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8 Airline Secrets You Probably Didn’t Know



Les secrets des compagnies aériennes dont les hôtesses n'aiment pas parler. Les passagers n'en ont aucune idée1

If, like most kids, you dreamed of a career in aviation, as a pilot, stewardess, or stewardess with stars in your eyes at the thought of traveling the world, revelations from a former flight attendant we’re about to reveal to you, it could change. considerably his vision of the airlines.

Comfortably ensconced in our seats during our air travels, we are far from suspecting the realities that govern the world of airlines. If the hostesses and hostesses do not stop smiling and are generally friendly and pleasant, their “so enviable” profession hides unexciting facets. But rest assured, not everything is so bleak. Here are the secrets of this former flight attendant, as well as some tips that will make her trips more pleasant in the future.

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What are these carefully guarded airline secrets?

Several airlines only count work time after the plane doors have been closed. A delayed flight often provokes the ire of the passengers, and rightly so, because it is the source of a lot of inconvenience, but guess what? They are not the only ones who complain. Indeed, a considerable number of airlines only take into account flight time in the monthly payroll of their crew. A remuneration system that could justify the rush of flight personnel during flight preparations.

airplane cabin during a flight

Aircraft cabin during a flight – Source: spm

Some airline passengers are unfamiliar with the job of flight attendants and have a simplistic view of the job of flight attendants.

No, a flight attendant is not a waitress! If one of the functions assigned to them is to guarantee the distribution or sale of food and beverages, flight attendants and flight attendants also have the responsibility of carrying out a thorough control of the cabin before boarding, welcoming passengers, communicating safety instructions, to be attentive to your comfort throughout the trip and until disembarkation, to help you, either for your luggage or for your questions, but beyond that, in the event of an accident, organize the evacuation of passengers to to avoid any panic. It is therefore a demanding activity that requires a good physical condition..

On the plane, never sleep during takeoff and landing

It is strongly recommended to remain awake during the takeoff and landing phases. The reason is very simple: sleeping at this precise moment can deteriorate your health. During these two phases, your ears are exposed to intense variations in atmospheric pressure that can block the Eustachian tube (or ear tube) and cause damage ranging from dizziness to nosebleeds or worse, deafness.

Sleep during takeoff and landing of the plane

Sleeping during the takeoff and landing of an airplane – Source: spm

The hygiene of commercial airplanes leaves much to be desired.

Toilets, armrests, seat pockets… Airplane cabins are not always characterized by their cleanliness. Worse still, they would be real nests of microbes if we refer to a study presented in 2014 by researchers from Auburn University in Alabama at the annual conference of the American Society for Microbiology. This study revealed the existence of bacteria resistant to flight conditions and capable of causing serious infections after simple contact with passengers. Prudence being the mother of security, remember to slip a disinfectant in your bag during your next plane trips.

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Pranksters Beware: Plane Terrorist Jokes Don’t Make Everyone Laugh

If you’re the type to entertain the gallery, refrain from making terrorist jokes when you’re on a plane. The place doesn’t lend itself to this kind of humor and you never know who might be listening. You may have the unpleasant surprise of being around undercover agents on board.. So be careful!

It is good to choose your seat in the back of the plane.

According to an urban legend, the seats in the back of the plane are safer. If this belief is not confirmed by any scientific study, what you can be sure of is that You will have the privilege of receiving blankets, drinks and snacks before the other passengers thanks to its proximity to the place where they are stored.

Use the headphones that are offered to you on the plane, a not so good idea

They are usually boxed and clean, but rarely new. If you are the type who is very particular about hygiene, avoid using items that have already been used by dozens of people before you.. Keep in mind, however, that they are cleaned and packed after each flight for the following passengers.

Using headphones during a flight

Using headphones during a flight – Source: spm

Coffee served on the plane, skip your turn!

Even if you don’t have a preference, the coffee served on the plane is generally not good. The water used for its preparation, comes from a tank that is rarely cleaned. Is there any risk in drinking this coffee? Does this water contain bacteria? If in doubt, stay away.

