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5 relaxation techniques to soothe tired eyes



You’ve been staring at a screen all day and your eyes are starting to feel dry and tired. You rub them, but it’s no use. Soon you start to have a headache. You are not the only one. According to the AOF (Association of Optometrists of France), almost 60% of French people suffer from some type of digital eyestrain. But there is hope! Take a look at these five relaxation techniques that can help relieve eye strain and headaches.


Sophrology is a mindfulness-based stress reduction technique that combines elements of meditation, breathing exercises, and visualization. A recent study found that sophrology can help reduce eyestrain and improve symptoms of digital eye strain. To try it yourself, find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Once you feel relaxed, visualize a calm and peaceful place. He spends a few minutes there before opening his eyes. You can practice sophrology for a few minutes each day or according to your needs.

eye yoga:

Since 60% of the French suffer from digital eyestrain because they spend too much time looking at screens. Symptoms include dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. However, there is a simple way to alleviate these symptoms: eye yoga. Eye yoga is a series of exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime. The goal is to give your eyes a break from looking at screens and reduce muscle tension. Some exercises include blinking rapidly for 30 seconds, looking up and down or from side to side, and rolling your eyes in circles. In addition to relieving digital eye strain, these exercises can also help prevent headaches.


With self-massage, you can relieve the symptoms of eyestrain in no time, wherever you are. Simply rub your hands together until warm, then gently massage your temples in a circular motion. You can also massage around the eyes by pressing your thumbs into the eye sockets and making small circles. For additional relief, try applying a warm compress to your forehead for several minutes. The combination of heat and pressure will help relieve tension and headaches. The next time you have sore eyes or a headache, give yourself a quick and easy self-massage.


If you spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen, you may be familiar with the symptoms of eyestrain: blurred vision, headaches, and dry eyes. One way to alleviate these symptoms is to practice the “palm” technique. To do this, simply rub your hands together until they’re warm, then place them over your closed eyes. The warmth and darkness help relax the muscles around the eyes and ease tension headaches. The palm of the hand can also help rehydrate the eyes by increasing tear production. If you regularly suffer from eyestrain or headaches, try adding a few minutes of palming to your daily routine. You may be surprised at the difference it makes.

eye gymnastics:

Eye gymnastics exercises strengthen the muscles around the eyes and improve blood circulation. They can be practiced anywhere and only take a few minutes.

The pen exercise, for example, involves looking at an object in the distance, then focusing on a nearby object, and finally moving back and forth between the two objects. This breaks the monotony of single-point fixation and relaxes the eye muscles. The alphabet exercise is similar, but instead of moving the eyes from side to side, the focus moves up and down in a sweeping motion. Both exercises help reduce eye strain and tension headaches by giving your eye muscles a much-needed rest.

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