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3 zodiac signs that are most often betrayed by their partners: they have bad luck



Infidelity and lying can destroy the bond of trust, and the perception of the other person can change abruptly. However, there are many reasons why a person may betray his or her partner. Some zodiac signs may be victims of betrayal more than others. Here are the 3 astrological signs affected.

Which zodiac signs are prone to betrayal by their partners?

While some zodiac signs have a bad reputation for fidelity, others are known for being vulnerable in relationships. To avoid the worst, they will need to focus more on their relationship while keeping their guard up.


Leo. Source: spm

The award for the most betrayed sign in a couple goes to…. the sign of Leo! This fire sign, whether male or female, usually shows a strong personality and an authoritarian character. However, this attitude is not always accepted by the spouse or partner, who may feel oppressed. By trying to control everything, it often prevents the other person from taking initiatives or decisions for the couple, which can greatly discourage their partner and push them to flee the relationship. Therefore, if you want to preserve balance in your love relationship without risking betrayal, this zodiacal profile will have to be softer and more flexible. Thus, you will give your other half the opportunity to fully commit to the relationship.


Virgo. Source : spm

The other sign that can be easily betrayed by its partner is Virgo. It is undoubtedly one of the least self-confident signs of the zodiac. It remains very distrustful of others. However, when reassured in a couple, this sign becomes very trusting, even too naive! Thus, his kindness could be perceived as a weakness by his partner. He will never doubt your intentions and could easily let certain details slip. However, their strong intuition makes them be more selective in their relationships with others. Being very loyal, Virgos will not hesitate to wipe their partner off the map if they discover a betrayal. However, you should pay attention to the actions and not to the words of the people who share your life in order not to fall into their traps.


Pisces. Source : spm

Pisces is also one of the most vulnerable signs in a relationship. Once in love, this Water sign is kind and faithful. However, they are not the only vulnerable ones, their dreamy spirit and strong attachment could be suffocating for their partner. The latter will not hesitate to move away at the slightest opportunity. On the other hand, the naivety of this Water sign often attracts malicious people. Before committing yourself fully in a relationship, you should take the necessary time to get to know your partner and not risk a painful breakup. Indeed, Pisces is an astrological sign that can be strongly affected by a betrayal. They would even be willing to forgive everything to stay with the person they love.

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