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If you regularly travel by plane, these various insights and tips will make your flights more reassuring. And as a reminder, flight attendants are experts whose business it is to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. So remember to be kind and follow their safety instructions.

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3 zodiac signs will receive beautiful surprises in 2023



3 signes du zodiaque vont recevoir de belles surprises en 2023_

Each year brings its share of hope, challenges, and surprises. In fact, some zodiac signs will be lucky enough to experience changes in their professional and personal lives in 2023. Jupiter in Aries, Saturn in Pisces, and Pluto in Aquarius will have a positive influence on their daily lives. Then take a look at the list of favorite signs!

New horizons open up for many astrological signs. While some will still have a hard time in different spheres of their lives, others, on the contrary, will experience true happiness. Success, romantic encounters and financial takeoff will be on the program this year.

Which zodiac signs will experience positive changes in 2023?

The wheel of the zodiac turns in favor of three astrological signs in 2023. They will finally be able to fulfill their dreams and meet people who will transform their lives for the better. If you are one of the signs in the spotlight, take advantage of this opportunity without asking yourself any questions!

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ram surprises

Aries. source: spm

Throughout 2023, Aries will be one of the lucky signs of the zodiac. It could highlight your talents and your many qualities in the professional setting. Employees or colleagues will listen carefully to your advice and project ideas. They will not hesitate to follow his action plan to the letter as he would have imagined. Furthermore, his great potential will not go unnoticed by his superiors. Therefore, he could be offered a quick increase in income or a good promotion. This financial flow will allow Aries to solve all his past financial problems and fulfill one of his greatest wishes. In addition, a life change is expected soon. According to the stars, Aries is likely to move to another city to take advantage of a new job or self-realization opportunity. This can be a new job or essential training for career development. Whichever path he decides to take, Aries takes big steps. Joy and great satisfaction will mark your year!


rich cancer

Cancer. source: spm

The year 2023 will be synonymous with renewal for the sign of Cancer. It will be time for him to draw a line under the past and open a new chapter in his life. Most of the time, this Water sign will be led to think of a new way of undertaking and to establish new priorities for the future. This year, Cancer will be able to evolve in his career and move up the ladder within the company. The planets will spread a climate of luck and will support him in all his endeavors. However, this zodiac sign will have to put aside all his fears and worries to bring positive transformations to his daily life, be it professionally or romantically. On the heart side, the year 2023 will be propitious for the birth of a new serious and romantic relationship. A sudden meeting can turn into a sincere and deep love. Then he will put a lot of effort into himself to forge strong and trustworthy ties.

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rich fish

Pisces. source: spm

Here is another representative of the Water element who could also change his life in 2023. Pisces will have all the cards in hand this year to change his career or activity orientation. When you have found the direction that best suits your ambitions, you will not hesitate to implement thoughtful and concrete actions. At the end of the year, this zodiac sign will reap the rewards of their hard work. Result: success and success will be there. One thing is certain, the work will bring money but also real pleasure in the day to day. However, the planets advise this Water sign to find a balance between his professional life and his family life. For example, you can take some time to organize a trip and let yourself go in the company of people who are dear to you. It is also possible that during a trip or a vacation, the Pisces can meet a person who will blow their hearts out. Passion and pleasure will be there!

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How to change the color of the WhatsApp keyboard?



WhatsApp l'astuce incroyable pour changer la couleur du clavier final

Are you tired of the monotonous appearance of your WhatsApp keyboard? Want to add some color to your messaging experience? It’s time to give this app a unique style for you. Discover this WhatsApp function that will allow you to achieve it.

Beyond replacing the wallpaper with another image, one of the functions that marks a real change is being able to change the color of your WhatsApp keyboard. Here we show you how to achieve this effect in a very simple way.

read whatsapp messages

WhatsApp keyboard – Source: spm

  1. First of all, download the Google keyboard called Gboard on your mobile. Then set it as default.
  2. Next, open the WhatsApp app and click on any conversation.
  3. Start writing a text, you will see a kind of gear on the keyboard part.
  4. Press it, a different menu will appear. Go to “Theme” and choose the color you want configuring it to your liking. There are several models.
  5. When finished, the color of the WhatsApp keyboard will have changed.

