turn off the oven and open the door. The heat circulates in the kitchen but also in the other rooms of the house if you leave your kitchen door open. Therefore, your interior can also benefit from diffused heat.

It should be noted, however, that this trick cannot be used continuously to heat your interior. It only allows you to occasionally heat its interior after cooking in the oven.
In fact, the oven is not an appliance designed directly to heat your home, so it is necessary to respect all safety precautions to avoid gas leaks and electrical short circuits. Also, make sure your home has adequate ventilation and read your oven’s instruction manual carefully. If you have pets or children, this tip is not for you unless you can safely close the kitchen door.

open oven

Furnace fired open – source: spm

Other tips to heat your home naturally

There are several other simple and natural tips that can help you warm up, without breaking the bank. These simple gestures can be important for your comfort when temperatures register the lowest degrees.

  • Place it in the sun to warm your home.

Draw the curtains to allow the sun’s rays to warm your house in a completely natural way. Also, remember to ventilate your home in the morning by opening the windows, in order to renew the air and eliminate humidity.

  • Install thick curtains to warm your interior

Thick curtains help retain heat and act as an additional barrier against cold air. The thick fabric blocks the flow of cool air when temperatures drop.

  • Use a rug to warm your floor

Area rugs not only add style to your room, but they also help retain heat and keep your feet toasty if you have tile or hardwood floors. Carpets limit heat loss and keep the floor warm.

  • Steam shower to heat your home

After showering or bathing, keep the door open. This allows hot steam to circulate around the house or at least to the nearest room. It might also help you cut down on dry winter air. But be careful with humidity. If your interior suffers from excessive humidity with the appearance of mold, this advice should be avoided.

Steam bath

Bathroom steam. source: spm

  • Check the insulation of windows and doors.

Before heating a room, you must first make sure that the heat does not dissipate. For this, it is important to check the thermal insulation of windows and doors. So remember to put an anti-cold overglass film, as well as the bottoms of the doors to reinforce the insulation and reduce the entry of fresh air into your home.

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Android: why should you deactivate the GPS on your portable phone?



Android portable phone

Android portable phone

Android portable phone – Source : spm

Why can you disable the GPS from your Android device?

Si le mobile Android est l’un des plus vendus au monde, c’est parce qu’il dispose de funcionnalités toujours plus pratiques et faciles à utiliser pour les utilisateurs. Il y en une qui sort du lot et qui est desventue très popularaire: le GPS. With this name of “global positioning system”, it is timely there will be aux nombreuses applications that you download. En le gardant actif, toutes ces plateformes ont accès à votre localization et, selon l’endroit où vous êtes, elles vous envoient régulièrement de multiples promotions et publicités segmentées. Pourtant, il suffit simply de le desactiver pour vous épargner toute cette invasion massive et pour préserver votre appareil de certain contraintes.

Voici les raisons pour lesquelles il est fortement desseillé de toujours laisse le GPS activé dans votre mobile Android :

Comme on wind of the soul, if you constantly turn it on, the applications installed on your Smartphone systematically recognize the times that you frequently. Facebook et même Instagram pourront ainsi facilement determiner tous vos faits et gestes.

Vous l’ignoriez peut-être, mais le fait de garder tout le temps le GPS actif, cela consomme l’énergie de la baterie de votre mobile, même s’il est utilisé en arrière-plan. Il ne faut donc pas s’étonner si votre appareil se décharge más rapidement !

It is recommended to activate the GPS only in certain delicate situations. For example, if you think you are in danger, you can share your position with a threat.

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Mieux vaut éviter la plupart des applications qui réclament automatically l’activation du GPS. Before the installer, it is important to verify the requested authorizations.

What are the applications that use the GPS on your Smartphone?

  • Entrez dans les paramètres movables.
  • Cliquez sur l’onglet où il est écrit « Gestionnaire des autorisations ».
  • Click on the option « Emplacement ».
  • From there, you will see all the applications that use your position and the information of your GPS.
  • If you appeal to it, you can deactivate them one by one manually.
GPS location

Location GPS – Source : spm

Qu’est-ce que le GPS et comment ça marche ?

A GPS is a system composed of a network of 30 satellites named NAVSTAR, located south of an orbit around 20,000 km from Earth. It is also equipped with GPS receivers that allow us to determine our current position of the amount où on the planet, whatever the weather conditions. Noting that ce réseau satellite appartient au gouvernement des États-Unis d’Amérique et qu’il est géré par son ministere de la Défense.

The GPS works thanks to these satellites in orbit around the Earth, at an altitude of 20 180 km, with synchronized trajectories covering all the surface. In practice, normally 4 satellites or more are necessary to determine our position with precision.

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