Thanks to this trick, your messages will stop being boring and will now be more creative, although only people with the beta version of WhatsApp will be able to make this change. Since WhatsApp does not include any button or method for this type of text to appear, so it will only appear if you do it manually.

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whatsap app

WhatsApp application – Source: spm

Other tips to customize your WhatsApp chats

How to write bold on WhatsApp?

To create bold text, simply place an asterisk before or after the text you want to send to your contacts. So, the text before sending looks like this: *your sentence*.

How to write in cursive on WhatsApp?

If you want the text to be italicized, place an underscore before and after the text. That is, before sending the declaration: _your text_

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How to write crossed out words in WhatsApp?

If you want to write text as if it were struck through, you will need to use this symbol (~) before and after the text. So it will appear like this before sending: ~your phrase~.

How to write in minivan in WhatsApp?

Writing in a monospaced font in WhatsApp will give your text a vintage and different touch. To get this type of text, all you have to do is put the word or sentence between three open accents (`) like this: “`your sentence“`.

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How to prevent boiling water from boiling over: simple and practical tips



L’eau bouillante ne débordera plus de la casserole grâce à l’astuce des chef0011

It is well known: to prepare a recipe based on pasta or rice, it must be immersed in a large volume of boiling water. But very often, our pan always ends up overflowing… Don’t panic! We reveal the advice of Thomas Langevin, chef of the Aude to avoid this unfortunate inconvenience and succeed in your culinary preparations on time.

Foam formation in boiling water

Foam formation in boiling water – Source: spm

add oil to water

When you boil vegetables, rice or pasta, you notice the formation of a foam on the surface of the water. In heat, the bubbles exert pressure, often causing spills.

To avoid these inconveniences, add oil to the water, it acts well on the foam, preventing it from forming. This will prevent the water from overflowing. Remember that it is important to act at the right time, so add the oil from the beginning of cooking.

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Sometimes it also happens that water spills out for a simple reason – long-term use of a lid on the pot. This tool certainly saves time by heating the water more quickly, but it prevents the escape of water vapor.

Use a wooden spoon

There is another very simple and equally effective trick to prevent the water from overflowing from the pan, place a wooden spoon and that’s it!

The wood acts as an insulator. The bubbles that form when the water boils will thus be reduced thanks to the contact with the wood.

Why does pasta water foam?

Pasta is made from flour, water, and sometimes eggs, starch, and protein are dried and stored in it. When you put them in boiling water, a hot and humid environment, the starch continues to absorb more and more water until it bursts. The result is that the starch molecules are pushed into the water, creating the foam you see.

The starch also causes the pasta to stick together in the middle of the cooking process, so you need to stir occasionally to prevent a giant dough from forming. Once the pasta has finished boiling, the water becomes saturated with starch. So adding a bit of this water to your seasoning will allow the sauce to adhere better to your pasta.

rice in boiling water

Rice in boiling water – Source: spm

Rice is a staple in many kitchens. It is very simple and easy to prepare. However, when cooking, boiling water can quickly overflow. This is the best method to prevent the rice from boiling over and sticking.

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  • Rinse your rice in several changes of water to remove excess starch.
  • Place the rice in a larger pot. This trick simply allows larger bubbles to form so that the liquid properly covers the beans.
  • After boiling, reduce the heat to very low.
  • The rice may take a few more minutes to cook.

If it often happens to you that the rice sticks to the pot, add vinegar during cooking. The effect is achieved by its high content of acetic acid.

To use it for this purpose, once the water starts to boil in the pot, add a little apple cider vinegar and wait for it to come to a boil again. When you add the vinegar, lower the temperature for a few moments. Then we add the rice and cook as usual, controlling the intensity of the heat and stirring from time to time so that it cooks evenly and thus does not stick or burn.

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